Training Course FE/Pipe
September 5 th and 6 th 2011

DAY 1 - Introduction to FEM - Modeling in FE/Pipe - Fatigue evaluation & design - Buckling and dynamics - Exercises DAY 2 - Modeling piping actions - Database operations - Axial symmetric temperature - Plate Elements II - Exercises

FE/Pipe training
FE/Pipe is a template-driven Finite Element software package, specifically designed for the needs of the piping and pressure vessel industries and engineers. FE/Pipe generates automatic code
Steady state and transient heat transfer analysis Database operations to joint efficiently FE models Building complex vessel geometries API 579 analysis Skirt design and verification (comparison to Zick’s method) Large D/T nozzles Piping vessels interaction Head geometries Generation of axisymmetric models Structural attachments and legs Generation of AutoCAD models that can be read into FE/Pipe

compliance reports – comparisons to ASME Section VIII, Division 2, rules and stress categories. The PRO series are all modules of FE/Pipe



Dynaflow Research Group office Houtsingel 95 2719 EB Zoetermeer The Netherlands

The following subjects will be discussed at the training: Basics of FE techniques Differences between Beam, Shell and Brick models ASME VIII Division 2 Code stresses and assessment ASME VIII Division 2 Polished bar and welded method fatigue analysis ASME Section II Part D material database Buckling, model and dynamic analysis Wind and seismic loads FE/Pipe a valuable tool to support piping analysis Nozzles flexibilities, SIF’s and allowable loads Flange prediction strength analysis and leakage

Trainer and costs
The teacher for this training is ir. W. Hageraats from Dynaflow Research Group. The costs for this training will be EUR 1400,- per person including lunch and course material. The maximum number of participants is restricted. In order to attend the courses please send an e-mail to training@dynaflow.com.

Dynaflow Research Group
Houtsingel 95 2719 EB Zoetermeer The Netherlands Tel. +31 793615150 Fax. +31 793615149 info@dynaflow.com www.dynaflow.com

For more information or questions please contact Petra Wiesnekker at +31 79 3615150 or by e-mail petra.wiesnekker@dynaflow.com.

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