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WhaL are Lhe 3 facLors LhaL accounL for Lhe calorles you expend each day?
O ?our resLlng energy expendlLure
O ?our acLlvlLy energy expendlLure
O 1he Lhermlc effecL of meals

l would burn 13 calorles runnlng up Lwo fllghLs of sLalrs one Llme
WhaL are Lhe 3 ways LhaL body faL can be deLermlned?
O DnderwaLer welghlng
O ln fold Lhlcness
O 8loelecLrlcal lmpedance
My body faL percenL ls 3047
eople who are Lrylng Lo galn or lose welghL lnLenLlonally creaLe an ln Lhelr
CannoL flnd answer
name 6 Lhlngs LhaL affecL 8M8
O ge
O elghL
O rowLh
O 8ody ComposlLlon
O Lress
O nvlronmenLal 1emperaLure
O 1hyroxln
My 8M8 ls 13033
name 3 advanLages you have when you use free welghLs lnsLead of machlnes
O IarleLy
O ulLablllLy
O afeLy

WhaL are Lhe 3 healLh componenLs of physlcal flLness?
O Muscular LrengLh
O Muscular ndurance
O Cardlovascular ndurance
O lexlblllLy
O 8ody ComposlLlon

naeroblc acLlvlLles use shorL lnLense bursLs of energy

1 / lexlblllLy helps prevenL ln[ury Lo muscles LhaL conLrol movemenLs Lo Lhe [olnLs?
Cardlovascular flLness ls measured by Lhe body's ablllLy Lo Lae ln adequaLe amounLs of oxygen
WhaL ls sLrengLh?
1 1he quallLy or sLaLe of belng sLrong
2 hyslcal power and energy
WhaL are 3 forms of energy balance?
CannoL flnd answer
When referrlng Lo exerclse whaL does Lhe l1 acronym sLand for?
requency lnLenslLy 1lme (duraLlon)
WhaL ls Lhe formula for 8Ml?
Calculate BMI by dividing weight in pounds by height in inches squared and multiplying by a
conversion factor of 703.
My BMI is 18.7.
A calorie is a unit of energy.
Fats stored in the stomach seems to poof your body se a greater risk than fat stored in the butt hips
and thighs.
T / F Carbohydrates fuel the brain and nervous system?
?our braln and llver use abouL 20 of your body energy whlle you are resLlng?

aily Calorie Intake:

GRAMS PER MEAL 109g 37.3g 27.7g
GRAMS PER DAY 327g 112g 83g
*As a general principle, only 1/3 of fats should come from saturated