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No Explanation

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Published by: Estela on Oct 26, 2008
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You said no one in this world understood you better than I You said you would be happiest if you

lived closer to me You said you cared and that you missed me You said I will always be a part of your life no matter how large it got you said I meant so much to you, when your world turned up side down I was the one you chose to dance with when your tears fell, I was the one on the receiver listening and giving you strength to look up to brighter days. You said I changed you in more than one way I was the one you kissed when the night fell silent to the world You were my crying shoulder you were that person I could run to and tell my inner feelings to you were the one who said there’ll be another to love don’t worry I’ll be here for you always, you said, I believed in you I cared for you I trusted you I had faith in you, but you You with one single blow to the heart With one single word One single act Changed my world and you in it Like the rain falling hard on a windy afternoon My tears fell for days in disbelief In sadness, in sadness, you left me in sadness, You ended it all before the world made its full rotation All those years, gone in one second Turned to dust Evaporated into the air My aching heart does not comprehend The path you have chosen, it never will It only knows to love you still…

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