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Amazon.com for Dummies

Amazon.com for Dummies

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Published by: prescottz on Dec 10, 2011
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Amazon is always building your recommendations — compiling information
about you and using it to suggest things you’ll like. Every time you buy some-
thing from the folks at Amazon, they store that information and use it to further
refine your recommendations. Amazon has hundreds of nifty ways to connect
you with your dream book, video, sweater, bird house, chain saw, juicer . . .
They know just how to tickle your fancy (and I talk more about how they do it
in Part III). But when you first sign up at Amazon, you have no purchase history
for them to work with. That’s why they created the Recommendation Wizard —
it’s expressly for new shoppers.

The Recommendation Wizard is an amazing tool. You’ll find it at the end of
the sign-up process, or, if you chose the Continue Shopping option when you
signed up, you can access it in Your Store, under Your Recommendations.

Figure 3-9:

tion page.


Chapter 3: You Are the Master of Your Account

To get to Your Store simply click on the tab that has your name on it — literally.
(Once you sign up, Your Store changes to bear your name — for example, mine
is Mara’s Store.) You’ll find that tab right next to the Welcome tab on just about
every page of the site. You’ll find Your Recommendations in the subnav.

Using the Recommendation Wizard is simple and fun. Here’s how it works:

1.Go to the Recommendations Wizard page.

You can do this by clicking on the Start Recommendations Wizard button
either on the last page in the sign-up process or from Your Store. For the
latter, click on the Your Store tab, then on Your Recommendations in the
subnav. You’ll see the Start Recommendations Wizard button in a blue
box in the center of the page.

2.Check the boxes next to the stores that interest you and then click the
Continue button.

Check as many as you like. As you move through the wizard, you’ll be
asked to give more information for each store that you picked.

3.In the new page that appears, check the categories that interest you
and then click the Continue button.

Figure 3-10 shows the category choice page for the Books store. For
each store you chose in the previous step, you’re offered a separate
page of category choices. If you chose 3 stores in Step 2, you have 3
pages of category choices to work through. When you complete your
last page and click Continue, you come to the Add Details page.

Figure 3-10:

Select your
by checking

48Part I:Testing the Waters: Finding Your Way Around the Store

4.In the Add Details page, enter the requested information in the fields
provided and click Continue.

For each store you chose in Step 2, you’re asked to enter one favorite or
Soon To Be Purchased item. So if you chose 3 stores in Step 2, you have
to fill in 2 fields — one for each store. Now it’s time to ask yourself some
serious questions: Who ismy favorite author? Which movie in the Star
Warstrilogy is the best? Do I want to buy a juicer or a Dirt Devil?

5.Choose the appropriate number rating for each item, and check the
box if you own the item.

Amazon displays items from each store you’ve chosen based on the
information you give them in Steps 2 through 4. You can give items a
rating from 1 to 5 with 5 as the best. If you’re unfamiliar with an item,
leave it as a question mark. If you own it, check the I Own It box. This
will keep them from offering it to you as a recommendation.

6.Click Rate More Items or Finish.

At the bottom of the page, you have the option to finish or rate more
items. If you click Rate More Items, Amazon will simply offer up another
list. You can rate as many items as you like. Feeling frisky? Rate some
more. It only helps hone your recommendations. Otherwise you’re
through and ready to reap the rewards of your efforts! When you do hit
Finish, you’re taken back to the Your Store home page with your recom-
mendation changes recorded. Amazon generates instant recommenda-
tions based on the information you just gave them.

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