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Amazon.com for Dummies

Amazon.com for Dummies

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Published by: prescottz on Dec 10, 2011
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In This Chapter

Writing customer reviews

Using Friends & Favorites

Creating Listmania lists

Using Share the Love

Getting the hang of Purchase Circles

Amazon.com is interactive, and not just because you click buttons and
things happen. It’s truly interactive — the way only a real community
can be. You can give and receive information along with thousands of other
people through Amazon.com. You can create your own personalized area.
You can generate lists that live publicly on the site. You can include your
friends and family in your Amazon experience. You don’t just have to be a
“user” at Amazon. You can also be a participant.

Amazon is a place that encourages you to put your two cents in. Now most
people who use Amazon know that they let you write reviews of the things
they sell, but I’m guessing that not that many people know that reviews are
just the tip of the iceberg. (And only about 1 million of their 37 million cus-
tomers actually write them.) There are many more “community” features at
Amazon.com. You just have to dig a little to find them.

In this chapter, I show you how to write your first customer review, help you
set up your Friends & Family area, and walk you through your first Listmania
list. I also cover Share the Love and Purchase Circles. I show you how to take
advantage of these “community” features so you can make the most of your
Amazon shopping adventure.

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