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PREFACE Thereare somewho will say that the Moon,sNodes(Rahu and Ketu) are worthless. Otherswill claimthey help. Who are you to believe? It is through pain staking effort and the collection of many charts that I have been finally ableto understand tO how to use Rahu and Ketu. In the horoas scopesof several criminals, Rahu/Mars association will be clearly visible. Someof the learnedauthors.are the opirrionthat Rahu of and Ketu do not solely produce any significant effectancl their influence also minimum. But thereare some authors is who say that Rahu and Ketu may cloud'theresultof a house by interferingwith rhe Sun or the Moon or both, but they do not work independently. Through the last pages thisbook of by way of illustration, I have very much proved that Rahu and Ketu do work independently and work powerfully. If you have beentaught that the Moon's Nodeshave little or no value and you ignore them completely that is your prerogative. If you want to take the chance with your own chart, that is your right, too. How far they are reliableahd to what extent they can be incorporated into your methods of predictionwill dependon your studies and research. So far there is not a singlebook being written on Rahu and Ketu in India. One of the prime reasons this negfor lectedarea is the lack of available informatjon on Rahu and Katu. Many authors have not given much importanceto the Moon's Node's, and whateverscatteredinformation we get from the different authors through the periodicals is not

\ enough to justify as a book on Rahu and Ketu. in the texts and the reader is at loss as to make out which ii right and which is wrong. Asirologi<'ol Magazine. In this strenuous. It has to be pointed out to those who are rvell-versed in the philosophy of astrology. and The book in your hand is the result of my researches experinqents. Start with your own chart first and then thrill yourself with the delight of knowing that evenyou can count on a bit of luck norv and then. the uncritical student.and I have taken considerablepains to verify the accuracy of predicting events based upon Rahu and Ketu. instead of being Astrology's best friend is indeed the worst enemy. work. mostly came to my rescue and my thanks are to those learned authors from whose writings I have taken the advantage of. in order that they may be verified or rejected as invalid. I do not claim that I have originated the text. that absolute fatalism is on part . It is my earnesthope that no astrological student will read and study this book uncritically. The principles set forth in its pages should be scrutinised and tested thoroughly. Astrology would. at the present time. But they are nevertheless of an importance to be examined by experiments and observations. for we do not wish any body to accept them blindly. I have examined and tested them on the touch-stone of experienceto avoid erroneous judgment and the consequent disrepute of Astrology and embarrassment and discouragementto the Astrologer. before incorporating them. I have no hesitation in admitting that I collected and compiled the text from the various sources. However. India. Bangalore. In actual fact. have been occupying an honoured and revered place among the scienceswere it not for him. Then there are controversial statements.

in order that ultimately the standard book on the subject may at last be written. Manik Chand Jain . adding to or embellshing them. which limits opportunity. this work is capable of considerable extension and rmprovement. Allowance has to be made by the factor of envirenment. The day is not far offpropounding a clear interpretation of the €ffects of Rahu and Ketu.of the credo of the knowledgeable astrology. Such factors are capable modifying forecasts accordingly to the degree to which they are able to limit the terms. However. lt is my hope that the interest of the reader will be fired to such an extent that he will join silent band of researchscholars in the task of verifying these statements.

CHAPTER I Introduction Amongst the salient features of Hindu Astrology is the importance and recognition that is given to Rahu and Ketu. however have scoutedthe idea that mere mathematical important. yet non-existant. and Mid-heaven. could have any effect. physically ded and treated as full-fledge planets. That is apparentfrom the known fact that our predeofthousandsofyears ago were able to forcast Eclipscs. They of points. The Hindus conceived full the Moon's Nodes asthe cross-roads magneticinfluences of of potencyand gave them the status of planets in so far their effects are concerned. regarthe two Nodes of the Moon. A monster called the Sergentor Dragon. cessors The names they attached to these points wcre accordingly somewhatstriking. was usedto depict the general inffuenceof thesepoints. A knowledgeof Rahu and Ketu has existedfrom ancient times. How crn tbcy . so how could they influence? In putting forth our defence. The real character of the Indian Astrology can thus be said to be dependenton thcsetwo shadowypoints. Followers of the so-calledscientificschoolshavs deniedthe significance Rahu and Ketu in astrological studies. with little variation of form. we might ask them what about other methematical points such as Ascendant. There was no material body there.

The subtle relationship between the Sun. and this is the ascendant. There is little doubt that the omission of the Moon's Nodes (Rahu and Ketu) from a nativity is a severe handicap to the interpreter of the horoscope. The Earth itself is symbolicallv presentedin the horoscope in two important ways. Rahu and Ketu show at which points the Moon is also in alignment with Sun-Earth relationship. the Moon and the Earth plays a large part in the unfoldment of each individual's consciousness. One is the position of the Earth with reference to the earth's annual motion and this is given by the apparent position of the Sun. It had been recognised that they produce marvellous effect. If you leave out of the Moon's Nodes.gases .afrect anything ? But they still allow the uses of these two points -Ascendant and Mid-heaven . the effect of these Nodes should be considered simultaneously. and at the same time deny the importance of two points-Rahu and Ketu. as they have no body. Since Rahu and Ketu are in exact opposition to each other. thus making possible a more perfect rapport between the three bodies and indicating at which precisepoint in the zodiac the main effects of such a rapport can be anticipated. you can miss one of the most important luck areas in any chart. The second is the particular point of space and moment of time when a birth takes place. Second important question is asked from them : How do they supposethat the massesof silicate and metallic ores. at times more than the planets. It is really astonishing to note that mere points of intersection of the Earth and the Moon's Nodes should be so strong in their impact on human life. which ancients thought so much. The ecliptic is the plane of the Earth's journey round the Sun.

ascendantand mid-heaven and other important points are rather the handwriting of God in the Heavens. which they accept ? Seeing the accordance between the heavenly movements and our mundane affairs.etc. The position of Rahu representsthe qualities to be developed and work to be done during the present incarnation and the position of Ketu shows the quali' ties developed during past lives and thus indicates attitudes that come naturally to the native. Rahu is known as the Dragon's Head and Ketu as the Dragon's Tail. The advanced student will find much of intcrest and matter for deep study in noticing the influence of Rahu and Ketu on human affairs. which the Spectroscope reveals as the constituents of thc Planets. Ketu in the fisrt half and Rahu in the second half suggest that the native will be more . This provides a clue to the significance of the Moon's Nodes. have the long life effects on mind and earthy destiny. A planet in conjunction with Rahu or Ketu has special significance in relation to the things signified by the Node it is with. for the Head is forward looking. is it not palpable that the apparent astrological effects of the zodiac and planets. The manner in which these qualities are expressedwill be shown by the sign and Houses they occupy and the aspectsthey receive. We can thus expect to find the native manifesting a good many of the qualities represented by the sign containing Ketu and to be seeking to express the qualities belonging to the signs in which Rahu is placed. clearly provable as they are. We can generally say that Rahu in the first half and Ke:u in the second half of a natal chart indicate that the native's position will deteriorate with age. while the Tail rcpresentsthe past. They are simply used for our guidance and it is our duty to attend them. They are classified as Karmic planets.

after making the native passthrough various phases of difficulties and sufferings.life will be marked by misery. They are alsoproductive of what are called : Raja yogas-indicating power. The intensity of efrectswill.both Rahu and Ketu are maleficsbut Ketu is consideredto be spiritual causing salvation to human souls and Rahu is more earthly indicating mundane prosperity. Rahu or Kctu within two degrees the ascendant of give an unusualtype of personalityand very disrinctiveappearance.a seer. or struggleand misunderstanding throughout. however. the afflicted Nodes strike the native with leprosy. be subjectto the powers of other planetson Rahu and Ketu. No other planet can be comparedto the Nodes in this respect.So. Hence. to for. . Rahu and Ketu eclipsethe Sun and the Moon representing the soul and the mind respectively. the Nodes seem have a constructiverole to play in the long run.and more prosperous with age.By and large. Ancient sages have called Rahu a diplomat and Ketu. they have a great influenceon the Soul's liberationor rebirth.rhey wilt also enablehim to progress spiritually. position and attainments-and thesebecomefully manifest during their main and sub-periods. too. Well positedRahu and Ketu with beneficialconnections and aspects rise the native to dizzy heights in life.drive them mad or chasethem to forests. Accordingto Hindu Astrology.But in cases where the Nodesjoin 'poisonous parts of the constellation' along with Mars or Saturn'without any beneficassociation aspect.The effectsof the Nodes are not alwaysevil.

Sun rules the soul and Jupiter rules the wisdom. Harmony in Libra. Thesesignsare ruled by Mars. Rahu by nature is said to resembleSaturn. Mercury rulesintellect.indirectly ruled by Rahu. Ketu has the influenceof a Mars conjunct Saturn. Fallen in sagittarius.Swati and Satabhisa. one of the five elements. Thesethreeplanetsare very intimate friends. who hassway over Air. Fallen in Gemini. Rahu rules over three asterisms-Aridra. which form a group of very intimateplanets.They fall in the signs of Gemini.Ruler in Pisces. from the Airy Triplicity.Rahu has the influenceof Venus and Jupiter.'Venus rules pleasureand Saturn rules misery. A correct blending of thesethree . Rahu's period is for l8 yearsin Vimshottari Dasa. Venus and Saturn respectively. When the native learns the growth at Rahu. it may be noted that all thesesigns. Ketu is exaltedin Sagittarius. henceRahu's portfolio is to give thesein plenty. he beginsto give at this point. Mars rulespowers. When the native learns the disciplinary influence that the Saturn/ Mars connotationexertsover his Ketu. Its gem is Turquoise. Ketu in enunch. Aries. he is meeting destiny.Detriment in Piscesand Inharmony in Aries. which are situated in the signs. Rahu is Exaltedin Gemini. Ruler in Virgo. Detriment in Virgo and Inharmony in Libra.Ketu rulesAswini Magha and Moola. Incidentally. the Sun and Jupiter respectively. Leo and Sagittarius respectively. Its gem is Agate or Lapisluzzili. Harmonyin Aries. Rahu governspeternal grand-father and maternal grandmother. with Jupiter/Venus influenceexertedhere. Rahu is feminine. Libra and Aquarius ruled by Mercury.

Rahu giveseffectsthroughout while Ketu in the ending period. these signs form the Fiery Triplicity. Rahu represents tall. Further. Hence Ketu is said to characteristics be conductiveto liberation. while Ketu the short persons. Fire is ruled by Mars.will lead to liberation. hence Ketu is said similar to Mars in giving effects. the .Ketu rules maternal grandfather and peternalgrand-mother. Ketu's period is for 7 years in Vimshottari Dasa.

creation Rahu and and Ketu in the Veclasand Puranas' Rahu Puranic Tradition : The origin of Rahu and Ketu is an interesting reading. Rahu is a Giantdemon' a Demi-god. Vasuki.the lower part of whosebody endedin a Dragon's Tail' f)emon Swarbhunu.Greek and Egyptran *yittology ignored him. saturn is too spirituai to be a tempter. Even in the East.but Roman. Lord Vishnu and Kurnra Avatura for extracting nectarby churningthe ocean-Kshirasagar"The DevasGods) and the. Later on. someof did not give any seriousimportanceto the learnedastrologers of Ketu. he is a tester' Though Rahu was very much there in the West. though there are storiesabout the. However.CHAPTER 2 Rahh & Ketu in Hindu AstrologY It was Rahu (Satan)to awaken the idea of earthy pleasure in the minds of Adarn and Eve in the Garden of Eden and thus causing their downfall and not Saturn (Satan).Danavs (demons) churned the oceanto obtain the nectar. but to keepthe mountainup Lord mountainMainukct Vishnu took the form of a tortoise and supportedthe mountait't .performed severe Tail or Serpent's penance invoking Lord Bruhma and the latter appearedbefore him. Mythologically. Swarbhanu asked Brahma a boon : to confer on him the status of a planet in the lleavens' Brahma granted him the boon and disaPPeared. the Serpent king was the cord to churn the with .

africting the Sunand the Moon enternallv. Swarbhanu. Many things were churned out. Lord Vishnu feignedignorance and acted as if He did so on the hint given by them (Sun and Mobn). who was different than the other demons and who was interested in the real thing. The demons. . On Lord Vishnu'schopping-off headof Swarbhanu.on his back. Sun and Moon (gods)discovered Swarbhanuin the line of gods and on this discovery. Amrita (nectar) camein the last. Lord Vishnu severed to Swarbhanu's head from the body with his Chakra. swarbhanugot the statusof a pranet himserfas Rahu and his counterprrt as Ketu. the the headwasjoined to the body of a Serpentand he became Rahu. He made them to sit in two different lines.so that he will distribute nectar to gods only. lest evil become permanent glving no opportunity to good influeuces to thrive in the World.captivatedby the beauty and form ofthe enchantress. failed to notice thl trick. Lord vishnu took the form ofan enchantress and also the responsibility of dlstributing thc divine nectar to gods and dcmons. for he knew its true worth. but it was only after he had partaken the nectarand thus became immor tal. one becomesimmortaL It was prayed by Devas (gods)to Lord Vishnu that Amrita neednot be given to demons.s presence. the gods became annoyed and appealed Lord Vishnu to destroyhim. To deludedemons with the transientmaterial temptation. Lord vishnu alsowanted to fulfil the boongiven by Lord Brahmato him. This madehim to developbitter enmity againstthe Sunand the Moon. By taking Amrita. so He. had infiltrated into the ranks of thc gods and managed to partakeit. too overlookedto Swarbhanu.

The Second factor is the linking of the Sun and the Moon with Rahu. We thus come to believe that the Luminaries of the Sun and the Moon are.On account of this incident. In Vedic conception. the phenomenon of a Solar Eclipse was the result of the Sun being devoured by a demon called Swarbhanu. In any case Rahu was not a planet then. Rahu and Ketu are two parts of the same demon. The spiritual darkness is Rahu and the spiritual light is Ketu. The Union of the Soul or the Sun with the Mind or the moon brought out the mightier child of Maya (materialistic world) in Rahu. He is looking down on the earth in . the Moon entered the Sun and this caused the phenomenon of Solar Eclipse. According to Rigveda. the conjuction of the Luminaries on New Moon day created Rahu while the opposition of the Luminaries on Full Moon day created Ketu. The Vedic conception brings out two factors. the Hindu Puranas have spoken of this eclipse allegorically as Serpent's swallowing of the Sun and the moon on New and Full Moon days. According to Vedic Sages. Rabu in Vedic Age : Vedic age was the begining of the Astrology age. In Puranic legend. therefore. In our daily life. linking Rahu with the upper part of the body suggestsall the organs of knowledge and vital organs of action to be in his possesion. Here Rahu was considered a demon and not a planet. wd directly feel the influence of the Sun and the moon only. the supreme earthly planets. when the demon Swarbhanu devoured both. So the conception of Rahu being the eater of the moon and Ketu that of the Sun belongs to a later age. Rahu was not a planet but a demon. On New Moon day.

abundantspiritual will hold slvay' Rahu can be incipient.f..Thus his interestin the search of the lower part of the body' earth is againProved' is the Sun and Vishnu In Vedic terminology' Lord Vishnu refers to the Chakra..tui CoUtos are extremebrilliance' due to It is perltaps 'i""t Why all this tussabout the serpents'l in the shapeof a itat the Kundalittipower coiled .or !.."l fact that Rahu and Ketu-the orbits of the Luminaries and the points of iutersectionof the of the causes of this fact led to the understanding this fact and also about the "Jit*""ty of eclipses' Hindus are proud of antiquitY of their civilization' literature Hiudu Mythology: The Hindu Mythological and Ketu' Rahu and Rahu speaksof another sym"iolismof Heads the other' to supposed be serpents'One is the Ketu are the serpentbed(2) Lord on Tail.e1]::.rh" clestiny will never to Truth' It to laws and it is expected conform '11 has the dreadfulyet attractive hood' In . endorved rvith gems of it Puranas is saicl ."lt'. whereSerpents certarrr of an individual' Cotrrais saidto obey tt.it"tily...cl Krishna in ancientHindu scriptures serpent.tr.. T-he 'toty allegorically Moon's Nodes-are urtrooomi.So long the power rs ir"oa.-i+il-"..-. and hanal (3) Lord Subrahmanva dancedon Kalingu' thc several-headed O"t. is ecliptic.material attachments the back-bone to the coil and Ketu' to the top of . l0 . (l) Lord Vishnu is rectining the on serpentsas ornaments head around Shiva is wearing is alwavswith a ser.. There are many fables playedimportant rolesin blildine..." when rousedand taken lt:n: serpentbeneaththe back-bone' poY..". gin.

the python only creeps and is comparatively speaking static.pray to them for liberation or Supreme Wisdom. heavenly or divine. The reference of the killing of the Python by Apollo (Sun) near Delphi is also the story of the ecliptic and the Sun. Thus it is that Ketu said to give liberation and Rahu. brain etc. It has a wonderful power of immobilsing its prey by its hypnoti c gaze. Some refer to it loosely as the Snake and the story of the snake is woven in a thousand patterns in the religious mythologies of the world. attachment. The python is different from snake not only on account of its huge size but also on account of the fact that while the snake has speed and is dynamic. Prophets and sages demonstrated that they have controlled the serpents and are ready to help us if we . ll . Greek Mythology : The python of the Greek Mythology was the huge serpent or monster slain near Delphi by Appollo. It draws the prey into its mouth and swallows it. When we add the epithet selestial meaning of the sky.possibly the head. The very purpose of life is evolution to higher states. it can refer to only one python that has been identified through the ages with the ecliptic belt (Vishnu Chakra). but ordinary python is described as a large snake that crushes its prey.

are not physical bodies either. for they provide an indication not only of the focus of activity during the life but also of the main purpose behind a particular incarnation. they are frequently called Caput Draconis and Cauda Draconis-Head aud Tail of the Celestial Dragon in the West. As to the ilnportance of the Moon's Nodes. we may add that no one can live to 40 years of age without experiencing their favour or lnalice.CHAPTER 3 Rahu & Ketu in Western Astrology Till today most of the learned astrologers in the West do not take Moon's Nodes into consideration. and in due course of time. George White is one of the learned astrologers of the West who.C. To ignore them is to miss a valuable clue to interpretation. too. then the ascendant and M. Hindu astrologers use the symbol to this day and usually treat them as the most potent influence in the affairs of man. they do not have any place in predictive astrology. both. in is his book : The Moon's Nodes ancl Their Imp<tr- . Their arguments are : that since Moon's Nodes are not physical bodies. Through the astrological notings and writings of the ancients.. should not be taken into consideration also. If we accept their approach. l. too. it has been found that the Moon's Nodes form an important axis across the chart. These. Called Rahu and Ketu in Hindu literature.

some of his observations are startingly correct and provide the missing link in the predictive astrology. The author saysthat either Nodes in the First houseattracts attention. gr. has stressed that Rahu in or ctose to the natal ascendantis indicativeof more than the usual self-confidanceand not a unpleasing . we would urge students give attentionto the Moon's Nodesespecialty to if Sun. or Karmic. influencethrough the Nodal axis which is utilisedthrough Rahu in the chart. white givesemphasis the Moon's Nodes that rvasoriented to or elevatedin the natal chart. favourable c. GeorgeWhite is the only author to our knowledge who has spoken about the physical statureof the individual by the presence Rahu near the ascendant of though it was not found correct on test. The author is very correct when he saysthat though the Nodes are opposite to each other. both in the natal chart as well as by Transits. Ketu becomes the suction point for all incoming Karmic l3 .observed Ketu brings the past life.ui " deal can be learned from these concerning the sprinls of action. mentioned the importance of Hindu Astrology and astrologers.tance in Natai Astrology. 2. among other writers. 3. Ada Muir in his small book : The book of the Nodes and The Part of Fortune. Moon or planetsare aSpecting thesepointsu. White.' whereas Ketu so placedtendsto be lackingin self-confidence and in order to make up for the lack. However. Mohan Koparkar in his book 2 Lunar Nodes.r adverse. they do not contract but act complimentaryto eachother.to the native. has said ! Since great stress was laid upon Rahu and Ketu by ancient astrologgrs. Thus.Lordliness. is too much on the defensive.

author of Lunar Nodes*New Concepts. states : In Sanskrit. for which we are not to struggle to achieve. deed or work. Bernice Prill Grebner. We were born during a certain cycle to fulfil a certain action. Karmic Control' The planet ruling the sign of Rahu controls the Karmic distribution in this life. or past life. explanation. the planet ruling the sign of Ketu is called the incoming. Karma means act. control this gift instead of letting it l4 . Whatever your.energy from. This energy is then processed by that individual and redistributed into this present lifc with the network set forth by Rahu' The planets ruling the signs of Rahu and Ketu axis are called the Karmic Controlling Planets. For this reason. It is a faculty inherited at birth. or a certain Karma. 4. the fact remains we are required to learn. The Controlling Planets have storing implications depending upon where they fall in the chart and the aspects they make with the Nodal axis. to do. This aspact made by the Controlling Planets to the Nodal axis is of great significance in Karmic understanding. Another explanation of Ketu is that it represents the last of a long line of certain hereditary strain. This is especially true concerning Rahu and Ketu. One of the main purpose of our life is to 'overflow' and control us. it seems to be the point that indicates our destiny. to atone for a certain thing and lvc can only do that during a certain period in time. Since Ketu is the intet point for Karma. it is called the Karmic Distribution Control. but Saturn also seems to play a major part in our Karmic destiny. Ketu is the faculty learned from a long period of reincarnation of the soul. the past incarnations. Call it what you will. to compensate.

There is little doubt that omission of Rahu and Ketu from a'natal chat. Things happen because of the time. W. I noticed that in a large number of cases. writes: From the position of the Moon's Nodes. or that of the Sun. Sometimes Rahu would appear in the 5th. Davison in one of his articles observed Some years ago when investigatrng the astrological indications of screen and stage talent. We always need to be aware of maintaining a balance at the Nodal axis. De Vore in his .There rs a danger of destroying the new growth at Rahu by too much concentration at the Ketu area. A planet in conjunction with either Node has special significancein relation to the things signified by the Node it is with. there being no marked preponderance either way. The Nodes in transits often mark the arrival of a significant period in the native's affairs. Ronald C. 5. is a severe handicap to the interpreter of the horoscope. the Lunar Nodes were placed in the 5th and llth houses. Encyclopedia of Astrology. The Nodes themselves merely point to places where something may happen at such times-which itself is of no small matter. the famous l7th Century English Astrologer paid much attention to the Moon's Nodes in his book l5 . 7. and similar and sundry factors which the modern astrologer can trace from the ephemeris but often does not. we can see whether there was an eclipse condition shortly before or after birth. 6. the sectors of the horoscope linked rvith public ent'ertainment. the place and the planet and the Node is often the middle factor in that formula. whether a planet near Rahu or Ketu would shortly be activated by the Moon's transit. sometimesin the I lth. Lilly.

explainedand proved the efficacy of the Moon's Nodes by statistics and many illustrated examples.L. 10. A.Introduction to Astr ology : The Head of the Dragon is masculine. Car Leipert has an interesting interpretation on the Moon conjunction either of its Nodesas "an often unaccountable. the darknessof Ketu is exchanged for Light. Cornwell in his . The Tail of the Dragon by nature is quite contrary to the Head.C. cites the position of Rahu with the ascendant when conjunct or in favourable aspect M. yet nonetheless necessary logical. as "an equally vivid. not immediately true. Encyclopediaof li(edical or Astrology. 12. It can be so strong that it is almost a reversionto a primitive type of reaction. 8. Such a sextile or trine was listedas an outstanding help in the chart. instinctivefeeling of protection and guidance" not apparent.L. of the nature of Jupiter and Venusand of himself a fortune. Cilliers in his article has said : The ancients saw thesetwo important points opposite each other on the ecliptic stretehedacrossthe heavens like a huge dragon lying l6 . Dr. as fortunate with other vital centresof the nativity. 9. This conjunction with Rahu places emphasis is on the sense of danger. Caulson Tumbull says that when the Sun or the Moon is sextileor trine Ketu. for he is evil. instinctive senseof danger"on such occasions. H. ll. Heinz Antoni through his book: Moon'sNodesin Delineationand Direction.

t7 . Western Astrologerswould do well to head to the Moon's Nodes mdre closely. Thyrza Escobarin her article observed: The Nodes generally considered to be particularly Karmic in their indications.in wait of the Sun and the Moon. the Nodal axis may be likened to a balancesheet of personal assetsand liabilities in the horoscopewhich is a kind of Cosmic Ledger for eachsoul. whatever that the nodal conjunctions with or squares *he various Planets are of great importanuc and to should never be neglected.the Solar ano Lunar eclipses.though the sextileand trine aspects seemto be rather weaker and of less importance.'. 14. Rahu shows"what has alreadybeen learned. It is quite possible that a solitary Node in an otherwise unoccupied house indicates certain eventswhich could not be otherwise deduced from the sign of the cusp of that house and the aspects its ruler. 13. From this stand-point. and thus is an area where these lesson-easy or difficult-are to be learned and debts are to be paid. There of is no doubt. to swallow them at intervalsduring. Curt Knupfer concludesafter making his statistical investigations The results with the Moon's NodesSystem : was the second-best among six different systems which were applied.which occur near the nodal points.

Astronomy and Astrology.it is Moon that covers thd orb of the Sun and castsits shadow on the Earth and causesthe eclipse.CHAPTER 4 True Conception of Rahu & Ketu Rahu and Ketu are controversialfiguresin Hindu Mythology. and they do not exist by themselves. Others are of the opinion that they are points in the eclipticwhere the plane of Moon's orbit cuts the plane of Sun'sorbit. Rahu and Ketu posedifficult problems for the astrologer and have been the cause of considerable controversy in the recent past.itis obvious that he was aware of the true causesof eclipsesand other celestialphenomena. What are Rahu and Ketu. . ln Lunar Eclipse. Whatever may have been the liables of mythology.it is the Moon that causes eclipse by playing hide the and seek. the physicsof eclipses tells us that the shadowsare causedby the Earth. the Sun and the Moon. In solar Eclipse.it is reasonablythe Earth that caststhe shadow on the Moon and cause the eclipse. But if we seethe movement both the in cases. From what Varahmihira observesin is his Brihat Somhita. The usual explanation given by some of the learned astrologers that they are as much is physicalbodies(planets) other planets are and they are as invisible because their discs are dark. Authorities differ about them.

It must. gravity. Therefore. Their movements on their paths createfields of force. They also emit electro-magnetic viberations. Man dwells upon the earth and so is influencedby them. the points of intersectionare two which lie I 80 degrees apart. The apparentmotion of the Sun is due to the revolution of the earth around the Sun. atmosphere. Theseeffect the earth and its inhabitants. actually existingin the sky and visible to the eye. Then how do they effectthe earth and its inhabitants ? It has alreadybeenstatedthat Rahu and Ketu are the two points of intersectionof the path of the Sun and the Moon. The Earth and the Moon are two bodies possessing physical mass. motion. shape and colour and their mass.without shape or form.. On the other hand. And the Moon revolves around the Earth. however. The l9 . be stated at the very outset that there is a fundamental differencebetweenRahu and Ketu and the other planets. The planetspossess mass and have force of gravity. They are the points of intersectionof the apparent path of the Sun with the path of the Moon. Rahu and Ketu are only tqre imaginary points in the heavens. As these paths are nearly circular. The other planets are bodiesof physicalmass. They have form. They are only two imaginary pointsin the heavens. They move on definedpaths in the heavens. have been studied in detail and ascertained. distance from the Sun etc. Now the basic assumptionof astrologyis that planets influence the earth and its inhabitants. Rahu and Ketu do not existin the heavens and possesno mass. Rahu and Ketu are the points of intersection of the paths of the earth and the Moon in the heavens.

But what about the influenceof Nodes. The path of the earthsor the apparentpath on the Sun is thb ecliptic. disturbed where the paths of the earth and the Moon intersect. Rahu and Ketu are two Nodes of the Moon. They represent cross-roads the on the fieldsof force of the earth and the Moon. Latitudes of the planets depend on their Nodes. This fact may be explained through an example. The equilibrium is. because they are a part of the earth and move along with it. It may be called electromagnetic any other. So what is their emanating positionin Astrology.32tr000 years). The inhabitants the earth are not or of aware of the field of force createdby the earth. the inhabitants of the Earth are in an equilibrium with referenceto the field of force created by the earth during its motion around the Sun. Thus Rahu and Ketu are the two points on the ecliptic 180degrees apart and in whose vicinity disturbed condition prevail. however. (one Kalpa. It is natural that where two fields of force meet with eachother. are the two points of disturbance the paths of the Earth on and the Moon.naine of the force is not material. somethingunsual should happen. Similarly. It is said that History repeatsitself but 20 . whibh are imaginary points ? They cannot either emit rays or reflectrays from the other celestial bodies. so the in mutual relationship the positionof the planetswill not be the same at any two instants in Kalpa. being equal to lO90Maha-yugasand one Maha-yuga is of 4. The movements a of Railway Train on its track creates field of force which is a noticed by a passerby and not by persons who are in an equilibrium. as the periodsof revolution of the Nodes are different for different Dlanets.

who are born at the tinte of.eclipscsare always prone to mental abnormality and to other physical suffering. It is known fact that during the period of eclipsesand sometimes before and after them. W h c n S u n c o m e s i n c o n j u n c t i o n w i t h R a h u .not in a identical manner. This truth is established on a consideration of astrology. Then the light and other electro-magnetic viberations coming from the Moon or the Sun are cut off and the normal arrangenents rvhich obtains for the earth are disturbcd. The effect of Rahu and Ketu forces itself on our attention most clearly at the time of the eclipsesof the Sun and the Moon. When the Sun and the Moon come near the Nodes at the time of the Full Moon or the new Moon and a certain other conditions are fulfilled an eclipse of the Moon or the Sun take place. The events may be similar but can never be identical. (their Nodes). the normall functioning of the human system-suchas digestive apparatus etc. Since the astrological influence of planets depends on their latitudes. O t h e r p l a n e t sa l s o develop abnormal traits when they come in contact rvith t h e m a n d t h e i r n a t u r a l q u a i i t i e s s u f f e r . But it is not only the Sun and the Moon that suffer when t h e y c o m e i n c o n t r a c t w i t h R a h u o r K e t u .u s u a l l y f o r t h e w o r s e . even though they are tmaginary points naturally exerciseastrology influence on the earth and the living beings on it. The ego and the new activity flow along the same path. Persons. t h i s g i v e sa sttong :rdvantage to the Rahu area. They are also likely to have week constitutions and short lives. Whenever the Sun is loca- 2l . is disturbed and that is why it is said that no food should be taken during the period of an eclipse.

ted is where there is strength. this givesgreater difficulty in establishing the new growth. It is only in recentyearsthat Rahu and Ketu are recognisedi4 Westernastrologicaltexts-thisis surely a sign of Indian influenceon Westernastrologicalthought. But when Sun is in conjunction with Ketu. action and warmth. To cut short. Lately few astrologersof the West have written few booksproving with illustration that the Moon's Nodes play an impartant part in human affairs. vitality. whenever Rahu is in conjunctionwith any planet. it will enhancethe basic quality of that planet.the personmust build a strongego. 22 . In order to grow and learn.

the taker. so when we deal with Rahu in the first house. to rely on his own initiative. All studentsof astrologymust recognise the law of Cause and Effect. Rahu (unafricted attracts while Ketu robs blessings accordingto the house it occupies.still births. l0 of and ll houses. giver. FIRST HOUSE : This position often signifies that the personalvaluesare more important than general public or partnership. all comewithin the purview of Rahu/Ketu influences.This personneedsto learn to do things for him' ielf.CHAPTER 5 Rahu & Ketu in Houses Whenever Rahu wil| be in the first house. even though they may feel that the fact of reincarnation is not Proved. to us of covetedprizes. He will needto accomplish and developself things through the po wer of his personality . death of children happinessfrom children.Cases abortions. 6. Ketu. that area of the chart will need more effort from the perdon than the oppositearea. Their results are comptimentary.no separate delineation of Kctu in the seventh house is necessary. Ketu will natrrral|y be in the seventhhouse.WheneverKetu happens fall natally. and since giving and Rahu is tbre taking are results of former action. Rahu and Ketu do better in 3. we may morc clearly see the justice in present gains and losses as indicated by the H ousepositionof Rahu and Ketu.

Gain is made through im-ou. SECOND HOUSE : This condition often signifies unusual fina'cial activities or abilities to deal with earning and managing'his own resources. The partnership activities 'are often a drag for them in many ways but they have to learn to cope with that. Ketu in the 9th house in Sagittarius is good for spirituality but bad for worldly luck and good fortune.sufficiency. so the sound investments should be made to provide for less productive period.He must build his own. Benefits frorn travel ani short moves are often noticed in their life..o_ perty or mineral wealth. If affiicted. if his destiny is to be fulfilled.iourneys and neighboring cities is denied. There may be a problem in connection with a parent or an imbalance in his love for them. THIRD HOUSE: This condition often signifies unusual intellectuai ability to share his senseof awa1s1sss rn his life with tirose in his sociar environment and receive from their senseof awareness and impressions. Excellent relationship with brother and sisters are noticed.ubl" p. He should rry to stay away frorn credit matters and othdr's resourcesas much u. a probably the mother. loving one more or it could give loss of one at 24 . home or domestification is highly significant in their life. For some reason. If affiicted. They have to learn to abide bv their own resourcesas it is an inborn instinct for him to iepend upon other's finance and resources. Other people or partnershios become a medium of learning experiencbs without choice. years of affiuence are followed by years of privation.. FOURTH HOUSE : Benefit comes through parent. Extreme view on national problems are expressed. porribl. pleas_ ure through short.

He should develop a great desire to be creative in some endeavour.t o I e a r n t h e b a l a n c ei t t a k e s t o d o t h i s . circumstances may not give tlem the opportunity to be prominent in their field FIFTH HOUSE : This condition often signilies close relationship with children. He is to learn to use his heart and becotne 'attached' in a very personal way. p l e a s u r e s is obtained through contact with public. Although they have strong self displaying ego. They are very charnting. diplo_ 25 . e n l e l yi m p o r t a n t i n h-islife. unless heavily affiicted. like conforrs of the Couch but very good for Ui*inu o. Marriage or businesspartner is usually ltlore mature than the native.th house in Sagittarius is bad tbr u. He needs to love deeply and intensely on a oni_to-one basis. pleasure through social in_tercourse.epeateO cycle of births and deaths. but regarding friendships they may have some disappointments. w i t n l t r i s p o s i t i o n h e n e e d st o r e a r n to work and be of service to otlters. salvation. this. meaning releasefrorn the .an early age.ordly pleasures. Career is given a second priority in their life. This person hasto w o r k w i t h a p a r t n e r .is quite a good position of Rahu Afllictions lessent-hetime available for these studies and incrase heartrr difficurties. Ketu in the l2. Speculative gains are shown. They have fairly good successin love/romance. S E V E N T H H O U S E : f h i s c o n d i t i c r no f t e n s i g n i l i e st h a r m a r r i a g e o r p a r t n e r s h i pa c t i v i t i e s a r e e x t r . SIXTH HOUSE : The recuperative powers are great and health can be regained through fasting or avoiding exce_ sses' This condition often signifies work-rerated areJs and t h e i r i m p o r t a n c ei n r i f e . For spiritual growth.

Stronginterestintheoccultorhidden sideofthelifeisnoticedasarescuefromthematerialworl i. NINTH HOUSE : When the position is not developed' from theirmistakesin many they have to learn a lot of lessons they cannot even comunicatetheir problems' This can cases.r. Legaciesare promised' Sometime in of to learn the acceptance the humility life. h-e *itt u" forced oftakingfromothers. in ger success the professionor careerarea but the native will huu.matice and polite in generalexpressionor communication.evil resultsmay happen which may adversely affect the native's health. Affiictions threatensseparation from partnersand law suits' is Ketu in the ascendant not conduciveto the health of the native. to coincidences' He needs in their life-time due to strange within his immebecomemore objectivein his interpretations are very destined of brothersor sisters diate world. When affiicted. sudden fall from position can happen. u checkeredcareer.urrrlrrg from the idea or reality of death and regeneration poverty' ' is strongly noticed in this case If affiicted' fear of accordingto the sign at the weakness nnunUui lorr. get involved also indicate disregard for religion' They will publicity or some foreign affairs/activities with publication. Affairs in their life whetherthey want or not' TENTHHoUsE:Thisconditionoftensigniliesstron. EIGHTH HOUSE : This position forces the personto learn to accept another'sfinancial help' Money is obtained his through partners. Avocation should be followed' home and domesticlife' to sometime the point of sacrificing way' and This meansworking for or with the public in some 26 . physical 8th house. reputation and relation with theGovernment.

TWELFTH HOUSE : The personhas a lot to learn in this life time with or without individul choiceand needs self sacrifice.others contrive to bring about his downfall. Public recognitionand honours. Friends. they are quite methodical. When affiicted. or affiicted. handicapped. very in the enjoyable comparedto the secondhalf. Many hopes are realised. Aflictions createenmities and jealousies. punctualand steady. It is helping those less fortunate. Occult studies should not be indulged in at such time. Here they must becomelike an Aquarian in the highestsense the word. The digestive system problemswith or circulation needsattention in their case. a true humanitarian. vague imaginationsand forebodings. 27 .In their work. assistin time of need. There next ation of a successful difficulty is with regard to children. Their first half of life is not. Affiiction sometimes resultin lack of mental balance.Problems of and difficultiesusually stem out of romancesand quite often formrelationship is very difficult. They are a lot closer to their father than mother. Often difficultiesduring childhood bring about a mother/father complex to this person. ELEVENTH HOUSE : This position often signifiesthat the person has considered friendship.he will have less time to spend on home matters. practical. in a better position than the native.

p l e a s i n gw i f e / h u s b a n d a n d b e n r : l i t s from the government. R a h u p l a c . will itutomatically oppositesign. then wealth. status etc. h o u s e . R a h u i d e n t i c a l t o i t s e x a l t e d s i g n ( G e r n i n i ) p l a c e di n an angle or trine gives political power and fame. He will have all the comtbrts and will become the chief of his clan. Their Whenever to complimentary eachother. 2 . 3 . e d u c a t i o n . Rahu/Ketu posited in dual signs and in conjunction with or aspected by the rulers of the 6th or 8th or the l2th housc will causeloss of elder brothcr or tather or the native. But if they are connected with an angle or trine ruler. .Ketu will naturallybe in Libra. ARIES/LIBRA : In his past life. will be conferred on the native. the person was lucky and was surroundeil by luxuries aud comlbrls. T'here u'ill i b e a u s p i c i o u sc e r e m o n i c s n t h e . He was engagr:din h i g h e r s p i r i t u a l l e a r n i n ga n d g o o d t h i n g s i n l i f e w e r c t h e m a i n p u r s u i t s o f h i s s o u l . Sc the delineation Rahu of axis is always coverthe delineationof Kettrin the in one sign. C a t t c e ro r A r i e s g i v r s r v e a l t h . : di n T a u r u s . I n t h i s l i f c t i m e . a c q u i s i t i o n o f l a n d s . t h c d r a n r a t i c i n s t i n c tl s strong and there is usual plenty of self-command.CHAPTER 6 Rahu & Ketu in Signs Rahuis in Aries. l. power.g o o d s e r v a n t s .

maintain his Karmic status. rhis person has suffered many difficult and confining situatjons. Family cohesion is important to him. makes him an admirable character. He preferred a a life of freedom and independence. the . but you can get to him through proper emotionalism. 29 . He will try all his best to live nicely and comfortably and struggle to. Failure to keep both hands tied up may cause loss of many successful opportunities in the present incarnation. GEMINI/SAGITTRIUS : The person spenr his past life in various philosophical and mystical pursuits. In this life.perfect domestic harmony and happiness. Distorted sexual life and misuse of potver was the lifestyle. Some pride is shown and a tendency to boast also.ircumstances force him to be with others. the person was engaged in many underworld aitivities. In this life. He seldom has a chance or opportunity to cultivate his emotional and material base. very marked sense of humour coupled with the desire to be just to all. There will be pilgrimage to shrines and holy places and increasein philosophical knowledge. he must have undergone several punishments before the present birth takes place. Consequently. CANCER/CAPRICORN: In past tife. If he tries to isolate and withdraw from the society. at least.. He has the power to suggestor transfer ideas to others at a distancesand foreseeevents. TAURUS/SCORPIO: In his past life. he will have a keen interest in new ideas and enterprises if they relate to home comforts. he has a senseof mastershipand a democratic view of human necessity. [n this life time. Domestic life was unpleas. He may show a colder exterior.ant and unhappy.

he was almost an incognito he person. VIRGO/PISCES : In past life. He will achievemany success this life without fighting for them and just by utilising his mental He energies. he learn to balance he and dignifiedand upright.but he is alwayslucky to be in plentiful in that respectSCORPIOITAURUS:He has spenthis past life in luxuries 30 . he cannotjust skip and go on to the next to gamein life.He would like to servethe sufrers and will have enthusiasm for national service.Thus.He hardly had time for his personal needs and worked towards achievingthingsfor others. but at the sametime. In this life. Whatever doesin this life will in of have a sense justice. He will build new housesand will travel in forqign lands. temper and aggression. he has to achieve themvery methodically.He did not have many opportunities. In this life time. He has beengiven many opportunitiesin this life.because could not identify them and make use of them. them. In this lifetime. His mental harmony taking responsibilities is possibly his greatestcharm.social ddsiresare very pronouncedand there is often much stability and perseverance. othersand capableof under' He has the capacityto supervise very early in life. Strong self-conditioningand is self-confidence noticedin him in this life. he will have vitality to carry forward large enterprises. In that life he as gained and lost many thingssimultaneously he could not will be mild and gentle. may not be after materialisticcomforts and luxu' ries. LEO/AQUARIUS : He has spent his past life in many unu$ualactivities. Therewill be suddenaccess much wealth. LIBRA/ARIES : He has spent his past life with a lot of physical activities.

has much sympathy for others and interest in seeing those in his own circle accumulate wealth. His hidden motive and energiesare strong aud he will use them whenever he has to. He is logical in argument. CAPRICORN/CANCER : In his past life. but is apt to overreach himself. AQUARIUS/LEO : Hc was very much self-centered in his 3l . He could not get a chance to go out and do things.and comforts without caring for the higher learnings. In this life time.his past life in various domesticated activities. He will achievesubstantial esoteric knowledge or understanding with or without being too involved in the occult. He will take a keen interest in public affairs. like grandeur in buildings and gives of his substanceto the weaker and less fortunate. home and the surroundings was the key focus. Now he js choosing a path of indepedence and isolation. what others do to him. As a result of this. there is seldom steady accomplishmentand mental discord robs him of much pleasure in life. He is very much interested in the material things as well as in the human emotionalism. He has spent. polite and gentle. He will go from one extreme stage of living to another during the same life. As long as no body disturbs him. he will be quiet. he is required to do lot of thingsin this life outside home. He may forget. takes an interest in politics. The past life was spent in SAGITTARIUS/GEMINI: many commrmicative and intellectual activities. He is endowed with grace and idealism. but never foregives. desirp for direct results leads to ted of him. He had to deal with others constAntly and had to fulfil what they expecIn this life. He would not listen to anybody and will go with a routine life. impatience and impules.

to mix with others and help them to solve thcir problems. Unpredictability is always on his side which he has difficulty dealing with in this lifetime. he was very methodical and detailed oriented to a point of extreme. but he does not decision may not be logical on the care in that respect. minutest surface. Endurance in research work. His innovations and abilities to tackle situations is quite amazing. Dealing with people and their emotions is important for him as he likes the exchange of feelings in this material world to keep him happy. He will have the tendency to neglect home or office routine if these interfere with his social ambitions. persistance and efficiency as well as the desire tbr the His accuracy mark the influence of this lifetime. PISCES/VIRGO : In past life. He spent his past life in substantial discriminating conditions and instincts would not even get close to him at that time. 32 .past life and had no time for othersr His status was pretty high and commanded a great respect for his powers in the society. Now in this life he is to learn to be humanly.

Women will play an inlportant role in this department of his life. Strong .we have observedthat aspects with the Moon's Nodes are workable upto l0 degreeorb. This person has a good personality that is well received by the public. The destiny often helps them in most of the ways it can during life. Conjunctions to Rahu SUN.In our studies. Responsibilitiesare often given to them just as they are ready for them. It gives advantage to the Rahu area. since this automatically puts Ketu in the 7th (marriage) house to the Sun. This aspects provides strong personalelevation wherever the Sun is located. In our opinion. Moon conjunct Rahu makes it a more familiar territory than other aspects. For the purposeof this work. we follow the modern aspects. People do lose their mates somehow. MARS. This position over stimulates and sornetimes exaggeratesexual arousal. This aspect provides strong interest in athletic or physical activities in these individuals. Rahu & Ketu in Aspects Aspects in Hindu Astrology are different than the so^calledmodern aspects. MOON. This aspect provides great internal emotional satisfaction for these people.CHAPTER 7 .

higher philosophiesand excellent wisdomflow throughthesepeople. the JUPITER.Considerable sation of built-up nervous energ-vis often well-channelledby 34 . talents MERCURY. tt give considerable and Nodes. Marriage relatiohship of it' We cannot for successful them. lt givesluck ano goodfortune in balancing nodal axis. Assistancefrom brothers and sistersis highly significantin their life and often it is a mutual on exchange a timely basis. at leastfrom the surface be too sure.is from brothers and sisters seenin getting aheadirr assistance life or vice versa. The good thingsin the Venuscharmand comeby them quite easily. The person with this aspectis affectionate to life have a tendency warm-hearted. This addsto oftenare for makes great popularity. and VENUS. that Rahu with Venusis actually as good as it sounds. and is romanticallyeccenURANUS. His mind is way ahead of the masses. Theseaspectdoes provide or good material possessions often financial self-sufficiency' is You can consider it very fortunateif someone born with Jupiterand Rahu in conjunction. Often this aspectmay deny good physicalhealth. He is the adventurer utilitric. In this aspect. All their learningexperiences the of balancing and utilised in order not to properly analysed limitationsare make the same mistake again. They often havegood communicative seemto comefrom someunknown sources' energies and their All aspectsto Mercury have psychicvalue It givesgood spirits and cheerful nature. patience fulfil the work to SATURN.

it is Karmic lesson. Oppositions to Rahu SUN. junction or afriction with Pluto can increase any cbancesof glandular problems or in the case of women. This will give sex problems of some kind or problems concerning partners' money. This aspect is Karmic in nature. depending upon the house location of the conjunction. either for good or bad. all to often. sympathetic nature. seemsto indicate a confrontation with death Rahu or Ketu in conor problems dealing with the Occult. to the surroundings and associates. This. Natal is very keen. charts of many composers or musicians have Nodes with or squaring Neptune. mother or women in general. 35 . ready to help all 4n need. Possible difficulties can concern homc life or can be connected with the public. Rahu with Uranus very often gives stroke and 'freak' accidents of type which are heart trouble. hospitable. MOON. utilising the Plutonian means. His sensivity and awareness This seems to be a favourable Karma. Encourages completely out of the individual's ability to control. PLUTO.reward or punishment. The idea is to distribute the Neptunian cnergies. Often a conflict from a previous life with the father has brought about this condition and bircumstance. Basically. Here we have a generous. Circulatory problems of difrculties with dige stive system are quite common for these individuals.these individuals. This ascept indicates lack of physical vitality and general suppressionof ego. female organ problems. NEPTUNE. This gives a greater difficulty in establishingthe neu' growth.

Circulatory problems or blood difficulties can be normal for thesepeople. sex and energies in past life have brought this condition in this life.in general. lndulgence and misusesof physical power. Success is also hard to achieve where saturns position is located by sign and house. The person with this aspect is eccentric with fitful energy which limits him in making good use of his talents. Things have a tendency to occur as late as possible. Action and fear need to be balanced. always seeking new experience of some kind. URANUS. VENUS. This does not exactly favour happiness. It is not good for partnership or marriage becauseit gives too great a desire for freedom. It gives great love of adventure. JUPITER. Based upon the rest of the chart happiness from children might be a void issue to these people. Nervous system. and somewhat tyrannical. SATURN. 36 . Their methods rvill be strange as far as others are concerned. The person is usually sensitive and cannot expresshis affection They face several hidden problems regarding comfortably. Sacrifice or surrender is the key word here. there can be great t sacrifice o an ideal love. gets affected due to this aspect. so the person may not be good at giving advice. These people often learn to overcome the materialistic barrier either by choice or by heavenly force. MERCURY. They just have to go through wordly and unwordly experiences and then the significance of patience. so the poor.With people of opposite sex.MARS.outspoken. Judgement can the poor. This may make the person suspicious. love/romence. This givesa fluctuating type of mind.

MERUCRy.. It is best to releasethe feelings solne way.nrs n. It givc.ith wornen. It gives impatience and may disturb .lhey need to t'eel good' but they are frequentr| unabre t' do so f.nd vicc versa. They will not hesitate to use destruction foi the sake of construction but only as a last l. MOON. This can give problems with health lbr rnosr of the person's life.esort..r no -j7 . K e e p i n gt h e peaceand harmony will be their rnotto. PLUTO. and over stimulation of the imagination fr. This aspect produces peculiar ernotional i m b a l a n c ei n t h a t i n d i v i d u a r .yr.NEPTUNE. Along rvith this aspecr cornes cruelty or stenl nature.rt the Sun position.. sometiurcs t. lt is dilficult for hirn to arrive at success life. r>nehas [o adjust the right amount.crr one finds that they have no energy rvhen [hey hau"'u ror ro tro.ri. The action and stressseem in to colneout . This person must be careful of drug aud sex abuse.ui vitality which can cause physical suff. T h e a s p e c rw i l l g i v e t h e individual the ability to inhale spirituar and idealistic goars ro org. T h i s s e e m st o p u t a s t t . He seemsforced to project himself into a separa_ tive action..nir.srnuch sexual energy. Ofr..g. Under this condition.' oni restructure the individuality.i" pf." puini of sexual prorniscuity. tt.. Therc rs a tendency to fault linding exaggeration. T h e a c t i o n a n d s t r e s ss L ' e n r s o t come out at the Moon's position and through problc. Squares to Rahu/Ketu S U N . lt may ntake the person seem aloof. o l t g e t h a n u s u a l r accent on the Sun and its position. MARS. .irrr overi d e a l i s t i ct h o u g h t s .

It prone' can complete him to take risks. tensions with brothers/sisters are This person is at one extreme or another' never JUPITER. ot what you will. making him accident NEPTUNE.significant. which we it. PLUTO.Hehasalovefordrasticaction. this aspect indicates two tlrerlature. Deliant strange ways and means are achievethingsinlife. the life is full of action 38 . He seemslbrced to project himself into a sepaand rative acrion. Hidden often seen. In this aspect.apullbetweenundueidealismandover-sensiti Karma vity with power hungry selfish gratifications' The house position .niil be according to the nature of the sign and and aspects. it is that area to it in strict discipline' can rlo little about except surrender URANUS.specilic reason. fate. This person varies from moody and sensitive utilised to to reckless. The life seemsto be fated' Call position can give lorieliness. It may not deny love in his life but it can The square is no tacles in the way that he must overcome' good for lasting love and tend to make the person tyrannical and jealous' This is quite a strange aspect to sush an SATURN' This exrent that limitations in life are doubly.somewiththisaspectseekfalsesatisfaction sides to in the seuses. Many times. good luck or down the middle of the road' Hindrance in is often seen in this aspect' For these people opportunities He learnings from children is quite common and prominent' and reckless' can be revolutionary This aspect tends to break-up his numerous love VENUS put obsaffairs. Kalma.

Trine aspect is good for an astrologer. It can give a feeling of independence 'vital because of the nature'these people have. This aspect provides added physical strengrh or reserve energles. personal elevation and execution of proper ego for that individuat. MERCURY.suppressionof action without any significant events. This is an intellectually stimularing aspecr. Their communication and externalisation has a magnetic force associatedwith that which others cannot help but notice. This aspect provides good popularity. Circumstantial assistance in getting recognisedin the world is noticed. If preplanned and properly executed. Correct and constructive actions come naturally to successfully fulfil the destiny of the Nodes. proper use of knowlcdge and wisdom is shown by the indivi- 39 . ln this aspect. MARS. MOON. This aspect gives a calm and steaoy emotional nature. Financial good luck and material . The health is affected beneficially and the personality colnes acrosswell with the public. In a man's chart. ideas of these people have a substantially great influence over mankind. it attracts a woman who will help him. JUPITER. This aspect indicates wholehearted pursuit ol the nodal positions and aids in an effective way. It gives a cheerful temperament. Trines/Sextiles to RahuiKetu SUN. sbccess without sacrificing any Karmic debt is seen in this aspqct. Assistance from brothers or to them is very prominent in this person's life. All aspects to Mercury have psychic value.

This gives a nature that is dependable and well able to put action behind the feglings of affection. N E P T U N E . PLUTO. lt inclines him to metaphysical studies. and when to. the harder the person works. Emotional a n d s p i r i t u a lm a t u r i t y i s s e e n e v e n i n e a r l y c h i l d h o o d . or has a great appreciation of thenr. U R A N U S . H e c a n e x p r e s sh i n r s e l fb e s t t h r o u g h h u m a n i tarian and social reform. VENUS. He is also the philospher. not only to them.dual. T h i s p e l s o n i s t a l e n t e d i n m u s i c a n c lt h e arts. Their temper. but the seperatiol is for good. Brilliant ideas and innovative things are often associatedrvith this aspect. This aspect in a man's chart makes him attract beautiful women with much charm of manner and they can expect better luck regarding money matters. but to their surroundings as well. This aspect prov i d e s s t r o n g s e n s e f s p i r i t u a l i t y o r e v e n m e d i u m i s t i ca t t i t u d e o to the individual. H e s e e k st h e s e e m i n g l yi m p o s s i b l e . SATURN. when not in control is quite destructive. the better will be hisrewards. Orle good thing about these people is know how to. Even the good aspectsto Pluto can be separative. use their unsual energies. lt denotes force and depth. 40 . This aspect provides excellent working habits to these individuals. Here they have the ability to see the serious broad view and stick to it: In this aspect.

r o l R a h u p l a c e d3 r d o l t l t h l ' r o r nt h e S u n o r S i r t u r n s o n f c r s r o y u l i t y o n t h e n a t i v e i r r r n o s to f t l r e c a s e s . 6.b u t i n t h i s c h a p t e r . 4 . l O t h l o r d a n d t h e a s c e n d e n t lord aspected by Rahu rnakes [he negative proficient in religious scriptures. A s s o c i a r i o n o f R a h u r vi t h S u n . o 2 . Some result is indicated if Raliu is in c o t r b i n a t i o n r v i t h M a r s a n d t h e 2 n d h o u s el o r d . 5 . SUN l . w e w i l l p r o v i d e s o m e o f t h e important conrbinationsrvhich the readcrs uill find useful in predictive astrology. 3. t h e S u n a n d t h e M o o n h a v i n g t h e 9 t h r e s p e c to f J u p i t e r .CHAPTER 8 Combinations Rahu or Ketu with of the Planets It is rather difficult to give all the combinarions of the Rahu or Kelu w i t h t h e p l a n e t s . C o m b i n a t i o no f t h e S u n . Rahu. T h e b e s t p o s i t i o n o f R a h u i s t o b e p o s i r e di n t h e l s t h o u s ea l o n g r v i t h S a t u r n . Rahu with the 7th lord in Sagitrarius r Pisces rnukes o t h e n a t i v e a d u l t e r o u sa n d i f t h e S u n j o i n s w i t h t h c r n . h e r v i l l h a v e s e x u a l r e l a t i o n sr v i t h t h e w o l n e n o t ' h i g h b o r n l r r r n i l i e s . R a h u s c l u a r et o S u n a n d t r i n e t o S a t u n . . 2nd from the Sun and 9th fronr Saturn conl'ers s p i r i t u a l i t y o n d t u r n s t h e n a t i v e i n t o a r e l i g i o u sl e a d e r . M a r s a r r d S a t n r n n u l l i f i e sa l l t h e o t h e r g o o d c o u r b i n a t i o n s f t h e h o r o s c o p e .

Jupiter and Saturn. Mars in the llth house with Rahu and thesun in the 5th house. Mars. if Sun/ it Mars do not aspect Saturn. 13. 15.7. Mars and the Sun in the l2th housecauses native to lose his mother in the his l2th year. Person not born on Thursday. Rahu in the 2nd house. is evil for the mother. Mars in the 3rd house. 14. Rahu in the 5th.the native will lead a life as a chief of the town. and Jupiter are placedin a signowned by an evil planetand Rahu is placed in a sign of maleficplanet.the personwill fall from a tree and die. is 12. Saturn joins Mars and placed in the ascendant.Sun.Sun in the ascendant.the native will enjoy royality. 9. join Saturnand Moon joins Sun. Moon joins Rahu. Rahu in the 6th. the native will become Mars lame. there will be comforts of the Mother till late in the life. Rahu in the 2nd house with Sun.Mercury in the l2th houseand Venusis exalted in Pisces. However. 42 . the person will be greatly troubled by his wife and children. Rahu in the 7th houseaspecting Venus or Venus in the 7th house from Rahu and if from Venus. 16. 10. Mercury. Sun/Mars are in the 3rd house. the child will die soon after birth. Moon in the ascendent. Venusin the 7th house. Venusin the 2nd and Sun/Mercuryin the l2th house. Mars. 8. Venus and Saturn. Saturn in the 8th.Jupiter joins Rahu. ll. the nativervill sufferfrom chronic illness. Rahu in the 5th houseand the ascendant lord is in association with the Sun. the mother dies soon after the delivery.

21. gives rise to exceedinglypowerful Raja Yoga. 19.eo is termed favourable. to 22. He will havemany ups and downs in life. Jupiter in the 4th house. Theremay be the problems to enemies. There will be frustrations and comforts of the children rvill be denied.with exaltedSun in Aries. placed in malefic houses or aspected'by -malefic planets. It will bring fame. 3rd.conjunction the Sun in the 8th housecurtailsthe longevity. Gemini. Rahu or Ketu in close. fear and failure of plans. but the relationsbetweenthe father and the Sun will not be cordial. 24. Sun conjunction Ketu destroysthe housewhere they are placed. Similarly conjunction of Rahu and the Sun in the lst. If of a an Royal birth. Rahu conjunctionSun in the l0th house will bring elevation in native's life. Moon in the 2nd house. 20. of children also. Scorpio and Aquarius.dignity etc.17. of 18. Rahu conjunction the Sun in l. 23. Finally the native will leavefor another town or country. the native will of loosehis wealth through the association women. Rahu conjunction Sun in the 7th. Rahu in the 3rd house. Rahu conjunction Sun in the 9th housewill give higherlearnings and foreign travels. the native is sure to become Emperor. Libra. Conjunctionof Rahu and the Sun is bad in Aries. 5th or l2th house is excellent. but the political careerwill be a failure. social elevation. There wlll be many financialtroubles. If Rahu or Ketu conjunction the Sun is affiicted. Corrjunction Rahu and the Sun in the 4th houseis not favourable. 43 . Mercury in the l2th house and Saturn in the llth houseor 6th house.it causes lossof professionand prestige.

25. If Rahu is 5rh from the Sun and Jupiter and 2nd, ^ 3rd,.. 5th, _6th, 8th, 9th, 'l lth or l2th from the M;;'; p u b l i c l e a d e ri s b o r n . 26. Rahu in square aspect to Saturn, the Sun the Moori and Jupiter, the politician is born. Jupiter in trine aspect instead of square, shapes the administrators amongst them. Alternatively, Rahu in the 2nd, 6th, gth or l2th house from Saturn. the Sun, the Moon and Jupiter gives rise to a politician and administrator. 27. Caplicorn ascendant. the native is claisified as luckv if Rahu is not rvith Jupiter, Moon is with the Sun and Mars is with Saturn. 28. Rahu in the 8th house aspected by Sun/Saturn and not especred by the benelics; 8th or l2th year will prove critical for the native. 29. When Ketu is in Sagittarius upto 3"-2A', anrJ the M o o n a n d S u n h a v e t h e s a m ed e c l i n a t i o ' s , t h e n w h a t e v e r may be the other combination denoting rank, status and position the person cannot rise in life. MOON l . S a t n r n i n t h e 5 t h h o u s e a s p e c t e d r . a s s o c i a t e db y t h e o M o o n a n d R a h u c o n j u ' c t i o n 5 t r r h o u s el o r c r b r i n g s a b o u t t h e 'I'he loss of children. same results are incliiated, when Rahu i s a s s o c i a t e dw i t h J u p i t e r . r o r c l o f t h e a s c e n d a n t i s w i t h M a r s a n d t h e r u l e r o f t l r c 5 t h h o u s er s w e a k . 2 . R a h u i n t h e 6 t h . t i t h o r l 2 t h h o u s er v i t h t h e M o o n a n d S a t u r n a n d a s p e c t e d b y t h e l o r d o f t h e a s c e n d a n tbring about the deathin bad circuurstances. 3 . W i t h t h e a s p e c to f R a h u o n S a r u r n , r v h e n t h e M o o n i s v e r y w e a k . r v i l l l e a d t h e n a t i v e t o u n d e r g o t h e operattolr of the head. 4. Rahu prorluces rvhitc- lcprosy u,hen combinedrvith Mars or Moon.

5. If Rahu is 8th from Saturn, l0th frcm Jupiter and 3rd from the Moon, a great scientist is born. 6. Ruler of the ascendentwith the ruler of the 6th house and Rahu in the sixth house, the native will die by poison at the hands of a woman. Some result is produced if Moon is in the ascendantand Venus is with Rahu or Ketu. 7. Rahu with Moon in the 9th house and Jupiter in the lOth house the native will be blessedwith lucky and beautiful children. 8. Capricorn ascendant, Ketu 7th to Moon and 4th to Venus, there will be 3 marriages or there rvill be three women No cordial relations with the children. The resiin his life. dence will by old and mother's comforts are denied. The native will alsg suffer from the heart disease. Such a Moon brings diseaseand trials. 9. Capricorir ascendent,Saturn Sth to the Moon and Rahu 5th to the Moon, the mother of the native is rendered. Unfortunate. There will be freckles on the face or birth-marks on the body. 10" Jupiter and Moon in the l2th house are classifiedas unfortunate, but if Rahu or Ketu stays with them. the defect is cancelledand classifiedas fortunate. I l. Rahu in the ascendent without Moon or any benefic planet, Saturn in the third house and malefics in the 4tir, ?th and l0th houses, the person will have nothing but sufferings all through the life. 12. Rahu in the 4th housewith the Moon in the 8th houses a n d m a l e f i c a r e i n t h e l s t , 4 t h , 7 t h a n d l O t h h o u s e s ,t h e l o n g e vity of the native is short. 13. If Rahu with the Moon, Mars and Saturn stays in either the 7th or 9th house, then the health will be disturbed on the 7th day or in the 7th month.


14. Rahu in Aquarius, Mars in Capricorn, Moon and Saturnin Virgo with Jupiter in Leo, the native will become a king. 15. Rahu in the ascdndantor in the 8th houseand is aspected the Moon, the lOth day will be evil. (b) Rahu in by the 4th house Moon in the lst, 4th, 7th or l0th house, the 20th year will be critical. (c) Rahu in the 4th, 6th or 8th and the Moon in the 8th, the 20th day will be evil. (d) Rahu in the Sth house and the Moon is in the lst,4th,7th or l0th house,then the life is short. (e) Rahu in the ascendant, the Moon in the 6th house,the native may suffer from convulsions or fits. (f) Rahu in the 8th housewith a weak Moon shows falling sickness. (g) Rahu in the 4th house with the Moon in the 6th or 8th house,the life will be short. 16. Rahu with the Moon in the 3rd house,mother will die at an early age. 17. Rahu/Moon conjunctionwithout benefic aspects give rise to all sortsof mental diseases. Other planetsdeveloptraits when eonjoined with Rahu or Ketu. (b) The conjunction taking place in the 3rd housegivesone anxietyon accountof one'sown perverted thinking.The sisterbecomes widow. 18. Moon in Capricorn aspected jupiter and Rahu in by Virgo, one may have numberof childrenout of which two or three would survive. 19. Rahu's association with Moon alonein soft constellation is good for intution. But if Mars join the combination, it will have a very undesirable effect. The person may suffer from hysteria, swellings and epilipticfits. One may become sensitive and apt to suffer throughcontactwith the rougher side of life. He will be highly stungand liable to nervous exhaustion. 20. Moon/Mars/Rahu or Moon/Saturn/Rahuor Mercury/

the native will behave like an animal to satisfy his lusts. 7. Combination of Rahu with Mars and Saturn in the 8th 47 . coinciding with the operation of main periods of any of the planets concerned. and Scorpio or in the constellation ruled by Mars or Saturn is a dreaded combination unless there are beneficial aspects. Mars. This combination will destroy the brothers as well. Combination of Rahu with Mars and Saturn in the of ascendantgives rise to the diseases the generativeorgans. cheating alrd lying tendencieswill be prominent in the native.Mars/Rahu or Mercury/Saturn/Rahu associations' especially in Sagittarius. Mars in the 6th house and Saturn in the 8th house. Jupiter and the ruler of the 5th house are in conjunction and aspected by Rahu from the ascendant. is and liable to be shattered and frustrated. When 6th house ruler aspectedby Rahu or Ketu is in Aries. MARS l. ill-controlled temper to go to extremes. Rahu in the 7th house. 5. Rahu and Venus in the 4th house while Mars or Saturn is posited in the ascendant produce a mark at the heel or leftleg. The house position will indicate the part of the body to be affiicted or shatters the prosperity of that house. restless inclines thc person intolerant of restraint. 4. Aries. 3. Combination of Rahu with Mars and Saturn makes the native accident prone. thieving. 8. 6. Headstrong. Rahu in the ?th house and Mars in the 4th house. the wife will be short lived. The person's life. 2. or Scorpio or in ascendant with Mars. death of children is indicated.

Rahu in Gemini. gth or l2th house. the native will earn the displeasureof the ruler. Mars and Jupiter together in the 6th. Mars in Leo. There will be sudden rise and sudden fall. 13. Rahu. Mars in the ascendant and Saturn in l2th house. 16. 14. (c) Rahu in the 7th house witl the Moon. there will be sudden gains and sudden fall. Mars or Venus or Mercury in the lOth house. there will be prominent birth_Mark or a scar on one of the legs. Mars and Saturn. Saturn in Libra and Venus in Virgo. the person will have an stomach ailment and will have financial problems.house makes the person perverse. 9. the mother will die earlv. M a r s / R a h u i n t h e 3 r d h o u s ek i l l s t h e e l d e r b r o t h e r o r . identi_ cal to its own sign with Rahu. 8th month will be critical (b) Rahu in the 3rd house. Jupiter in the gth house and Venus is 4th to Mars. and ascendantlord joins Mars. Mars and Saturn in the 2nd house. 12. the native can shine well as an author or an editor. cruel and immoral. If Mars or Jupiter is with Ketu in the 3rd house in conjunction with the rord of the 2nd house.Rahu 3rd to Murcury and Mars 3rd from Rahu. (d) Rahu or Ketu in the ascendant. 15. He will become paralytic and thereby incapacitated profesionally. Rahu in the l0th house. Rahu or Ketu with Mars and Saturn in the 9th house the father will die after untold hardships. 10. Mercury 8th to Mars and nanu -sttrto Mercury. I l. longevity can be estimated as one year. the lgth year will be critical. Capricorn ascendant. 1 8 . the 7th day or the 7th year can be critical for longevity. 17. Rahu in the 4th house. the person will get his hands or feet injured.

49 . of weapons. Rahu in the 5th t. i+y.. 19. (b) If affiiciea:. The hair will beginto fall-premature'baldness. Mars/Rahu in the 4th house (a) : lf beneflc_the subjectwilr gain through metal.our. There will be lossof wealth. Mars/Ketu in the 4th house. Mars/Rahu in the 7th house gives more than one wife and indicateslove affairs before marriage."?" will be lossof wealth and tosses through enemies and rogues. There may be as many as three marriages. Peoplewill have no regard for him. 22. there will be an increase of luck and much benefit. (c) diseases.. fear will arisedue to eitherof the following : (a) sons. there will be . ". 25. 21. por..there will be happiness and gains. in Ari. 24.. Mars conjunctionKetu.. If Rahu/Mars are in Gemini in the 3rd house. i.there will be an emo_ tional problemin the lgth year. Lossof wife and lossof wealth has to be apprehended. will die on a Wednesday morning when the Moon is in Revati asterism."* . Mars/Rahuin the gth house spoils the health. He will be slaveto his emotions. Mars/Ketu in the 5th house. and through cloth etc.of il_health. or aspected Mars bringsabout the loss by of sons..family troubles.the native will be the eldest. 20. there will be no male issueor issuesdies. gold.?? fear about male children. At the closeof Ketu Dasa.. sirvererc. gives middle ageand deathas a result of poison or beingbitten by poisonous insect. (b) weapons.f. Various types of obstacles and delaysirise.litf a love affair. He might get a legacyas well. Mars/Rahu in the Sth house. divorce and death but towarOsiie end of Dasa of Mars or Ketu.the native will live fo.

Mars/Rahuin the l0th or llth or 2nd house produce detective writers. Combination of Rahu/Mercury/Saturn in the lOth resultsin the amputation of the leg' housesometimes 2. Mars in close conjunction to Rahu or Ketu makesa personviolent.26. If the parts of the constellations an operation' If for this of Mars or Ketu. Rahu in Gemini arid Mars in Leo.thenativewillrisetoanauthoritivepositionandw have an Excellentcareer' 32. Combination of Rahu or Ketu with the ascendant lordandtheMoonorwithMercury'inahousewillindicat house' on the skin disease the part of the body ruled by that 50 . one undergoes will undergothe combination. Rahu in the 2nd houseand Mars in the 7th house' the wife will not survive.Mercury is in the 3rd house. Rahu/Marsin the 6th houseand Mercury in the house. questionable 28. tive parts of different asterisms' Rahu/Mars/Moon in the brings about sucideby the native. the native will enjoy all sort of comforts. Rahu in the 6th. Makes the nativerich by understandand means.he operation in a foreign country' MERCURY l. Rahu/Mars associaspeciallyin certain destruction also givessuicidal tendencies.Suchapersoncannotcontrolhisangeran iometimes murderoustendencyappears. 11. 30. Mars in the 5th Venusin the 8th and the Sun in the 9th. the personwill lead his country or the nation. l0th 31. of asterism the ascendant 29. Rahu and Jupiter in the 8th house causesstornach involi'ed are those diseases. authority and will becomethe king.

Venusand Saturn. and long lived. the person will be a healthy strong man with good children. 8. Rahu 7th to Mercury may leavethe chicken-poxor on small-pox the body. 13. ear and nos€. Although Rahu is stated to be friend of Mercury. the personwill leave his country of birth and will live in foreign lands. the native will be benefittedby three well-to do relations. Rahu in an angle(l-4-7-10) with Saturn'Jupiter. it will be bad for the longevityof the native. Mercury 2nd to Rahu. theseplanetscauses Rahu is no one'sfriend. 6. ll.Rahu produceswhite leprosywhen combinedwith the ascendant lord and Mercury. 7. the native will leave the country of birth and will residein a foreign land. 10. Rahu in the l2th house with Mercury. Rahu or Ketu with Mercury and ruler of the 2nd house positedin the 6th give rise to diseaseof the mouth. as 4. In fact. Jupiter and Saturn in the 5th house. Capricon ascendant.Venus and Mercury. Rahu 8th from Mercury. 9. Rahu conjunctionJupiter in the 7th houseand Mercury in the 9th house.Rahu 3rd to Mercury' success a farmer oldairy owner. Large number of cattle and wealth through animalsis indicated. Rahu/Mercury in the 4th house gives gains and 5l . by 3. Rahu aspected Saturn. He will enjoy great comforts. Venusand Mercury becomes very powerful to do good. 12. honour etc. Mercury/Jupiterin the 2nd house and Rahu identical to Gemini. 5.but the conjunctionwith more affiiction than otherwise. the parentswill be sickly and renderedunfortunate.

2. It giveshigh position and socialstatus. Same will be the resultsif Rahu alone staysin Aries or Virgo. Rahu in the 3rd house. 7. 14. Rahu conjunction Mercury in the 5th house. Jupiter in the ascendant and Rahu in the 8th house give a mark on the left hand. Mercury with Ketu or Rahu in the 6th or l2th house and heavily afflictedgivesrise to a disease which cannot be or diagnosed cured. Rahu 4th to Jupiter and Venus 4th to Rahu. 'Rahu conjunction Venusin the 4th housewill give all but if Mercury joins them. 5. Rahu conjunction Jupiter in Leo giveslong age. Capricornascendant. it may affect the brain. JUPITER l. Even nervousbreakdown or insanityis caused.but if the sign is Pisces. but under the beneficrays ofJupiter. Saturn in the 2nd houseand Jupiter in the ascendant. he will enjoy nameand. Sun creates 6.thc native destroys his mother and 52 . In addition to wealth.money. the native rray possibly suffer from rheumatism. will indulge in sexualexcesses. the persOn will be lucky and prosperous. 3. Rahu in the lOth and Jupiter in the 8th house. Saturn conjunction Rahu or Ketu. producesa great Yogi. 16. the native comfortsand pleasures damaginghis health. paralysisor polio. Sameresultswill be produced and 8th houseis occupied if Rahu/Jupiterare in the ascendant by malefics. Capricornascendant. 15. 4.famebut therewill be fluctuationstoo. Rahu in squareor trine to Jupiter or in trine to the writers.there will be sorrows due to relations' friends and children.

9th or Jupiter aspectingRahu when placedin the lst. Jupiter in Aries and Rahu with Venus occupies the 10th house. 12. the person born will be prosperousand fortu_ nate. He will have wealth and prosperity. the native will rise to great heights even if born under humble circumstances.the native will love and respectthe learned and religious people. Jupiter conjuction Ketu destroys the fruit of the housein which it takesplace. 5th. Jupiter conjunctionRahu in favourable signs in lst. the native rises very high and will be respected all. Rahu in Taurus in the 9th house with Venusand Jupiter. Rahu conjunction Jupiter in the 4th house with benefic aspects will make the native religiousand God fearing. by 18. there will be a stomuchailment and also the birth-mark near the naval. Capricorn ascendant. 8. the child will Iive for one year.Saturn in the 7th house and Venus conjunction Jupiter in tlre l2th house. Rahu conjuction Jupiter in the gth house. 15. 13. Ketu conjunction Saturn in the 3rd houseand Jupiter in the 9th house. Jupiter conjunction Rahu or Ketu. 16. Rahu in the sixth house and Venus in the 2nd house. He will enjoy somesort of authority also. I l. 9th or l0th house. the person born will be outside wedlocli. 17. 14. 9.and will distinguish himselfas a lawyer.alsokills his brothers. the personwill live for a very long age. Jupiter in the l0th house. without any benefic makes the native scoff at religion and higher valueoi life but if aspected by benefics. 10. Jupiter conjunction Rahu in the 9th house. Rahu in the ascendant. The subject will rise high and will enjoy all 53 .

of his children Jupiter in the 5th house' there 19. the right eye will 3rd house' Rahu aspectsVenus in 4. Venusconjunction SATURN and Saturn 8th to l. be of great helP. Saturn/Ketuin the for the oppositesex' the 5th house... Rahu conjunction may be lossof issuesor abortions' VENUS give-all-sorts. Rahu/Venusin the 4th house will Tfere will be domestic gains including money and lands' . Venus in the 7th house aspected may sufferfrom choleraor diarrhoea' 7th' 8th or l2th 6. Rahu in the 8th and Venus in the will be a mark on the head or left ear' 3rd house and 3.. ascendent'there 2. Saturn conjunctionRahu in the ascendant' 54 . Venusconjunction Rahu in 3rd' 6th' Venus trine Rahu houseis bad but is good in other houses' give the native excellentmoral character' sex Ketu givesperverse outlook' 7. Rahu conjunction rulers and fear of fall be Jispleasurewith the parentsor themay leave ihe country of from a high position. Saturtrin the be defective' Venus in the 5th house. friends will nutto"v and comforts' Relations and . The native birth or town of residence' the mother 3. Rahu in Capricorn or Aquarius scienccs' Rahu the native takes interestirr occult in the 9th house' there will Saturn 2.of l. Rahu in the l2th house.will die' sorts of comfortsbutnearly 5o/. there will be fascination by Rahu' the native 5.

women. Rahu in the lst. Rahu in the ascendant identical aspects to Aries. grateful. 4. and fear from thieves. Saturn canjunction Rahu or Ketu in a malefic house givessuicidal tendencyand criminal bent of mind. denotes predisposition paralytic strokes. involving the 8th house. placed in the 8th house will give stomach and digestion troubles. Rahu in the ascendantidentical to Leo with benefic givesa kingly life. Rahu invariablyoccupies candenthouses the from the major planetsin the cases ordinary men. Rahu in Gemini or Virgo and placedin the lst. 6. 6th. 5. Rahu in the ascendantand the ascendant lord in l0th houseshowsthat the time of delivery the native issuedleg foremost. l0 or l2th house. to HOUSES l. He will have no sufrerings and rvill 55 . 4th. Saturnin the constellation Rahu and Ketu in the of constellation of Saturn. 7. the person wilt be charitable. 4. 4th. religiousand lgarned. 2. 7th or l0th house aspected by malefics. Rahu or Ketu with Saturn and 4th house ruler. the native will be wealthy. 7th. God-fearing. Rahu in the lOth house ano rofd of the l0th house with Saturn posited in the 3rd house. FIRST HOUSE. is evil on rhe lOth day or in the lOth year. of 2. Taurus or Cancer protects the native and bestows all the comforts. it 3.would have suffered from labour pains and the native will suffer ill-health in his childhood and the wounds will affiicr him in young age. Rahu's associationwith the rulers of the ascendant and the ruler of 6th house brings about poisoning from snakes.

2. 4th 5th' 7th' 9th or lOth housemay result in the chain impriscnment of the native. Rahu or Ketu in 2nd or 7th house by in conjunctionwith or aspected the ruler of the l5th or the wealthi. Libra. 6th. childrenand wealth.long life and authority. Rahu in the 3rd housewith the ruler of the 3rd house makes the native bold within but he will behave like a coward. Ketu in the ascendant identical to Capricorn or Aquarius bestowson the native wealth and children. kills the eldest and 3. Rahu posited the 3rd.with all sorts of comforts. Rahu in the ascendant associatedwith a malefic gives the native troubles from thievesand cheats. Rahu with the ruler of the ascendant ir' the 3rd housemakesthe personone of the twins. SECOND HOUSE. Gemini. 4.bestows THIRD HOUSE. Leo. or llth house with the aspects or associationsof benefic planets removes all the of troublesand difficulties human life. Ketu in the 3rd house with the ruler of the 3rd 56 . Sagittariusor Aquarius gives the native a lean body. Rahu in the 3rd house (affiicted) the youngest brother. Their conjunction with the rulers of 5th or 9th house is beneficial any where in the chart. 9. Rahu in the ascendant Aries. while lord of the ascendantis 6. 8. Rahu or Ketu when positedin the lst. Rahu or Ketu in combination iwith the lord of the ascendant and 6th house and placed in lst. bc blessed 5. 5th. They confer happiness. on the native. in 7. 7th' with the rulers of one of 9th or l0th houseand is associated thesehousesbring about prosperityand fortune to the native. 4th. 9th house. Ketu in the 3rd housedestroysall or brings in troublesfrom then.

SIXTH HOUSE. Rahu in the 4th house affiicted by maleficsmay bring about the death in the first year of birth or in the l0th or l4th year. He will never open his headto any one. and the native will the haveweak memory. 2. J. HoUsE. Rahu in the sixth house gives wounds or scar marks on both the legsof the native Ketu in the sixth house brings in cuts or wounds or scarmarks near the eyesor on the belly. If Rahu aspects 5th house. Rahu in the 4th houseindicates that the native will have a closed mind. When afflicted. Children and family members will be the source of worry. Rahu in the 6th house with the ruler of the lst and 57 . 2. malefic aspects 4. Rahu or Ketu in the 5th housewith no benefic aspect reduces the comforts.house makes the native coward within. Rahu or Ketu in the 3rd housewith a of --ibu"nfH maleficgivesrise to the disease the neck. There will be fear of all typesincluding fear of women and serpents. The mere occupation of the 6th by Rahu with the givesthe native lying or cheatingdisposition. causes 2. Rahu in the 4th house with evil and the 7th houseand maleficsin the planetsin the ascendant l2th house. the 7th day after birth will become very 2nd or critical. Rahu exalted or debilitated in the 5th sorrow through children. with an outward show of bravery. Troubles from evil spirits are produced by Rahu or of Ketu in the 6th housewith aspects maleficsand with evil amsas. it induces the native to put up an out' ward appearattceof a good and religious man and act thoughinwardly he may be quite the opposite' accordingly FIFTH HOUSE. the son will derideand disobeY.

indicates typhoid or like fevers. the native will not have a wife or if he marries. 2. Rahu or Ketu in the 7th house brings about sexual union with women during their periods. SEVENTH HOUSE. Rahu or Ketu posited in the 9th or l0th house in conjunction with the lord of the 5th or the 9th house will bestow all sorts of luxuries arrd the comforts on the native. A hard healted and merciless leader is born when Rahu or Ketu is placed in the 9th house and 9th lord is debilitated. makes the person sickly and short tempered. If Rahu or Ketu are heavily aflicted. the native will be prone to commit adultery. 58 . Rahu in the ?th house with the 7th lord identical to Sagittarius or Pisces. it is evil for the native in his l6th year. TENTH HOUSE. death can be apprehended in the 10th year. Rahu in the l0th with benefic planets gives the native pilgrimages to holy places and shrines. 3. the wife will die in a very short time. hanging and ugly breasts. 5. The native's wife will have a long. the person will have sexual relations with religious and respectablegirls. Ruler of the 7th house aspected by malefics and combined with Rahu or Ketu. 2. When Rahu is inimical and occupies the 7th or the 9th house. Malefic Rahu in the 7th house. NINTH HOUSE. The second half of life will be prosperous and fortunate. EIGHTH HOUSE. 4. Rahu or Ketu in the 8th house or associatedwith 8th lord. Rahu or Ketu in the 7th house aspected by malefics indicate that the wife of the native will not be chaste and will be interested in other men. Affiicted Rahu in the 9th house gives tendencies for crual deeds.6th houses and other malefics.

Rahu in the llth house is bad for children but brings about large number of friends even amongstthe great. givesall sortsof worries.ELEVENTH HOUSE. Rahu's associationwith the ruler of the llthhouse resultsin the lossof a limb when the 12th houseis occupiedby the malefics' 3. mental and PhYsical 59 . TWELETH HOUSE. kahu in the l2th house lands the native in wastefulexPenditure. 2. Rahu in the l2th house with the ruler of the ascendant and aspected by the 6th houseruler.

Naturally they cannot be ignoredin Vimshottari Dasa System also.but they have been given th€ status of planets in Hindu Predictive Astrology. we are to corporate both the schools. Rihu's period is for I I years and Ketu's T years. . For other planets. we are to consider the houses occupied by them. the signs in which they are placed along with the position of the planet ruling the sign occupicd by Rahu or Ketu and the aspects they receive. but for Rahu and Ketu. but that is not the subject of this book.CHAPTER 9 Rahu & Ketu in Vimshottari Dasa As said earlier in this book. either they are consideredfrom the natal ascendant from or the place occupiedby them is to be treated as Acendant for that planet's Dasa. though Rahu and Kelu are not physicalbodiesin the heavens. Freewillalmost does not exist in Karmic or destined termsof Node'speriods. For interpretingRahu and Ketu Dasa. Similarly the Dasa periods and sub-periodsof Karmic ControllingPlanets(rulers of the signs occupied by Rahu and Ketu) are to be interpreted in a different manner. Rahu and Ketu do not rule any signslike other planetsbut the fact that a major share of Vimshottari Dasa period has been apportioned (25 years) to these two planets speak volumes of their importance Rahu and are termedKarmic planets and their Dasa periods and sub-periods are quite interestingin a sense that they do bring the native back to the path.

Similarly. the learned reader must also consider the stellar position of Rahu and Ketu. 8th and 12th houses are termed as Dussthanas(malefic house).There will be so many promutations and combinations. By modificationsdue to benefic planets. Whenever Rahu or Ketu is placed(a) on the asterismof the ruler of the 6th. Mars is in Libra in lOth house. 8th or l2th house. Had Mars beenexalted in the Ascendant. (b) placed in 6th or 8th or l2th house. angles and trines(5-9)are termed as benefic houses and whenever Rahu or Ketu is placed(a) on the asterism of the rulers of these houses.e. we take the examplegiven in Chapter 17.that a completedelineationis not possiblein one small chapter of this book but we will try to give somebroad outlinesfor the guidanceof the learned readers. 6l . their results will be considerably modified to do good. related to be rulers of thesehouses (c) houses by aspects associations. For illustration.Ketu Dasa results would have been totally different than what they had been now. but cannotbe nullified altogether.(b) in these (l-4-5-7-9-10). If they are placed on the asterismsof Yoga-karka planets.the nativewill be subjectto disturbing influences. (1-4-7-10) 2. The native had to changeas many as six professions and he could hardly stay on one job for two years Ketu Dasa proved to be the most unfortunate part of his life. Mars in its Fall in the l0th house. In Hindu Astrology. Ketu is in Aries in 4th houseruled by Mars and for interpreting Ketu Dasa.the evil will be minimised. In addition. i. (6th. the position of Mars (Karmic Controlling Planet) in natal chart is equally important. (c) associatedor aspected the ruler of 6th or 8th or 12th by house. or their Dasa periodswill be favourable. "Karmic Destiny" of this book. Some of the broad outlines to be followed in connection with their Dasa result interpretationsare as under : 1.

then how this planet can be termed as malefic? Sameis the casewith all the other planets including Rahu and Ketu. Everv planet standsto be modified by its location. high position of authority. it will give good results. Our experience saysthat when it comesto wordly affairs. 6. Rahu and Ketu are termed as malefics. Rahu is to be taken as beneficand Ketu as malefic. aspects etc.but so are the Sun and MarS. So Rahu and Ketu will give the resultsof the housesin which they are posited. or 18th house. Technically all the planets are classified either as malefics or benefics but in practical applicationit is not so. For example. various unpleasant eventswill take place in its period. (In Hindu Astrology. but if Rahu or Ketu is placed on the asterismof Rahu. the results of the owners of the houses occupiedby them and also the results of the planets with whom they are associated. As said earlier. When Rahu or Ketu happened to be (a) in 2nd.3. 3rd or llth house(b) or associatedor aspected by the houses. Personwithout energyis as good as dead' It will be upto the person concerned to use this energyconstructively. mixed results will of the rulersof 2nd. Rahu will confer on the native all round prosperity. When Rahu or Ketu is placed on the asterismof Ketu. (a) When favourable. One cannot be an athlete and earn international reputation without Mars' energy. if the subject is engaged religiousand spiritual pursuits). subject to Mars position in the natal chart. Rahu and Ketu do not own any sign. Reverse will be in the case.(c) or placedon the asterism rulers of these (2-3-11) 3rd. 5. 4. all kinds of 62 . occur and will not be powerfuleitherway.Mars is maleficbut it is the only planet of energy.

he will sufferfrom rheumatism or sharp pain in the heart. because away at the fag end of its Dasa. tuberculosis. whateverit has given takes earlier to the nature. enmity with the mean. in (b) When favourable.a fall from a tree and torments from enemies. are generallypermanentand lasting.the period and will be liable to dangers from poison.. ?.virtues and wealth. The benefitsof Ketu Dasa are seldom durable and lasting. Ketu will all causeto the native intensemiseries. The native will resort to holy shrines.Rahu's results. Rahu or Ketu natally in the signs (Capricorn or Aquarius) of Saturn doesnot give favourable results in their Dasa periods. 9. misunderstandingwith'the religious persons. If affiicted.Ketu Dasa will bring success all acquisitionof wealth through bloody deed. if they are associated but or 7th house. without any malg$c association. Even if Ketu Dasa Ketu is favourable. his efforts will'become fruitless. In between Rahu and Ketu. By their simply location in 2nd or ?th house.good undertakings. there will also be lossof positionof low class. will not confer on them the 63 . attempts at poetical composition and destruction of enemies.either for good or for bad.shakingall over the body. He will further commit the worst follies. they can biing death in their main periodsor subperiods. Ruler of 2nd or ?th house is a death inflicting planet and even if Rahu or Ketu is well placed in anglesor (trines with the ruler of 2nd (l-4-5-7-9-10). fortune through a foreign king. Rahu's Dasa is always more favourable and powerful than Ketu. 8.diseases troubles all over the body. danger from missiles and fire. he will be doing only unprofitable things.reptiles.will acquire sacredknowledgeand power. the personshould be cautious. When afficted.

Rahu and Ketu are powerful in dual (3-6-9-12)signs and if (a) the ruler of the sign so occupiedalso happensto be the ruler of 1-4-5-7-9-10 house. (b) if they are placedin lst. that he can evenmeetthe unnaturaldeath.9th or l0. If Rahu or Ketu (a) is placedin 6th or 8th or l2th houseand associatedwith benefic planetsor.it will take away the good qualities of the sign and will inflict miseriesand sufferings.thhouse and associated with malefic planets.7th. So much so. ll. Rahu Dasa The onsetof Rahu Dasa will be with unpleasant experience well markedin the life of the person.if such ruler owns 6th. they can bring fortune and prosperity their main &nd sub-periods. Same resultswill be of low potency if Rahu or Ketu are placedin moveable signs(l-4-7-10)or fixed signs(2-5-8-ll).death inflicting powers. The end of Dasa.(b) on the cther hand. 8th or l2th house. 12. takes away all whatever is given earlier. 5th. When it comestb Signs. Rahu. may not be good. peace.prosperityand fortune in their the native is guaranteed periods or subperiods. lf Rahu Dasa happended to be the 5th or 7th from the Birth Dasa.all sortsof misfortunesand miseries will be inflictedon the native. Rahu/ Moon and Rahu/Mars). its Dasagivesbeneficresults first l5 for in yearsbut during the last threeyears(during Rahu/Sun. On the other hand.it will prove to be malefic.they will first give happinessand prosperity but in the end will inflict lot of miseries and sufferings. The end of Mars Dasa and the commencement of Rahu Dasa-say the periodof six months-has been said to be bad and painful as a rule.too. in 10. if they are associated with benefic planets. in Pisces.4th. Someof the authors have divided Rahu in three parts 64 .

second will be happy and the last will be destructive. is presumed that the planet does not stand for any modification either for good or for bad.eloquencein speech sequentapprobationof the audiencein the assembly. help from priaseby othersof his virtuesand good qualities. higher status (promotion) may be expected.The native will rise to a placeof in eminence the world.as First houseand Sign Aries will give.of six yearseach. FTRSTHOUSEIARIES. No separate delineationis given for Rahu and Ketu in the Signs.it will be for the learned reader to blend the qualitiesof both and predict the outcomeaccordingly. FIFTH HOUSE/LEO.hearingof agreeable in please mind. will be happily placedin life. Rahu in Houses/Signs it While giving the Dasa results of Rahu through houses. and the conearning money by lectures. There will be successor acquisition of family acquisition of good children. The native may expectthe birth of a son. 65 .First part will be sorrowful. One oughtto expectfriendship news which with the help from brothers.If the sign is different than the honse. Ieadership the people and a an army attainment of somehonour.friendship with females. He will feed othersand enjoy all kinds of daintiesin plenty. new land. Help to relations. will be and his physically strong. He will accomplish recognitionof his creativeability. THIRD HOUSE/GEMINI. SECOND HOUSE/TAURUS.the sameresults.good meals. acquisition of vehicles.success agriculture. the exhibitionof one's valour. in FORTH HOUSE/CANCER. will have a brilliant appearance prosperitywill be on the increaseas his life progresses. new house. more or less. respect and merriment with relationsor the post of a councilor under kings.wealth.

66 . will be very powerful and will live in all splendour and prosperity. children. will meet with his kith and kin. will be God fearing. ELEVENTH HOUSE/AQUARIUS' The person will have an uninterrupted influx of wealth. will be highly liberal-minded. TENTH HOUSE/CAPRICORN. TWELFTH HOUSE/PISCES. The person acquires new clothes. cessation of quarrels and acquisition of moveable properties' The person in the comNINTH HOUSE/SAGITTARIUS. will pany of his wife. He will enjoy prefect health. settle himself on a permanent position. he will lead a happy life. happinessand wealth. SEVENTH HOUSE/LIBRA. will per' form rnertitorious deeds. He will be very powe(ful and perform marriages or sirnilar auspicious festivities in his family and undertake pleasure trips' EIGHTH HOUSE/SCORPIO. He will do meritorious acts.vhat is good and proper. new bed etc.and there will domestic happinessand great prosperity. He will be contended. grand-children' relations etc'. having respectfor religious literature.SIXTH HOUSE/VIRGO. he will bbcome widely renowned. will be served by the servantsand sub-ordinates. his own elevation. and thus ward off the several sins already committed. If favourable' one ought to expect the complete discharge of debts. will fully enjoy all pleasuresin the company of his beloved. or he will get happy news and will cotnmand great respect. jewels. enjoy continuous prosperity. The native will be able to subdue all his enemies by doing daring acts. The person will bring to a successfultermination any businessor undertaking originated by him. There will be much spending or money by the native for the causeof the good. will do cleverly r. receive royal favours.

Rahu Dasa Sub-Periods RAHU/RAHU. 2y 8m l2d : If Rahu is in Cancer,Scorpio, the native will command authority, and Virgo or Sagittarius, There will be financialgains, too. There will be prosrespect. perity in business and promotion in service. Long travel in the West will bring earningsand learnings. If Rahu is in 3rd, with beneficor 6th, 10th or I lth natal houseand associated Yoga-Karkasplanets;the native will command respect from peace and the rulersand gainsthereby.Therewill be domestic happiness. If Rahu is placedin 6th, 8th or l2th natal house associated maleficplanets,there will be miseries by and sufferings. He himselfor family memberswill suffer from physical ailments. Loss of money by theft. Wife and children will Buffer,brother will becomethe causeof worry and the native will earn the displeasure of the government. If a planet and is placed happens be the ruler of 2nd and 7th houses to in the 7th housewith Rahu, the personwill suffer practically of in all the departments his life. RAHU/JUPITER. 2y 4m24d : If Jupiter is in lst, 4th, identical to its 5th, 7th. 9th or lOth housefrom the ascendant placeof own or exaltedsigu.therewill be gainsin properties, greatcomfortsand respect of mind, destruction enemies, from Therewill be prosperityall round. The person the government. will be requiredto travel to foreign countries a very imporon mission of the government and will return back after tant and honour. He will have respect for attaining great success learnedand religiouspeople. He may perform the marriageof or his son or someother suspicious religiousceremonies. If Jupiteris in its fall or in debilitationand placedin 6th, 8th or l2th natal houseand associated with malefic planets, therewill 67

be loss of property, failure of business, reversionin service and lossof reputation and honour.Family membersand he himselfwill sufferfrom one disease the other. If Jupiteris or i n l s t , 4 r h , 5 t h , 7 t h , 9 t h , l O t h ,l l t h , 2 n d o r 3 r d f r o m R a h u with powerful benefics, will enhancethe results of these it house. The personwill be religious and will be doing charitable deeds. In the last two monthsof the sub-period,there will be losesof the elder brother, sufferings to the brothers and father and the native himselfwill suffer from physical ailments. Death may come during this sub-period Jupiteris if 6th, 8th or l2th from Rahu being the ruler of natal2nd or 7th house. RAHU/SATURN. 2y lOm6d: If Saturn is in natal lst, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th or lOth houseidenticalto its own or exalted sign or is in 3rd or llth natal house,there will be acquisition of vehicles,honour. from the government. There will be marriageceremonies the family. He will build landedproin perties, but the earnings mostly will comefrom scheduled castepersons muslims or christians. If he takes travels or towards West to the foreign countries; there will be lossof moneyand reputation.After failuresand poor h.ealth, will he return back to his country. If Saturnis in its fall or debilitation and is placedin 6th, 8th or l2th natal house,therewill be dangerfrom the enemies and the ruler. Family members will sufferphysically. Domestic peace and harmony wiil be disturbedand the close relations will become the sourceof worry. There will be failure of business. If Saturnis 6th, gth or l2th from Rahu and affiictedby malefic,the nativewill suffer from heart trouble, loss of respect and reputation, quarrelsand sufferingsthrough the handsof ememies. Foreign travelswill bring failures. If Saturn happens be the ruler to of the 2nd or 7th house,there is a dangerofprematuredeath. 68

2y 6m l8d. If Mercury is in natal lst RAHU/MERCURY. 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th or I lth house indentical to its exaltation or own sign, the person will rise to a high status, there will be peace and prosperity, financial gains from business, higher learnings and acquisitions of superior vehicles. The person will perform auspicious ceremonies,such as marriages etc. He will receive financial honours and social recognition from the rulers. Married life will be very happy. If Mercurry is in lst, 3rd, 4th, 7th, 9th, l0th or I lth house from Rahu, the native will enjoy sound health. He will be happy and will earn the name and fame. By doing charitable deeds and helping the suffers, he will earn a great honour. He will devote most of his time in religious learnings and teachings. If Mercury is in natal 6th,8th or l2th house in a sign of Saturn or in conjunction with Saturn or 6th, 8th or l2th from Rahu in association with malefics, he will not have respect for reli,eions and learned people, worldly comforf: will be denied, will tell lies, and rvill be mentally sick. There will be danger from the enemies, king and the snakes. Quarrels in the domestic life, death of a son or a teacher, loss of money and punishment from the authorities are some of the other indications of this manifestation. If Mercury, in this position, happened to be the ruler of the 2nd or 7th house, there rvill be poverty and also there is a danger of premature death. ly 0m l8d. Both the planets are Karmic RAHU/KETU. the native is to pay for the past Karmas now. There will and be unpleasant and tiresome journeys, loss of finances,death of cattles, physical ailmerrts etc. If Ketu is in conjunction with the Sth house ruler, it will give mental and benefic planets, there will be financial gains and physical comforts. He will buy the landed properties, will be honoured by the government and will perform auspicious ceremonies. If Ketu is associated with the Ascandant lord. the native will gain psychic and 69

3y 0m 0d. l0th or llth from Rahu and planets. there will be all round happiness. If Venus is exalted. lf Ketu is placedin natal lst.There will be great miseriesand sufferings. There will be. 4th. marriageof the son. there will be physicalailments.in its fall or debilitatedsignor associatedwith malefic planets. placedin 8th or l2th house. RAHU/VENUS. the native will suffer from Rahu therewill be danger from the poison.intuitive powers and will have comforts. If Ketu is in conjunction with the ruler of the 2ndlTth house. there will be physicaldiseases. venereal snakes. 5th.the native will build his own palatial mansionand perform several auspiciousceremonies.much gainsfrom the business or profession. nativewill be honoured with benefic the is associated award of the nationand will commandmuch with the highest and authority. 8th. He may suffer imprisonment also.the subperiod will be beneficbut. If Venus is afficted by the rulers of 2ndlTth houses. Loss by death or separation from wife and son is alsovisible. there will be physicalsufferings. lOth or llth housewith powerful beneficplanets. If Venusis in natal lst. there is a 70 . If Venusis in natal 6th. financialgains. thievesand the king. domesticpeaceand happiness and honours from the ruler. 4th. 8th or l2th house.or identicalto its own sign. disputesand separationeither from the father or the son. It will also indicate separationfrom the parents. mental worries and displeasure from the superiors. Rahu). Mars.(Saturn. diseases. or l2th from respect and affEictedby malefics. 7th. quarrels with the brothers. 9th. If Venusis in lst. 7th. loss of brothers. 5th. sufferings to relationsand quarrelswith son-inlaw and superiors. fear from thievesand the fire. 9th or lOth house. 7th. 4th. If in conjunction with the ascendant lord there will be financial gains. lf Venusis in 6th.

kings' There will be the king or will U"' t"tp""'"d by health and comforts financial gains. ztrt' 9th' 7l .danger of Premature death' lfsun. he *iit tnj"y sound all f i"nOt' If the Moon is waxing' from wife.important and authoritative "nJ will be appointed on someresponsible ^pori He and his children will lon.i enemies. is in the lst' 3rd' 4th' fear from thieves and fire' lf Sun he will be honoured 5th.. an<J the. stn. on ""4 luxuries will be conferred him' the highest ftonou"-und lOth or llth from Rahu' lf Mo on is in lri-+ttt. Oy 10m 24d' identical to its own sign or StU. ti Sun by the ruler of the 10th rulers of 9th and trt ani is aspected and honout:O loor".lt:: mrsslons' *11 be sentto foreign countries on.is in natal lst' 4th' RAHU/SUN. incre.there will rulers of 2ndi7th gains. lith house with benefic planets' there exalted sign. . the native will be respected :t-:l:. l0th or llth from Rahu' be general prosperityirnd in foreign countries. iottt o. ffis desirewill be fulfilled gains' If Sun is placedin 6th' also bring him honour and is in debilitation' he rvill 8th. and also associated flnancial gains and acquisition will be respectfrom the ruler' be appointedas a ruler of a of landed properties' He may is in conjunction with the small town or a village. tf Sun is in conjunctionwith -the diseases' iou. 7th.r. he will sufferfrom incurable is natal lst' 4th' RAHU/MOON' lly 6m 0d' lf Moon to its exalted or identical 5th. or 12th houset'onr Rot"" and difficult to diagnose'displeasure sufferfrom chronical diseases unpleasantforeign travels. of the ruler. children. ?th. 9th. 9th' l0th ot i'f tn house with the benefics'he will become associated own sigu.

He may be subjectto hospital confinement or sufferings through the hands of robbers and thieves. Sth. 8th or l2th from R-ahu. Cr. If Mars is in i"th.ign travels.ityl If he is a king. If Marsis placed in naral lst.'f*. 9th. will be the so-l. will be -financialgains."na there will be some relief in . RAHU/MARS.thereis a dangerof pr"_utore death. and sufferings from chronic diseases. 4th.rce happiness. If Moon is affiicteOwith the rulers of 2ndl7th houses. his rvinn. lly0m lgd.he wilt have the bressing Goddess of Laxmi. 5th.rd ir h'eis contesting elections in a Hemocratic country.birth of a fortunate son. If Mars is in lst. First l/3 part of the sub-periodwill be very bad. "ounrri".roundprosperity.ospe.financialgains and honours. he will regain his lost territory u. will be appointed as ambassadorto foreign or will gain the highestrank in Military s.-3rd.ilar"r. If Mars is associateO with rhe ruters of 2ndhth houses. polls and elevation to the authoritative position is a foregone conclusion.tor. Therewiil be all.the native will regain his lost property or estateand authority. 8th or l2th house from Rahu and affiicted by malelics. There will be all sorts cf probiems *"orri*. Brothers will bring of happiness and there . tiere will be evil spiritsand wild animals. 4th.ngattt.'oi-nounces dangerfrom and honour. sufferings through ihe Urotners/sisters or vice versa.11 r:l! of 213 period. lOth or llth house identical to its own sign or exaltedsignand is associated with beneficplanets.rvici. tOth or llth house from Rahu. he will tou. 72 . If Moon is in 6th. 7th. ilr" will be loss of wife and children. Zth.the rrativewitl suffer from constant fears and poor health. and general p.-loss ofproperty and change of residence. Therewill be addition to the landej properties.

sickness to his dear friends. Ketu is the Inlet Karmic planet and during this Dasa period. THIRD HOUSE/GEMINI. There wiil be disrress tq the. Xetu in Houses/Signs FIIfT HOUSE/ARIES. the native is to pay for his past Karma-s. will not beirue to his word. will suffer loss of positionand other misfortunes. or to his family. will sufferfrom feai. SECOND HOUSE/TAURUS. wiil be foul-tongued. disease and mental anxiety. The person will loose . There may be demise of his . will receiveevil tidings or write bad letters. The Dasa period of Ketu is for 7 years. suffer eye-trouble. Mostly.KETU DASA Ketu playsa major role in keying the astute astrologer where the ripe Karma explodewith a vengeance. Ketu is a very sinister indicator. -. The person wiil behave stupidlyin a public assembly. The native may be imprisoned. rvill participate in funeral rite.native's mother. discomfiture and loss of pride thereby. FIFTH HOUSE/LEO. or will leavethe work and take up another'stask. He " 73 . radiating the very worst Saturnian woes and calamities. He will lead the life incognito. brother.of.. evil cOunselwill prevail in his undertakings and there will be trouble through secret machinations of internal Gnemies. a"ngrn iJ his lands and house. the outcomewill be bad. humiliation. spend heavily and fear of the sovereign. FOURTH HousE/cANcER. and from water.

The natire will have or to hear evil tidings. Anything donc by the native becomes fruitless' He wil! further suffer loss of honour. EIGHT HOUSE/SCORPIO. scandalised to SEVENTH HOUSE/LIBRA. unconsciousness appetite. He will leada bad life and suffertroubles.defeat and various diseases. and he may suffer from penury. ELEVENTH HOUSE/AQUARIUS. The person concerned sorrow. The person will have to incur the wrath of the deity that had beenworshipped formerly and suffer something untoward' There will be trouble to his wife and children' He rvill do rvickedacts' One of his elders or his father may die. sickness. carnal will suffer from excessive poverty. calumny. He will be despised and will suffer from wounds. He will haveintrigueswith wicked women' sufferfrom in diseases his privateparts and will be wandering. will be wickedin his behaviourand will be absent in foreign places. deception. humiliation ing. fruitless rambljealousy. There will be trouble to brothers '14 . displeasure of the soverign and bodily weakness.there Somethinguntoward will happento him through the opposite sex. will be separation native's son-in-law. trouble in the stomach. He will and do wicked acts and servile duties. TENTH HOUSE/CAPRICORN.will have aberration of mined. There will be inauspicioushappenings. suffer reverse. SIXTH HOUSEIVIRGO. NINTH HOUSE/SAGITTARIUS. want of sense. a wearisome wandering. There will be distress the from his beloved. and death. The native will be troubled by thieves.

?th. will be physical sufferings. 3rd. auspicious ceremonies. The person concerned will suffer from various diseases. or llth from Ketu. 4th. restoration of lost territory or property and pilgrimage to the religious shrines will be the outcome. 9th. suflerings to wife and children and destruction to moveable properties. TWELFTH HOUSE/PISCES. 8th or 12th and is associated with malefic planets. 9th. loss of honour and wealth. ?th. If Ketu is placed in natal KETU/KETU. there will be honour and gains.sickness to children. deception and ear disease. 10th. KETU/VENUS. dishonour and bondage. there. lst. There will be acquisition of moveable and immoveable properties. acquisition of cattles and animals. mental worries and loss of close relations. l0th or I lth house and is associated with the lord of the lst or 9th or l0th or Venus. he will suffer misery. there will be heart trouble. prosperity and comforts and social elevation. 9th. sth. Venus in natal lst. there will gains. but the native will remain mentally disturbed. All his wealtli will disaPPear. instant substantial financial gains. If Venus is associatedwith the rular of the 9th and l0th. 4th: 5th. be financial happiness from wife and children and honour from the ruler. domestic 75 . l0th or llth house. exalted or identical to its olvn sign and associated with the ruler of the lOth house. the native will enjoy good health. If Ketu is in natal 6th. If Venus is in lst. lf Ketu is in 2nd or 7th house and associated with the ruler of the 2nd or 7th house house. 4th' 5th. KETU DASA SUB-PERIODS Ov 4m27d. The native will get honours and donations from the ruler. ?th. ly 2m 0d.

there will be sudden unpleasant events.comforts and honours from the king. there will be separation from parents. displeasure from the ruler. wilt enjoy sound health and develop self-confidence. and physical sufferings to wife and children. there will be financial gains. there will be enemity from brothers and close relations. 0y 4rn 6d. 5th. 7th. The cntire possessionswill be destroyed and the native will be ruined. If placed in lst. 4th. there will be physical and rnental sufferings. 4th. destruction of properties under government orders. there will be no earnings and the native is to suffer and starve. danger from the thieves and the snakes. comforts and prosperity and recognitjon to the services rendered. He will perform many auspicious ceremonies and will develop insight and psychic powers. or city. 8th or l2th from Rahu and associated with malefics. Venus in natal 6th or 8th house in conjunction with any debilitated Planet. 5th. 76 . rnigration to foreign countries. If Sun is affiicted being the ruler of 2nd or 7th. Sun in 6th. loss and distruction of properties. there is a danger of premature dedth. physical discasesand sufferings. gth or l2th house from Ketu aud associated with malefics. 8th or l2th house associated with malefics. will have many successfuland pleasant journeys. 2nd. If Sun is in natal lst. 0y 7m Od. KETU/MOON. 7th. Venus in the 6th. and rnany physical ailments. If Venus is the ruler of 2nd and 7th natal houses. loth or I lth from Rahu. loss of honour and reputation. l0th or llth house identical to its own or exalted sign and associated with benefic planets. First 2/3 part of the sub-period will be very evil and there wjll be some rclief in the end of the sub-period. He may become the ruler of a small town. If Sun is in 6th. there will be financial gains and birth of a lucky child. Moon in natal lst. KETU/SUN. 9th. 4th. 2nd.

5th. If Mars is placed in the lst: 3rd. 4th. the nativewill be closeadviserto the king. 8th or l2th house or 2nd to 77 . KETU/MARS. these will be nothing but suffering and worries all round. Sth or l2th house.will be religious. the Moon is in the 6th. lOth or llth house from Ketu. If Moon happened to be the ruler of the 8th natal houseand afficted by the rulers of the 2nd or 7th house. tf the Moon is weak and locatedin natal 6th.and will enjoy all the happiness and comfortsfrom the wife and the children. thereis a dangerof prematuredeath. 4th. the native will build charitable institutions. l0th or ltth house from Ketu. 7th.5th. but in the end. There will be successin all his undertakings. physical and mental worries sepeation from parents and destructions of possessions. 9th or lOth house identical to i(s exaltedor own sign and associated with the benefic planets. 9th. Oy 4m 27d. If Mars is associatedwith the rulersof the 9th and lOth houses. Mars in natal lst. 7th. 7th. There will be substantialgains from the business.there will be gain in the immoveable properties and prosperity there from. the native will enjoy the comfortsfrom childrenand friendsand will have a social recognition. 7th. He will have financial gains and acquire properties. If Moon is waving. acquisitionof landedproperties. he may earn the displeasure the ruler and of may be exiled. will give financial gains. there will be obstaclesin all his undertakings. 9th. he will be respected and surrounded friends by and relatives.and sometitle will be conferred on the native. 5th. l0th or llth house identieal to its own or exaltedsign. If Mars is placed in natal 6th. 8th or l2th from If Ketu. 5th. 9th. 4th. If the Moon is in lst. He will get gifts and donations frorn the king and will be prosperious and happy. failures of enterpqises.

3rd. The native can acquire assets and landed properties. but the native will suffer from physical ailments hard to diagnose and cure. The beginning of sub-period will be rnalefic but the middle and the end of sub-period will prove to be the suspicious one. KETU/RAHU. 8th or l2th house from Ketu and is debilitated. He will earn international recognition. and protection and honour from a foreign ruler. There will be domestic peace and harmony. lOth. KETU/JUPITER. lOth or I lth house identical to its own or exalted sign. birth or marriage of a son. 9th. If Jupiter is in 6th. will give financial and property gains. If Rahu is in natal 2nd or 7th house. there will be sudden and instantaneous financial gains. If Rahu is placed in natal lst. he will be subject to physical and mental tortures and may die premature. the person will die. If Rahu is in natal 8th or l2th house with malefic planets. There may be separation from the wife and .Ketu. Jupiter in natal lst. 5th. the native survives this sub-period. 0y llm 6d. he will have nothing but sufferings and misries in all the departments of his life. llth house identical to its exalted or orvn sign and conjunction with the ruler of the lst or the 9th or the lOth house. there may be the birth of a son. 7th. pilgrimages to holy places. The native wlll be engaged in religious and charitable pursuits. 5th. If Mars happens to be the ruler of natal 2ndlTth houses. If due to some other benefic aspects. there will be fear. 4th. ly 0m l8d. he will have nothing but fear and will destroy all the good things. 7th. 4th. He will meet success in all his enterprises and will represent his country in foreign missions. 9th. quarrel and danger.

there will be change of residence (house or town or coutry) and worries and difficulties. Saturn in 6th.children and many sufferings. ly lm 9d. 10th or llth house associated with benefic planets. There will be financial gains. l O t h o r l l t h h o u s e i d e n t i c a lt o e x a l t e do r own sign. 8th or l2th from Ketu affiicted with malefics will bring physical sufferings. He will have a big family to be looked after. 79 . birth of a son. 7th. exile or imprisonment and danger of theft. the native will be dull. it can cause premature death. Beginning of the sub period will be good but the end will be miserable. 3rd. 7 t h . If Jupiter is in lst. KETU/MERCURY. will travel to the foreign country on some important mission. will have pleasure travel3 and journeys. auspicious ceremonies. dismissal or reversion from the employment. the native will meet success in the enterprises and there will be financial gains. Capricorn or Aquarius in natal lst. 9 t h . Saturn identical to Piscer. 5th. 3rd. If Saturn is in natal 8th or l2th house. associated or aspected by benefics. 6th. 4 t h . 4th. 0y llm 27d. Mercury in natal lst. 5th. idle and mentally sick. 5 t h . will earn the goodwill of his inasters and will have a happy home. the native will be respected and honoured. loss of property and finances due to the displeasure of the ruler. 4th. 9th. 9th. 'Saturn being the ruler of the 2nd or 7th house can cause premature death. l0th or llth house from Ketu. If Jupiter is the ruler of the 2nd or the 7th house. will give all sorts of comforts to the native. Libra.mental worries. There will be sufferings to or from the brothers physical ailments and mental worries and anxieties. KETU/SATURN. obstaclesin enterprises and the death of one of the parents. The native will be free from debts. but in the end.

6 t h . If Mercury is associated with the rulers of 9th and lOth houses. There will be a birth of a son. This is the time when the native will develop psychic powers. financialpros_ perity. He is likely to be imprisoned exiled. 5 t h .Mars or Rahu. there will be increase prosperityand fortune.opert]. If Mercury i s i n l s t .will be doing charitable deeds. The or beginning the sub-period of will be favourable. of and vehicles. 4 t h . socialetevation and recognition and gainsin business. l 0 r h o r l l t h h o u s e f r o m e t u . but in the end. If Mercury is in natal 6th. 80 .t h e K personwill be free from sickness and disease and will enjoy sound health. there will be separation from the wife and the son and unplea_ santness.there is a danger of prematuredeath. and the native will move in in the companyof religiousand learnedpersons. Same will be the resultsif Mercury is placed6th 8th or 12thfrom Ketu. If Mercury is the ruler of the 2nd or 7th house. 8th or l2th house in conjtmction with or aspectedby Saturn. the native will earnthe displeasure ruler and therewill be lossof pr. 9 t h .

Transits are more powerful and enableus to predict the effectsofthe current period. but our experience has shown that transits work better from the natal Ascendantthan the natal Moon. The Dasa resultsstand to be modified by the effectof Gochara transiting planet. B. In Hindu Astrology. V. naturally their transits cannot be ignored. producing psycho-physicalchanges. The learned readers will find much of interest and matter for deep study in noticing the transits Rahu and Ketu through the houses. Sincethe Moon's Nodesare given in all Ephemerides.Transits of Rahu and Ketu are very interestingand important when it comesto Hindu PredictiveAstrology.on natal planetsand when natal planet transit over Rahu and Ketu in their own horoscopes. Here is Planets(Human Aeriats) pick-up the radio-activityfrom the Cosmos. As said in earlier pages. transmitit to human body. our studieshaveproved that Rahu and Ketu have a strong bearing on eventsin one's life. .CHAPTER IO 'fransits Rahu & Kctu in Very little importanceis given to the Transitsby Hindu estrologers though Dr. is it a simple matter for the student of place them in the chart and notice the positionan{ aspects. it has been suggested that the Transits should be considered from the positionof natal Moon. Raman has said inhis Hindu PredictiveAstrology." or Natal planetswork as Aerialsof Wireless Receiving Setsin Human body.

To put the matter briefly. Rahu in the 5th housein Cemini will bc different than what it will be if it is in the sign of Sagitt$ius. These are important years and should be noticed for the efrectsof the Nodes. There is popularity in this place with optimism and cheerfulness. This can give poor timing. the Node transits its own place in about 18.As Rahu has the influenceof Jupiter conjunction Venus. while if they are well aspected at birth the 18.2/3 yearsand is oppositetoitsplacein 9.also take the sign occupiedin consideration.2/3year periods mark at a time of the acquisition of somedesiredobject. thtn theseyearsare of sorrow and trial accordingto the houseposition of the Nodes. a cycle of time. too much of the Saturn accent can producc fear and hold the Mars action back. Mars represents energy and Saturn. However. Thereis an ambition for power where Ketu is locatedby house.1/3years. Rrhu through the Houses FIRST HOUSE: The native should developself-confidence 82 . Every student will have to use his experience. The transitsof the Nodes through the Housesof the birthchart should be noticed as they will havea powerful effect. we needto take stock of the issuerinvolved and do something about them. In Ketu. intelligpnceand discretion.it givesintenseappreciationand respect for the area by housewhere Rahu is located or transiting. This is a lucky place. Ketu has the influenceof a Mars conjund Saturn. If the Nodes were adverselyaspected at birth. to be more accurate. Ihe trick is to usc the energyof Mars in the right amount by the disciplining of Saturn in an area of selfless servicerather then overpossessiveness. With the Combination. the transit of Rahu through any house enablesus to add to our acquisitionsaccording to the nature of the house.In the life of an individual.

travelsand publishing. Rahu transits in the first houseis constantly forcing him to project himself AepeJing on the sign position.it is closerto his grasp.e.physical enduranceand perseverance. Wise decisions this time at regar_ ding partnership. when he wil be abreto build his reputation and draw the attention of influential per_ sonswhich wilr prove to be an assetfor his future eoterprir"s. If he is interested.Temperamentally. shourdtry to build He financial securities his family membersand dependents to on him. He should devetop p. whether professional. with wise judjement.with Rahu's transit in the secona " he shouldlearnto developpracticality.if it is fame.r*n"firy that the world recognisehim as an "individual'i and " he need's to take personalstand on things. ambitions and carier. study. will find the Teacher. This is the time. domestic or social will go a 83 . He shoutd not rely on any body but on his own initative.Jm"i. At this time." t "n"u. SECOND HGUSE: This transit of Rahu through the s"cond housewill help the nativeto come closerto the culmination of his heart's desirein personalpossessions. and if it is know t"Og. it is the money. writing.n"y.".dependon other's money and resources. teJching. relationwith others. a-ndThis is a good transit for third houseaffairs i. Both will be helping cooperating with each other. rife wilr bring him into the situation where he wilr have to act under his own discretionand determination.. He will need to accomplish things throuh the power of his own personality and develop s"tf_.he would like tq.and learn to do things by himself. The sign will indicate the reason for thJ projection of self. THIRD HOUSE: Happinesswill cometo the native and to the closerelativesmutually. This will prove favourabletime for "nd travels journeys for pleasureor for learnings. Rahu wilt help provide the meansof acquring.but he is to learn to uuna nis own if he wishesto be successfur. lectuiing.business.

thesemay prove prosperous future. This is the time when the person put should build his future securities. children born will be lucky. It may not be possible him to express so he may be misunderstood.apparently.befor causeif worked out properly. FOURTH HOUSE: It is the time for developmentof the domesticlife and benefitswill comethroug the home and the (houseto town or even the counmother. If other transits the fifth houseat this time. This is the time and barmoniousdomestic when the personcan build generous the life. FIFTH HOUSE: This is the time when the native need to love deeply and intenselyon a one-ts-onebasisand the pleasure comesthrough the social intercourse. prosto perousand will be the sourceof happiness the native. at the sametime. transit can prove to be the causeof unhappiness say Jupiter is also transiting are favciurable. this is not the time to start a new but to complelethe old on gainful basis. Changeof residence try) is visiblefor batterment. the native is promisedbenefitsin his immediate environment and he can enlargehis sphereof action by working and going aheadwith the mattersthat are closeat. However.with this transit. This is not the love fully and favourabletime for child-birth. and children born with this later in life.are not to be neglected over-looked.long way or future prosperity. if he develops attitude offorgive and forget the past disharmony. It may be possiblefor him to be benefitedfinancially through law. he may be burdenedwith the problemsof his parent or differences may developbetweenhim/her and the parent. The native will either be able to buy landed propertiesor make the additions and alternations in the present properties. The 84 . It may be difficult for him to find a permanentlove as he will work on the spurt his for of his emotions. Matters of small signifior cance.hand.

samewill apply to spcculative business. The transit can be positive or nagative subject to the manifestations other of transits.Fifth houserules over creativeability and if the energy of transiting Rahu is properly blended,the native can create somethingunique provided such indications are availablein the overall pattern of the horosecope. SIXTH HOUSE: This transit of Rahu tells to learn to work and be of serviceto others. He must learn to help otherswith no personal interests. However, he should not overstrain himself in doing so and he must take good care of his own physicalhealth, and concentrateon health matters. fn return, the person will be equally servedby others. The native is advisedto be practical than imaginate.However while helping others,he should use his discrimination;attend to detailsand disipline himself. Matters which may seemof routine,relating to careerof partnership activities, may prove of great importancefor future if attended methodically. He should take stock of personalserviceassets. Generous,constructive servicepays worth dividends. SEVENTH HOUSE: The person should overcome tena dencyto go aloneand this is the time when he will be benefitted by working with others. Transit of Rahu throughseventh hbusewill help the native to enter in public life and get success thc all round cooperationwill be forth coming. Tbis as transit should also bear favourable fruits whether it is a marraigeor opportunities favoured. If already married,Iife are will be happy. Seventh houserulesover opponents, either so the person can win over his oppositionsor, if affiicted,can involve himself in law and court-proceedings. A deepunderstandingwill steerclearhis way and will lead to success. EIGHTH HOUSE. With thi! transit, eighth house affairs 85

will come to forefiont. It is the houseof sexpotentialand the personneedsto learn the depth ofexperience sex,its proper in and beautiful purposeand the regeneration and rejuvenation i t brings to human beings. If africted, it can causemany emotional problems. Things which have been kept a secretor looked will demandthe native's attentionnow. In addition, eighth house also has to do with other's money and either he will gain or lose subjectto the over-all pattern of the horoscope. This transit promises legacies and other's money but theseare lost if other transitsare not favaurable. Sometimes, tbis can placethe native in a humiliating and a owkward position forcing him to acceptfinancialhelp from others. Excessof sexindulgencecan causethe discases the generaof tive organs. Sometimes the death of someclose relation is also accompaniedwith this transit. NINTH HOUSE: Transit of Rahu through ninth housecan bring a new light or religiqus and philosophical ideas. The native should becomemore objectivein his thinking and studying, expandingmantally and spiritually. Long travelsand jouneys can be undertakenfor higher learnings and expansion. Opportunitiesalong linesof publishing, communication and distribution will comeand the nativeshould take the advantage of them. Be creative and self expressive thesefields. If in affricated,it can give him the tendencyto defy law in someway or givesthe inclinationto find waysof working deviously within the law. This can also indicate disregard religion. for Brothers and sisterscan becomehelpful or vice-versa. TENTH HOUSE: It is a period of public recognition and added honours for the services rendered. Vocation or professionwill need the person'sattention to the extent that he may be required to ncglect his home and domestic life. 86

This will mean that he wilr be working with the pubric or for the public in some way. Through veiy substantial effort and great extertion,sucess pubtic life will be in attainedbut will require personalsacrifice.Transit of Rahu through the tenth housewill give the urge to be a protector of great masses of people and to be a leaderamongstthem. plan i sound sion programme. He should take advantage nearby"*p"n_ of oppor_ tunities which will lead him into a wider fierd of influince. Advancementis sure in social or business position, more remuneratives activitiesor intangible but nevertheress important benefits. ELEVENTH HOUSE: It is the houseof things hoped for and with this transit of Rahu through the eleventi house,new friendships are formed and many of the native,s dreams materialise. Much dependsupon whether the sign involved is masculineor feminine to denote the type of friends most favourableto the developmentof this house. He needs to learn the art of friendship and to become involved in some type of socialendeavouror reform action. And besides, some or all of these persons will be the meansof gain, the avenue to opportunity, and the sourceof benefit to the person. On putting it to test, the person wirl realise iis truth. Financial benefitsmay result from club affiliationsor fraternal societies. If in business, expect increased revenue and upsurgein revenue making activities. TWELFTH HOUSE: The native is called upon to rendcr serviceto othersand demandsself-sacrifice, is helping those It lessfortunate,handicapped affiicated.The personmust learn or compassion,accept others as they are and help them inspite of any differences. This is the position of Karma, and seimr to call for same kind of payment. Here the native should 87

yet. more FIRST HOUSE: The native is calleduPon to assume dutier. similar to the casting-off of a Sarmentthat is no longer suitable.learn more about health preservationand the store of occult knowledgeis addedto. refusingto be the playing of chance.to think clearly and plan his days.so that they will be filled with thc things worth doing. He will alwaysbe honest and sincere to his work and the sourceof earning. What he is and had been doing during this period.will be the basisof his expansionin the future. Certain intution will cometo him. and he tries too hard to be a of recognition confidencemay needto be reinforced by his cfficiencygainedthrough past or presentexperience' vrith the SECOND HOUSE.he will find single focus instead in his attention wonderfully compensated the days to come' The problemsin life seemto he very much concerned with ''special"personality' SeHself. with the result that he 88 . by holding steadily a of scatteringmental impulses. certain dreams. Ketu through the Houses The transit of Ketu through a house seems to announce that the time has arrived for him to discardor eliminatesomething which he had outworn. It may give working conclitions him many changesin the jobs' or morc then one sourcoof income at one time. he will gain nothing. Although.if he bad nothing to offer. It is good for making headwayin activitiesconnectedwith the institutions. he may experience set-backs and to not suddenreversals to his liking. perpaps. This transit is an invaluable period of preparations. The person will be dissatisfied or with the moneyearned. It will be the part of wisand burdenrome arduous dom for him to direct his activitiesand govern his life systcmatically.

Older persons and friends. either bring money or causcunexpected or reverses both. FOURTH HOUSE: This transit may bring many changes will and happiness be disturDomesticpeace in his residence.Neighboursmay become the sourceof worry and causeproblems. THIRD HOUSE: This givesa strongpsychictie to brothers and couldbring lossof one through deathor seand sisters a paration.Pastdebtsbecome in manded. The person would like to live a quiet and retirecllife in public or social and peace. Ketu heredenotes duty in caringfor brothersand who may continually drain him. Theremay be sorrowdue to the deathof a parent or he may be required to play a parental rolc for somebody' amenCs. Satisfaction and success this due and are dearea is usually delayed. With the transit sisters of Ketu through the third house. Suddenchanges income and finances. Here the person is given an opportunity to learn and throughexperience He life's lessons.may be confionted with the financial difllculties. and unpleasant His mino is more serious and thereis a need for weighed decisions.this transit is not termed favourable for financesand possessions. bed. would not appreciate He seclusion life. To conclude.it will be difficult for the personto finish his formal education. Whatever errors he has made in the past will demarrd 89 . Transit of Ketu through the secondhousecan give an inability to compin letely earn one's own way. may learn somothing connectedwith the relatives'andcommunity responsibilities life. This is an influence that causesimpatienceand the personwill becomeproneto if many accidents other transits are unfavourable' Tiresome ' journeys are someoi' the other indications.

Thereis a danger here 90 . because will not he be able to build them again. progress of his interests may be slow and he needsto be patiJnce. Estatematters has its ups and downs. child birth should be avoidedwith this transit.He is to fintI solutions personal to problems. Either it can bring lossto them or they can become sourceof worry the and anxiety. He should not risk permanentassets. There will be dissatibation affections in and emotions.If there are any lingering problems. This transit is bad for children.a-s the children born at this time are rikely to be deficient.ldbe avoidedu. This is a bad rransitconcerningpart_ nerships and unions. the native can develophithereto latent abilitieswhich can be morepubliclyrecognised later on.which are difficult to diag_ nose.they will continueuntil he has resolved them in one way or the other. reputation. SEVENTH HOUSE. Matters rooted in past iraim attention. by cultivatinga deeperinterestin hii work. Any new enterpriseshou. do it by carefulpreparationonly. The personcan become involvedthat so he may loosehis individualityin others. credit. and accents problemsand the nativemay alwaysbe runnthe ing to the doctor. SIXTH HOUSE. Here Keru givesan instinctive i<nowledge on healthmattersand a drive to learn more concerning this. fu. if any. Handle them with regardto inner values. Transit Ketu conjunctionnatal Neptune . FIFTH HOUSE. This position delaysa permanent rove relationship. Receiving roveis denied until enough is given.ornpounJ. It gives a desire to serve othersand a constant change of working conditions. Transit Ketu through the sixth h-ouse also denotes mysterious illnesses. possible and if it is a must. ". Avoid any speculative ventureas theseare likely to resultin losses.Creativeability can be either high or low subject to other transits. In makinj servicea personal keynote.

This is not a of good time also to deal with the public. The native should take extra care while handling other's money. marriage is not possibleduring this transit and if married. lnsurance matters. in EIGHTH HOUSE.other's possessions. it will be a Herculian task to get it going. This transit will also provide the knowledgeand talent for handlingother people's money.the persondeepens his interest in serious subjects or continuedstudy with a practical and lasting application.for the native to indulge in all kinds of relationships.adopt the reasonable lead to others. Marriage in the "ideal sense"may be many times tried and many times denied. Sexual be low and he will not care much for the sexual satisfaction of the partner. Transit Kptu in the eighth house gives desireto be supported by another or the partner's moneyis a extremelyimportant to him. Whether it be supervi. The personis not rational. despite his own personal problemsor more probably because them. Death seems play an important to part as a rejuvenative potentiality will force in his life. where the partnerships are concerned. When collaborating. especially they have had more if practical experience the matter. Court proceedings should be avoided as far as possibleor proceedcarefully where it cannot be avoided. it in It is important that he establishes long-rangeplans towardsa 9t . all needmore than carefulhandling.sed study or knowledge acquiredthrough his readingor practical experience. This transit will give an extreme interest in sexualmatters as true regenerative and rejuvenative fcrce. can be appliedto advantage his career later. He is capableof counselingothers. NINTH HOUSE. If unmarried. He is not afraid of the thought of death or dying. With this transit. There may be parting due to death or divorce.

Time and time again. in scope. or a wider perspectiveeven though he stays close to his own locality.rciationswill be based upon serious rather than frivolous. he will fail. ELEVENTH HOUSE. The person should be patient when he encounters delay and consider this to be an opportunity for further pr€Paration. TENTH HOUSE.definite objective and should not think for immediate gains. Work with time.ambition and power. the power and success attained in the world must be used to assist to give to others. This transit may coincide with travel. At its best. While planning for future. he and his mate can blend mutual pleasuresto accomplish more well founded and lasting happiness. His ass. He should try to hold what-ever gains he has already made and should try to win the goodwill and sympathy of those who count in his world. If unmarried. When he will be able to do this. he may find romance through match making acquaintancesor congenial intereats. Local He should talk over matters with those close to him. Here the upper most thought should be the control of selfish desires. lf married. closer touch with distant people and conditions. Ketu here gives a tendency to resist control by others. 92 . interest. then destiny for this person will be met. he should take the advantage of his past experience. The native is likely to suffer real diacomfort in close relationships between the members of the opposite sex. he will find himsclf cherishing the memory of old friends from whom he is apart. when used for vain self-glory. bringing many changes. Decide current activities tend to become broader issues on the basis of furure trends. Transit Ketu through the tenth house brings disappointment and dissatisfaction with regard to his vocation. At its worst.

whol nessof personality. This is the area of self-denial. we are taught flexibility and how to adjust ourselvesto our environment and the pleasure or pain of this adjustment is an indication of our progress. self-acceptance. It gives a drive to seek seclusion and while an inclination to meditate' The person will fell happy working with the sick and serving mentally sick. He may also be aware of shortcomings in himself and in others' We have not dealt with the transits of Rahu and Ketu through the signs. sacrifice excessive self doubt. self-assu' compulsions.rebellion. bringing them trl the light of the conscious mind' dutifullness. and it is for the learned student to blend the quality of both the signs and the houses when differently placed to come to a conclusive opinion. 93 .TWELFTH HOUSE. With this transit' the perstrn may have a martyr complex which must be used at its highest in sacrificial service and delving into the secretsof the subconscious. both emotional and financial. Through Rahu and Ketu. Transit through the First house will also mean transit through the sign Aries . This transit is Karmic and there is a very definite secret sacrificial service of some kind involved. inner faith in himself as a full person wholly in contact with the lifc he is leading' Settle both accounts. rance.

urney through life..-.. ii his life and he has very rittre to choose. Thus. the Freewiil has the most significant freedom to the two transiting connections.o. Transiting aspects Nodes to natal planetsare difrerent of than the transitin-gaspects of planetstolnatal planets.believe.2/3 years.o minimum i. why not he should gaugehis efforts to coincide with the luckiest possible dates? Rehu conjunctionto planets SLJN. in Nodes.r" as .CHAPTER II Translt Rahu& Ketu Aspectingplanets Moon's Nodes (Rahu and Ketu) always travel in retro_ grade motion in the zodiac at the rate of lg months in each sign approximately. when the desti'ed Kodes are making significant the natal planets. at this time the native pays for his past karmas. which has forceful powers over the native.This is like person a tied to the pole with a chain."oy*n.. Transiting conjunctions and oppositions oi either Rahu or Ketu to the natal planetsur"-of great importance. In other words. it is the time when Destinyplaysits important.s j. he will miss someof the best aspects his chart."i. The other aspects being minor. If he does not . who is askedto go he pleases long as he does not break the chaln. These are narmrc configurations and bring the person back to its normal pattern of destiny. i. are not considered here. If the peison to craves something with all his heart.r*. This transit is Karmic and signifies the events of .ot. is a guide line.e. the free-will exisienci is at its"rp. and the cyclerepeats in every lg.e.

but it will be wise on his part not to over-doit. MOON.egol identity/personality. Women. Usually this is the time when he can expect a greateramount of success. Success failure or will mainly dependon his own outlook to the developmentat this time. With this transit. native's sub-conscious mind is working overtime making him more creative. This is alsothe time to collect money due to him. this aspect brings recognition and a personal elevation at this time. there is hardly anything which he may not be able to achieveand so when he sees that this aspcctis approaching.but he will have a sign of relief and a smile on his face when this transit passes on. This transit will make him more practical than imaginative with the result that he will pay more attentionto his business which will yield good returns. will play an important role in his life at his life at this time. More than often. When transiting Rahu trines a natal Sun and/or Jupiter. this is a 'luck' aspectand needsonly minor planetsto set it ofr. This often leads to gloomy days before the transit completes. causing happiness to those dear and near to him. This is the time when he should keep himself active in the performance of worthwhile tasks.he should do his best to lay the foundations to stabilisehis position in the world. This is the time when he may feel that he can conquer the world. Before this aspect. The urge for him to be in prominence and limelight will be strong. This is the time of reward collection provided he has earnedit. he may find himself in a temporary confining or binding period to be followed by substantial freeness afterwards. It will be good for him if he shares the happy influence with some one so that he can take the full advantageof it. If he puts his best foot forward. in general. 95 . A suggestion he makel to others at this time prove useful.

but he must not loose it by haste. Strain in the brain givesit a fatigue test which helpsevaluatehis mental stamina and capacity. It will prove profitable to alter someof his working methodsin his work or at home. An lmportant interview could work out to his advantage which will havelastingvalue. Here the nervousenergyis quite highly excited but it is consumed within the soul. His suggestions public issues helpful to those to is who are in doldrums. don't let others to interfere to cause him to lose his tempcr or his good juCg:ment.but he must keep an close eye on what he is doing for himself. Whateverhe is going to start now shouldmoveforward progressively a long tim:. get around it tactfully. In female's chart. and crossing the endurance limit should be carefully watched as he still has the control over the output of his energies. By acting with common sense and caution. He 96 . This transit would give tremendous amountof energyand urge to do things which the person would not want to do in normal course. Selectwhat is sound and reject the erratic.Change in'his jobs or cornmunicative patterns are often associated with this transit. the person can make the best of this time. The for person should stick to his chosen path or action. excess or over-enthusiam Accident prone tendencies overwork. MERCURY. It will prove beneficial to switch from the old to the new with a minimum of misunderstandings. This is a positivetransit with regardto the activities of natal Mercury and is likely to bring sudden changes. this transit signifies a strong male figure and his dominance her life at this time in His creative energyis at high peak with this transit. High blood pressure and irritable behaviour is quite commonwith this transit. He shouldusehis own direction. MARS.

then. but stays within the framework of the conventional and atterly realistic world. He can make the best of this period by the controlled and purposeful use of his excellent and intellectual endow ments. During this transit. Basically this will turn out to be an excelleht decision in the long run as he does not fight too vigorously with the circumstances. He is prone to gain weight. There is a danger of ovar-abum-dance in day-dreams. At this time he may be doing something different than what the circumstances want him to do. This is a cycle of develop opportunities with self-confidence. If Mercury was retrograde at birth. w r o n g k i n d s o f a m b i t i o n s a n d a f a i l u r e t o c o o p e r a t ew i t h others. confusing us as to which is lucky 97 . His general attitude is well balanced by his desiresand proper circumstantial support. he should consolidate his high aims and purpose. JUPITER. Be conservative-it pays high dividents now. coast along with the tide rather than push forth. he is interested in but at the same time he is not to be imposed upon. Case histories shows that someone has had a totally demolished car. He should try to understand the viewpoint of those. A paradoxical event often arises. so he should watch his diet and all health measures. His popularity increaseswith c h a r m a n d g e n e r o u s i t y o f h e a r t a n d m i n d w i t h i n t e r e s ti n others. The individual himself is hardlv ever injured and we are not able to decidewhether this is 'lucky' b e c a u s e f J u p i t e r c r o s s i n gR a h u o r ' u n l u c k y ' ( t h e c a r b a d l y o smashed) becauseof Jupiter opposition Ketu. or lured into some emotional matter that is basically unstable and undesirable. This is the time when the person will have substaintial control over his finances and philosophies.is equally likely to g:t involv:d with th: affairs of the brothers and sisters at this time.

VENUS. This is the time when he shouldforget that the world oweshim a living. will come to him at this time. As this time. There is a tendencyfor over-enthusiasm. is a disturbing one but has a stabilising influence.is no more security today. it is indulgence likely to be for love and money hoth. however. Life limitations may reach a peak instantly and then thingsquiet down substantially. If he marries at this time. now seemeasierto cope with.me. The achievements. What was security yesterday. this is a pretty good aspect. With this transit.what exitedyesterday does not exist today. Income will be stable if not in abundance. That transit is quiet known for many learning cxperiencesthat he goes through irrespective whether he wants to learn them or not. Changefollows change. if well deserved SATURN. he gets aware of those problems at this t. Financially. 98 . The person should be careful that he is not lured in so'me emotional affairs that is basically unstable and undesirable. Businesswill be good. but with this transit. he may have been doing good job but his efforts will not be appreciated.and which is unlucky. For love and romance. Saturnian problems get more acute or .over needsa control.it is rather a cooling it down influence. PerhapsJupiter conjunct Rahu spared the individual's life who knows? Or perhaps the event would not have occured at all if Jupiter had not been opposing(etu.but if he knows what he is doing. This is a rare comhination and human relationships should be happy. He should take good care of his money-he tend to spendtoo much on a good time. Some sober and harmoniousrelationshipmay developmaking him happy as well as bringing him prosperity in the material well-being. Old habits that were hard to break.

this transit is more of a constructive outlet or favourableeventsforming situation. What is available at this time may be good. but a progressive he should be on the look out for opportunity'hat is and both exciting. the person will do well to save whateverincomehe may get and to examine businesschanges carefully before committing himself. However. Adhere to what is sure and stick to the way of life. is an important role in his life at this time. profitable and sound. friendly and sociable. NEPTUNE.credit. Be generous. broad minded. RAHU. or rely too much on hu own ability to speakhis mind or to act too eccentrically. This also bringsabout his Iimits of patience and his limits of patience and his general stamina to face the situations. scheduled URANUS. reputation etc. but it may not comeout to be as promisingas it looked to be. Be deliberate and forceful at the sametime and he can find usualluck in the months ahead. But be confident that all the testingis done for apart during his own benefitwithout breakinghim completely play older ideas and methodology the test. proceedcarefully in dealing with superiors. for something ahead. He should also respecthis food habits and avoid any type of indulgence. Older persons. At this time.. A great deal of optimism and stimulated ego plus the desire for self-assertion comesto the fore. Basically. The nativeshould not take undue risk. Transit of Rahu over Neptune is Karmic and often bringsabout various psychicorspiritual experiences 99 . He should change is welcome avoid anything risky. Their assistance well worth looking into as a guiding sourcefor his spiritual growth during this transit.the native will be able to compromise with the situations quickly.

Rahu conjunction Neptune is more of a soft transit.connected with the past life activities and their manifestations in this life. This aspect is equally bad for his physical health due to. this transit may not be of any significance to him. general happiness through high imagination and fantasies etc. the influence is felt more on a generational level than on a single identity. Ketu conjunction to Plsnets SUN. Often a deep rooted creative talent comes out without prior warning at this time and amazesothers. physical and emotional excesses. If he is engaged in a speculative ventures at this time. there is the possitively that he will receive little or no return from his investments. there is not much individuality involved in these transits. Transiting Nodes over Pluto are not highly significant as it is a very slow moving planet and the effects occur on many people simultaneously Thus. This aspect can also bring possible sickness. the lack of vitality. With this transit often an inferiority complex lack of self-imageand self-respectis noticed. Self-delusionor loss of individuality may occur if Neptune was affiicted in the natal chart. Sudden and unexpected problems occurs at this time which can land the person in troubles. bringing about better qualities of Neptune.death or regenerative process in his close family members. self-indulgence. stub-bornness-all 100 . If he is already lying low. Fatigue. As a result of this. resentment. PLUTO. such as idealistic behaviour. pride. rebellion. especially to his father or male figure. This is the time when the person be letting himself in for some disappointment and he has to go through guiet a squeezy period. He is well advised to observe rigid economical control at this time.

but he is to conserve his energies and reassert on the right things decided by him in past. Many restrictions at home are visible. He should keep an close watch on the health of his mother and problems from excessiveor fertile imagination. lf somebody is trying to take advantage of him. this transit is not favourable and makes it difficult for him to run normal life. if he will insist in going his own way. Low blood pressure or weak energies. when trying to do a iarge project. with or without any reason. He is to avaid unpleasantness with and keep his emotions under control. He should try to maintain his patience with regard to home affairs and things connected with the home. In a female chart. This is the time when the persons is likely to make considerable mistakes in this undertaking with the result that they likely to go wrong. occurs with this transit.must be cured. This transit followed by depressionand isolation MOON. Affairs of mother or 'woman' in life are important and often their hindrance would be a negative aspect for him. he may have to face many problems of his life or he may suffer ill-health from nervous strain or overwork. Fundamentally. Accident his associates prone tendencies are quite likely and his health problems need prompt attention. Renovating old property now can prove more satisfactory than buying the new one. dangers' difhculties. and sorrow male figures are visible and should be avoided' from t0 r . he should say so on his face and don't let him impose on him. Do not let melancholy and gloominess overtake the native. MARS. There may be pressure from the persons around him to make an change. At this time. He is to take an affirmative stand and let others know that he will not tolerate an attcmpt to take advantage of him.

Female physiological cycleoften getsdistortedat this time' Health protected by avoiding over-work and from debilitat' is to be ing affectsof nerves. At this time. rather trying tances MERCURY. a non-communicativeperiod is almost ftrrced on the person whether he likes it or not.oo" who has been helpfut to him regardlessof how was. If not a nervous breakdown. The person should not neglect his obligations to . haste. This aspect will bring the nativesome unexpected expelrses which he hasnot planned before' when it will confront This transit may be termed as negative he should accept whatever comes him in all directions. JUPITER. Mental alertnessmay minor he feelsthe consideration pay him handsomedividends. If the personis handling large sums of money for others or responsiblefor a financial accounting.e. Avoid any long term planning or long travel under this transit' In case of it being a negative may force him to bow to the wrong changes transit. Unforseenand unexpectedcxpendituremay come with this transit that the native never plannedbefore' This transit is likely to give him sudden deplection of financial resources. Unattention to the wealth which can be accumulatednow would be a bf knowledge foolish mistake. He will have to mark the time and it is advisedto do it with a good with the circumsgrace. he needs to be especiallyalert at this stage. impatience etc. he must learn to compromise to fight with them.orn. business individual. i. a builds up at this time and it certainly needs Nervousenergy properly channelled. this cause positive outlet. Balancing of the energy and its proper utilisation is a must at this transit.Temperamental difficulties cause future problems. So his way even though it may be much lessthan his expecta' r02 . worry.

Try to avoid borrowing and it must be only done when there is no other alternative. Do not securityand happinessby temperamentor disturbdomesic impatience. loss of weight is quite likely unlesshis natal chart hasa lot of nervous creatingaspects. He may go wrong in his judgernentsand should protect himse from the possibility lf of appointments. VENUS. It is not a good time to get married. Do not make any change in the Business at constitutionof business this time and alsodo not think for any expansion. He should try to hold what he possessesfinaneially or emotionally and should wait till the storm passes over which will not take long. Thus. and separations and diffitoo. He should keep his expenses and recreation a minimum. Financially. Here the native's philosophies testedand he is forcedto abide by his own are rules and regulations.tions. this is not a favourabletime. may not be good. lt is advised that the native should harmonise his desires with the things as they are and not in following expensiveday dream. take what comes and he shouldprotecthis healthand position by avoiding excesses. This is not a good time to go for holidaysor pleasuretrips. At this point. do not put strain on his financial resources. He is advised to entertainment to participate in diversionswhich can provide him with yet amusement. 103 . Lie low. Suddenlosses for culties can crop up. If by married. it will need great amount of sacrifice both the partiesto keep this relationshipalive. Generally divorces comeunder this manifestation. This is a time when he should pay for past karmasand naturally it will cause great strain. It is not a good transit for love and romance affairsand it can causethe native a great amount of trouble and also may end abruptly. he cannotdo anythinghe likes and get away with it.

General rcstrictions.. Thus it becomes like a short-circuit aspect to whatever area it representsin his natal chart. howevcr. and at times can bb beneficial even. colds etc. He can also benefit by keeping his eyes open. This aspect gives impetus to his aspirations and brings a certain degree of luck that can be very beneficialif he keeps his feet on the ground. 104 . though he will know that something is happening. If the natal Saturn/Nodes aspect is favourablg. worry etc. In general. Probable sickness or death in a near family. but he cannot put his finger on it. RAHU. lhen the transit may not affiict the native much. He should avoid breaks wherever possible. to do nothing and leave things as they are. is noticed. mental fatigue. This is a time when therecould be a tendency to slow down things or even to complicate them. ln natal Saturn is not very prominent. This is negative transit depending upon the strength of Saturn in the person's horoscope.SATURN. meloncholy or isolated attitudes and behaviour are all at the door of this transit. Avoid nervous traits. this is a discouraging transit thai often ciistorts and disintegrates the individuals on many fronts. are normal Saturian problems which will come to surface now. the effects may not be noticed externally. grasping what comes his way with courage and confidence and avoiding actions and plans that could undermine his security by being on a shaky foundation. especially of older relations. Circulatory problems weak bones. physical weakness. There is a tendency. but it also lends strength and depth to the native's present opportunities. He is to protect his health by plenty of sleep and rest. General focus and areas of obstructions will come from the house ruled by Capricorn in the natal chart.

and thus gain inner power from closecontact with the thingsas they are. alcoholetc. This transit is indicative of influences on a slightly destructive and discouraging level. face and facts. 105 . bringing about the lower. The transit is slightly unfavourable and distorted. while discontent will cause a sense of frustration and unhappiness. The ground and avoid serious errors. He must move and set-backs. personis to keep his feet on the drugs.of judgement. NEPTUNE. The person cannot rebel to good purposes. such as self-intoxication. so relax and ride loosein the saddleof fate.t I cE i: that are URANUS. Efforts to force his will on others can lead to life. qualities of Neptune exceqsiw delusionand imagination. Play safe all with care to avoid unhappiness along the life. Be realist. This his to causescircumstances appear to oppress individuality.he must confirm.

and will prove good MOON. Childrenwill be the source and his good fortune will be equally active in of happiness speculation.CHAPTER 12 Transiting Planets AspectingNodes Conjunctionto Rahu SUN. He will valuefamily traditions and will give and due respectof his parents. Married life will be happyand he will be. The person will work hard to get public recogthat which pretains to sports or physical nition. especially competition. This transit is good and the person'sapproach socialconditions. MERCURY. activities business will be in harmonyrvith prevallingsocial trends His emotions in and he will commandrespect his environments. He is will be in harmonywith prevailing likely to earn name and fame. . The native will receive personal publicity and social recognition through communications or his receive social personal ideas and communications will It is a favourable time for any type of comnuniapproval. MARS. He will try to rise in his professionalor and it will alsogive him politicalarnbitions.family popularity will improve and he will have healthy working environments. Native's busines will prosper. Mentally he will be at ease peace. This transitis favourable for public relations.well in respected his socialenvironments.

phic. Emotionally. However.public recognition and support for personal ed bcliefs and ideals. There will be active participation in rcligious philoso. He may face professional.he will be able to if iron the differences. of nious awareness expected of popular socialattitudes. JUPITER.cations including long travels and journeys. If Rahu and Jupiter are in conjunction and Jupiter transitsthat sign or its trines. Some luck will cometo him without exertion. educational or cultural trends.he will be in agreement with prevailing attitudesand popular trends. him. ttie period will bring misfortuneto the native' We have experiencedtremendous luck while transitingJupiter alone was trining Rahu in our natal chart. If unmarried. this transit. The person will get popularity among his friends brothers/sisters. there are any. the native will get increassocial prestige. and the native will be benefittedtherefrom. At this time his artistic and creativeability will be high and he will a get popularrecognition. the nativestands good chanceto get married and if married. neighbours and work associates. This time will have a needfor social confirmity as a meanof protectingpersonalsecurity' He will not have much of the respect for the prevailingsocial culture and customs. VENUS. SATURN. will dominateduring this transit and the native-may anxieties to in feel lonely. During. The relations and to friends will be the source of aspirations and happiness he will be in high spirits.vice serve 107 . transit of Jupiter will bring misfortune. harmoand acceptance socialbehaviour. if he is engaged selfless'3:. Intellectually.business or financial Worriesand problems which will causehim menta[depression. This transit will bring socialpoputarity. If Rahu is in Sagittarius the or Pisces.

He will not believe and respect the prevailing customs and will become rebellious. Conjunction to Ketu SUN.work and will oppose the authoritarian trend. In case he is involved in the worldly affairs. He will like to work in cooperation or in group. He will search for truth. He will feel happy to serve the sufferers and down-trodden. His interest in businessand gadgets will be designed to exploit prevailing beliefs. transit will prove to be very much favourable for him.. Looking from the worldly point of view. and will give him panetrating insights into the motivating forces. This way he will be paying his karmic debts. He will be burdened with rhe responsibility of children and they may become the source of w o r r y t o h i m . if forced upon. NEPTUNE. This transit will bring him intutive awareness and prophetic insight into prevailing conditions. Any amount of suffering will not disturb him now. A n y s p e c u l a t i v ev e n t u r e w i l l r e s u l t i n l o s s e s . this transit will be termed as benefic. This transit will help the native to understand and take advantage of mass psychology. He will not blindly follow the religion and will have his own conception about the current affairs. he will do now. URANUS. it will result in success. This transit is bad. becausewhatever. The person is likely to get involved in latest forms of social and cultural experiments.the masses. PLUTO. Domestic peace and harmony is likely to be disturbed and married life will be unhappy. The person should try to be 108 . he will equally exptoit businessand professionaltrends for personal gains.

The native will be burdened with heavy work responsibility. The mental outlook will be conservative and he will be reticence in expressinghis ideas. MARS. Business will be slow and there may be financial problems. Not favourable for long travels. The person will be critical to the general views of the society and it will be a unfavourable time for public relations or dealing with communications media. H e w i l l l o o k t o the prevailing conditions with critical eyes.r e l i g i o u s a n d c u l t u r a l g o a l s . This is a disturbing transit and his emotional attitude will be out-of-harmony with the prevailing family traditions. e d u c a t i o n a l . It is not an auspicious . He will have problems in businessand will get unpopularity in his professionalor political actions. There will be lack of public support for person a l . There will be a lack of popular support for his personal ambitions. VENUS. He may not do or acbept which is being done normally. He will have reserved emotional. romantic and artistic outlook. He may be conservative in his outlook. MOON. but he will have respect for the religion and the social customs though he will have his ways of doing the things.careful as he is likely to earn the displeasureof the government and socially he may be placed in unhappy environments. The person may desire for a power and authority which he does not deserve. This transit is not good for public relations or pubhc contacts also and he will try to avoid them. Serious or pessimistic outlook towards life. social. Business activities will be slow and the person is likely to develop differenceswith his parents. JUPITER. MERCURY. Socially the person will be reserved and there will be lack of interest in social activities that do not serve a useful purpose for him.

he will have nothing but the sufferings and disappointments.there may be domestic unhappiness. For worldly lif. He will not have much of the respectfor religiousceremonies and festivities. NEPTUNE. He will look more in the pastthan in the present. will rebel He against the current socialculture and beliefs.the native is not advised start anythingnew. He will havenegative outlook towardsthe life with the resultthat he witl get frustratedand depressed when desired success not be fourthcoming. this is not a favourable transit. It is a difficult transit for worldly comforts. He will like to go deepbehindthe religiousbackground. he may seethe light. if the native is engagedin somespiritual pursuits. If the native'spersuit will be in the directionof spiritualism. SATURN.so is this may not be as personally unfortunateafter all. During this period.he knows.His business activity will be related to antiques. The person is likely to get involved in antisocial activitiesor will havereclusive behaviour. to URANUS.he may like to withdraw from social involvement and be of his own. Quite often. friends and associates will term the nativeeccentric and unpredictable. Try to avoid any confrontaiion as far as possible.time to get married and if married. During this transit. discarded items etc. There will be confusionin social purposeand lack of understanding from surrounding culture. the relativeor acquaintance not alwaysa closeone. ll0 . the personwill witness the death of a relativeor someother person. for gains and comforts.e. It is a malefictransit and to will be handledcautiously. This transit will make the native rebellion against the traditionat cultural standardsand sociallaws . PLUTO.i. However. re-useof old. At times. he will seethe light but if he is involvedin the materialistic world. However.e.

Who is this snake? Ketu has been symbolised .ogical did learnedcommentators not make any detailed scrutinyas of this yoga in natal astrology. Neptune and Pluto into consideraof tion) but can be traced in the horoscopes both greatand scholarsand practisingastrologers.we find Rahu as representing someastrological while in others. we pay for the past Karmas in this incarnation.it has been found that Rahu is Kala or earth-life while Ketu is the Sarpd or serpent. Through these nodal axis.the small. This yoga is not fairly common (taking lJranus. those under the influenceof Rahu are afraid in of Snakes. In our Chapter of Rahu and Ketu in Hindu Astrology. we the have explained myth attached behind Rahu and Ketu' that Moon's Nodes haveaccepted Even the Westernastrologers are Karmic and play an important role in an individual's life' In Karmic astrology.CHAPTER 13 KaIa-SarPaYoga Yogas (combinations of planets) play an important role and enjoy a very prominent position in Hindu Astrology' i"t"rarpu vogu it regardedas one of the dreadedevil yogas' having significancein Mundane Astrology' Hindu ancient literature is more or lesssilent about it. ln Serpent' works. Even the astrol. To the research of significance this yoga cannot be denied.Lately someof the to the effects have comeforward to evolve a patternfor learnedastrologers the assessing evil effectsof this yoga.

if at least one planet is outsidethe Rahu/Ketu axis. Forexample. Different scholarshavegiven different versionsas to the formation of this Kalasarpa Yoga. l. as this yoga has the reference encirclement to of all the planetsby thesetwo Nodes(Rahu & Ketu) i. We have cometo the following conclusions after our research and experiments. thus makinghimselfvulnerable to suffenngs.the native will indulge in all sortsof materialistic gains rightly or wrongly. it is an indicationof materialisation the Divine Principle. thereis no yoga present.e.if Rahu is l5 degrees Libra and Moon is 28 degreesLibra in chart. if Ketu is 23 degreesSagittariusand Saturn is I I degrees Sagittarius. Kalasarpa Yoga is saved. Under this yoga.even this subject is not free from controversies.Indian Astrology as Serpent. Similarly. The planets should be hemmedin betweenRahu and Ketu and not in betweenKetu and Rahu. it becomes indication of great importanceattachedto an KalasarpaYoga. Yoga present by the combination tt2 . 4. 3. 2. From the ascendant. thereis no Kalasarpa Yoga as thesetwo planetfall in the same sign. when theseNodes hem all the planetswithin their semicircle.Astrologiof cally. Thereis no KalasarpaYoga if thereis any planet with Rahu or Ketu though it may be betweenRahu and Ketu axis. On is the basis of this symbolism. Like so many other subjectsin Astrology. Rahu must be in the first six houseand Ketu in lhe remainingsix houses. Rahu is afraid of Ketu. When the Serpentis having its tail in its mouth. importance Kalasarpa the of Yoga in Hindu Astrology can be well understood. The Symbolof Serpents basicin Indian Occult Literature. KalasarpaYoga is brandedas the main causative factor for downfall.

e. His arguments as to the importance of this Kalasarpa Yoga is that the Latitudes of all the planets will be of the same sign (North or South) making the chart completely unbalanced. We can say with confidencethat the persons born with Kalasarpa Yoga do come in prominence. is a different story. Kalasarpa Yoga is not easily available in the chartsTo a greater extent he is right. We are not in agreementwith the learned astrologerswho claim that the Kalasarpa Yoga destroys all benefic Yogas of that lt3 . but his observations are that the native will be on extremes on either side. becausewe have seenthe persons having such Kalasarpa Yogas in their charts having risen to high positions. It may perhaps be argued that greatness manifested in such cases may be due to some other benefic yogas and not becauseof Kalasarpa Yoga. It is debatable whether Kalasarpa Yoga confers only evil or prevents good. Whether they could hold the position or not. LJranus.of Rahu or Ketu with a planet will operate independently. This is his answer to those learned astrologers who did not find Kalasarpa Yoga operative in certain horoscopes. With the discovery of lJranus. it is also establishedwith practical illustrations that it cannot prevent the persong. Even if it is admitted that this Yoga is evil. having Kalasarpa Yoga. For Kalasarpa Yoga. from achieving greatness. He does not say that it will be completely malefic. Neptune and Pluto. he has said that the astrologers must also take into consideration the three fately discovered planets i. Neptune and Pluto. for it is seen that such persons very often do not remain ordinary. as cosmic forces lack equilibrium. One of rhe learned astrologers has done some research on the yoga formations of Hindu astrology and has come out with very scientific reasouingsin some cases.

therefore. astroIn estimatingthe evil contentsof this yoga. In charts of persons logicalcannons this born in humble circumstances. unless miseries Obviously. quite fair to assume that Kalasarpa Yoga alone cannot affict untoward other evil yogasare present. is assigned the brain where the thousandpettaled lotus. not mean that they their rank abovethe ordinary. believed to be located. in spiritual astrology. classical shouldnot be ignored. This does cannot fail in their efforts. It is.of the horoscope. Any bad aspect of life due to past Karmas. inheritedor self-earned. yoga makessuchnatives and ultimately ieaching the top.longevity factors do not need to be streesed of because the presenceof the Kalasarpa Yoga.it is observedthat such natives show themselves reveala deep sharpnessin their shadeabovethe averageand (constructiveor destructive)and generally find intelligence. It is also not arguedthat the of mere presence this Kalasarpa Yoga will confer greatness. Kalasarpa Yoga doesnot itself shortenthe life unlessother life shortening yogasare present. being circumscribed observations by so many other fatord also. industrious. chartswith this yoga in addition to other benefic In the a yogas. Such a planet(having 18yearsin Vimshottari Dasa and 12 years in Ashtottari) may not be n4 . might be regardedas limited. can be counteracted to a very great extent by hard of work and concerrtration mind. the abode of Lord Shiva. of What is concluded here that this Yoga showsthe seeds by undergoing the process of pain and ultimate greatness suffering resulting in coming to prominence despite difhculties. persevering Some astrologers think that this Yoga renderslife short and Th:se deprivesthe personsof money. To Rahu.

honestand truthful and the loyal and hardworkingsouls for its victims. strong bc or week leadssometimes unbearablestrains and tensions.The Yoga. to delaying success makingsuccess or look insignificant relation in to eforts made to achieve it. This Yoga is also found to be with frustrations and lossesalthough efforts are associated madein pursuit of food or genuineand honest.regardedas totally evil but might be considered have some to mundane and spiritual good associated with it and if Rahu and Ketu enclose other planetsbetween themselves. parentsshould be wary and take of early steps to sufficiently educateand make their children's mind firm to avoid impact of future frustrations.one can possibly judge with a degree of accuracythe strengthof the horoscope and easily predict the eventsto come evenwhile taking note of the presence of this evil yoga. God sparesHis weakercreation from this Yoga lestit breaksthem. much not evil needpredicted. but subjecting to critiit cal analyticalmethods.if any. in storefor them during Rahu-Ketu periods. Knowing thesepossible capabilities this Yoga.to be observed that salienteffectsof KalasarpaYoga cannotaltogether eliminated.Paradoxicallvtherefore. lt is also possible that even without attach. Such individuals sufer indignitiesof outrageous fortune despitetheir 'purestray'quality and character. Generally.this yoga appears in chartsof blessedsoulsor thosewho can endure evil and extractgood out of it. The yoga perhapsselects pure and simplc.effortsof Kalasarpa Yoga operate througout life and especially during Dasaor Sub-dasa either Rahu or of ll5 . It is however.ngmuch importanceto Kalasarpa Yoga in a chart.

So in transits. Similarly by Transits. Kalasarpa Yoga through 2nd/8th housesis not regarded good for money matters.(4) houses In different houses. Understanding is the Keynote cannqt be cured must be of happiness and what endured. (2) 2ndl8th houses. he or she can be led to side-track and possibly avoid the marital catastrophe. Money may come easily and also may go easily.Conversely it might be regarded conducive to spiritual pursuits as a result of fail ure in marriage.it will continue for a long period of life. it will manifest differently. Kalasarpa Yoga can only have six formations: (l) lst/7th houses.Ketu. But from Mundane point of view difficulties are seen to be experiencedin married life and sometimes the very fact of married status becomes oppressise.(5) 5th/l lth housesand (6) 6thl12l'}r houses. 28th year onwards may be worst in such caseswhen transit Rahu comes to conjuuct natal Ketu at the prime of youth. there are no oppositions in the chart and this is important. if the chain will go for good by conjunctions. if the planets are affiicted by oppositions and squares. It is not that he will be short of money. Astrology thus soothes the native by wise guidance develop forbearance. Formation of this Yoga from the lst to the 7th is not regarded as good for material happiness. By positional aspect. when the intensity either for good or evil would be felt as modified by transits. it will equally take a long time for the native to come out of affiictions. astrology can come to the rescue and by forwarding the timely advice to the native. trines and sextiles. With this Yoga. (3) 3rd/9th 4th/lOth houses. but most of his life he will be working with other's money by fair or foul means. Either he will be indulging in too much sex l16 . Here.

are frequently handicapped due to this Kalasarpa Yoga. that is. must meet a veritable pitfall with this position. To those people. Home. These two houseshave much to do with farrliy affairs. persons are usually pretty gellerous and free with their money. He will suffer from the diseasesof sexual organs. The horoscopes which show trouble or disaster. and this yoga shows difficulties and disappointments. but are not often really wasteful.people who stand as advocates or pioneers of unpopular sciencesor doctrines are often round with this yoga. as distinct from foreign. rvho aim solely at the material foreign investments. Kalasarpa Yoga through the axis of 5th and llth house. Brothers and sisters will either be the source of happinessor worry subject to the overall pattern of the chart. The Karmic seems to be well defined. positively aspected. In one case. according to their means. Sometimes the children can become the cause of discomfort home. whichever way it lies.preversion damaging his health and wasting his money or he will be physically too weak to have any sex potentiality.we know the entire legacy was lost by bad health. failures and often disgrace. persons whose energiesand abilities would bnng them to the forefront. Kalasarpa Yoga through 3rd/9th houses.' Kalasarpa Yoga through 4th/l0th houses possessgreater power due to the natural Sarpa influences. if they ran exclusively on orthodox lives. commercial travellers may reap some advantage from it. it is one of the observedmanifestations of this yoga that the trust reposed by a native would be misused and friends would prove tt? . this position makes them disastrousindeed There is a danger for a man to be the father of illegitimate children or being himself as a illegitimatc child.

and also of regrets and self-undoing and that the 6th house has the rulerwork and enemies. Kalasarpa Yoga affiicted through 6th/l2th house axis can cause even imprisonment. This yoga gives the danger of too free a course of life and we do not think asceticsare commonly favoured with this yoga. It is more conducive to flirting than to marriage' There seems to be the possibility towards the production of illegitimate children. Either this yoga will be too bad or ioo good.self-seekers. Why is Kalasarpa Yoga important in Mundane astrology d and rgnore in Natal astrology ? tn Natal astrology the devastating effect of the yoga is concerned with a family only while the ruin of a state involved with far-reaching consequences for lakhs and lakhs of families forming as a nation' The intensity of Yoga effects is felt in the minimum in individual cases but assumes maximum proportions in national sphere. the native can take to higher learnirtgsand development of the spiritual self. he can be tormented and poor health causing long confinement in a with diseases. move the native on extremes. Remembering that the l2th house is the house of secret enemies. Rahu makes an individual interested in self to the exclusion of others. Loss by and treachery of friends is a pretty sure result of It is common in the horoscopes of great flirts' this Yoga. On the positive side. People born with this yoga are not favoured lor Army or Navy employments.this axis can ship over health.Friends are not likely to be of much assistance in tife. diseases. We do got see the middle course. thus the individual is earning for enjoyment for earthly pleasuresfor himself and his family' When ll8 . On the negative side. hospiral or can prove himself to be an ememy to the civilised world.

he comes under the influence of KStu he is no more interes' ted in the welfare of self and family. that had so long clamoured about their territories. The bordering states. get back those territories. becomes prosperous and more and more Minister or President powerful. and thus Thus Kalasarpa Yoga f. Later the influence of Ketu comes in' The Supreme executive is not ready to subordinate national intereststo international consideration.. the state is ruined with calamities involving all the citizens. but in the benefit of the society and deprivation of enjoyment for self and family. he fights his border states to gain territory The native uuder such a King or Prime and other concessions. on all sides. make observations about the evil or modified effects resulting from the Yoga. l19 . makes a gift of his house for hospital etc. The net results of the observed efrects of this yoga would suggest that astrologers should take care to assessthe efficacy of this Yoga vis-a-vis the effects of other astrological phenomena and then with a keen analytical approch and making synthesis of the various effects noticed. individual simply means ruination of family. increased national wealth but spends money out of the treasury.or bring misery for self and family. He parts with his savings for establishment of schools and colleges. Thus. But whqlr the supreme executive ol a state is subject to Kalasarpa Yoga. Flood and earthquakes in foreign lands result in sending money and materials for the relief of the suffering humaThe supreme executive is no more interested in the nity.

Eclipses of the Sun always happen at New Moon and eclipses of the Moon at Full Moon. and passesover eastward. etc. Astrology is the scienceof heavenly influences as related to the earth and its inhabitants.a n c c l i p s ei s t h e i n t e r p o s i t i o n o f a d a r k celestial bociy between a luminous one and the eye. Moon.motions.constituents. Planets. while eclipse of the Moon comes on from the east and passeswestward. Tne significance of an eclipse having been determined by its sign position. as cclipsesare not always visible in any single place. religion and art combined. and as such has outlived all sectarian bigots and religious iypocrites.transits and the New Moons from which to make their predictions.CHAPTER 14 Eclipses' in Nativities Astronomy is thc science of the heavenly bodies : the Sun. It treats of their magnitudes. distances. or the p a s s i n go f a l u m i n o u s b o d y i n t o t h e s h a d o w o f a n o t h e r b o d y . In ancient times astrology was a science. Astrology and astronomy are as true now as ever before. Comet and Fixed Stars. . f A s t r o n o m i c a l l y . The ancients had only eclipses. Eclipse of the Sun always cornes on from the West. we do not know. How they arrived at this result. Ancient astrologersdiscovered the r'egularity of the reoccurrence of eclipsesafter a period of l8 years and odd. and they were able to trace definite connection between the changestaking place in the heavens and the course of human events.

If an eclipse occurs during the time when a Comet isl visible it usually. trade. in moveable signs: (l-4-7-10). the effects commence much sooner. Jupiter indicates uncles and Mercury t2r . the effectsare over in a far more brief space of time. Moon and sensitive points. more so by conjunction or opposition. have greater effect than those trat are direct in that department of life indicated by the plaret or significator so affected. Moon. business. when in conjunction with benefic pcints-Jupiter. journeysand general activities.pasts of the natal horoscope. Planq5. but in common signs (3-6-9-12). malefic planets. The duration of an eclipse dependsoo th" amount of time of obscuration. On tle other hand. which shows as many years for hours of obscuration in Solar Eclipse and months in Lunar Eclipse. according to the planets concerned. Neptune-the ac:tionis favourable. Venus may be significator of domesticand social affairs. Th: permissibleorb is 5 degrees. Transits over eclipse positions affecting the significatorswill havethe maximum effect. In this sense. or 'opposition to any important loints such as the Sun. Mercury relates tt the intellectual life.u sually ccmes to pass €xactly at the time when one of the major planets afterwards makes its transit.and Mars indcates brothers. Moon's Nodes ard other sensitive points or. venus also indicates sisters. Venus. if they fall in sextile or trine to the Sun. fortells the birth or death of some eminent person or powerful ruler. and continue for a long. while in force and affect mankincl far more powerfully. that become stationary when in the act of transit over the ralical place of the significdtor. A solar eclipsein fixed signs: (2-5-g-ll) wiil last for several years. rnental faculties. Eclipse may operate unfavograble in a horoscope when hey fall in conjunction with.

on Mars to brothers on Venrs to sisters and on M:rcury to aunts. tribulation. Fallingon the Moon. Rrbson. The Sun denotes the father. radical or directionals. writes thus: "An eclipse falling on any planet in the mp is of great importance and is usually adverse.l the Ascendant.e. an eclipselasts Much lorger than a month and its influence is often felt for a long tine. and the Moon the mother. Considerable information about the affairs of men and nations can be gleaned from the solar and lunar eclipses. and Venus the mother etc. Neptune indicates cripples or mystical friends. planets.scienific people. Moon. sickness and even death. they denote hurt to the mother. Sepharial. the celebrated English astrologcr says in his "Theory and practice of Eclipses" r that the Sign occupicd by the eclipsed luminary and the Ilouse in which it falls has the greatestdegree of significance. when they have the greatest significancecf disaster. but the lattrr more especially when the said significator has vital prerofatives and is badly affiicted radically or by direction. Uranus indicates uncles and the grand parents_or. d the significators. Mid-heaven an." Another well known British astrologer Vivian E. thc Sun. on Jupiter to uncles. Saturn also sometimesindicates the father.i. cance. Not only are they unfailing indicators of chronology but also valuable promotors of good or evil. eclipseshave not a great signifi.indicates aunts. as it cutsoffthe things signified by the body in the radical map. The effects of an eclipse of the Sun are said to last fo. unlessfalling on the places. Urlike an ordinary new or full Moon. on the Sun tothe father." he writes as follows : "As regards indiviciuals. ln his : "New Dictionary of Astrology. and th<se of the t22 . as many years as the eclipse is in hours in duration.

Although usuallyadverse produceultimategood.at point l0 it would be in the mid-heaven and at point 7 it would be setting. the immediateresultis unpleasant final resultis advantageous. of Sage Varahmihira. most markedeffect will always occur when a planetis in transitover the eclipse point. So far the horoscopes the following are important according to Hindu Astrology: r23 . as they usuallydisturb the health and frequentlydenote are deathwhen the directions sufficientlysevere.Eclipsesate of exterme importanceand shouldalwaysbe most carefullystudied.then that personwill feel the ill effects the eclipse. You divide the semi-circle to six sections 30 i. You get six houses e."(Text Book Asrrology.and to a losser the caseof but the when on Venus. of in unde rstood. the nature of the effectbeingshownby the natureof the transiting body. At point 12the luminary would be rising. As the lunar eclipsecffects the or by felt stimulated directions transits. tanceis attached the angle of the Sun or Moon in relato is tion to the place where the eclipse seen. go.'l'12. degrees.Did it occur rising or setting?In which sectionof the heavens-half risen. The most dangerousare thosethat fall upon the Sun. and in an eclipse may be sometimes extent an eclipse falling on Jupiter. second This is easily or section. lmporgiven much informationin the Brihat Samnita.pp 207).falls and so on. Mars causingcuts and burns. The affairs of the housein which the eclipse fall in the radicalmap will alsobe disturbed.who quotesancientHindu Rishis has (Vol-I). Moon or Ascen' dant.It is statedthat should the eclipse(Grahana)occur in the lgth nakshatrafrom the of birth asterism.will Moon for as Many months. fifth section sixth scction? mid heaven.Saiurn.

l. he that deliversfrom the oppression of the wicked he is Rahu. one degree orb. An eclipse fallingin the ascendant will in bring changes the physical make up. shewill destroy property. If the solar or lunar eclipsefalls in Natal Ascendant. 2. If on Moon radix. The ngtive becomes t24 . there generally more is activity in the exactdegree. 4.The closer to orb aspects to the cuspal point (Bhava Madhya). A six degreeorb seemsto be the widestthat can be used." He that is pure. mother'sside will suffer..perhaps latertheremay be morefacts a to substantiate greaterorb. he that doesnot combinewith the wicked. then that person. the accurate go far away from home to watch effectsas the eventshappen. the personconcerned will suffer if the disc was not aspectedby Jupiter. Thosewho are clsoeto you can providemany interesting and valuablefacts whicb will make your research easier. the converseis the case?It must be so accordingto the sloka: "Yorahathi parithyajathi dushtonrqhayathi vyajathi yasarahukh. If fact. If one has a largefamily or a host of friends and you have you do not haveto birth timesof thesepeople. and weak. Varahamihirastates that "if the Moon shouldbe eclipsed b-vKetu. who owns the horoscopewill suffer. 3. or FIRST HOUSE. An eclipse falling on the Sun radix. health and prosperity. the more potent is the effect. lf a lunar eclipse occursin the Suryc Lagna(Solar Ascendant). the father's side will guffer.' by Are we to understand this that when the Moon is eclipsed by Rahu.

it additional sourceor but assets will alsoprovide an person's spc' . and possessions'-If SECOND HOUSE. Naturally. the THIRD HOUSE. is eclipse a walking iown the streetbecomes problems'If the that elevation it aspects. of earning. be demanding be delayedor wronglYdelivered.ntt will become life and a parent pected will causeupheavelin the domestic a will become greatburden or problemto him' If he is in ad- t25 . personwill in the whole envtronment any find relatives. He will meetsuccess whatever is lasting and will do at this time.. adverse aspectwould or finances failures at financial ventures' Rememberto watch when a planet by degreetransits an eclipsepoint' for all squamannel" while the res andoppositions will act in a negative in sextilesand trides will bring favourable events financially his life.This is a good time to try his luck at indicate lossof culation.Close ielalionswill become much to his dismay' The mail may *ill ul*uy. will bring him personal in favourable he in iurable.. Such accidentscometo but enoughto causeworry' Just sion.though nothingserious. FORTH HOUSE. Family members joy to him' Adversely asthe sourceof pui. If favouably aspected'the native will and enjoy domestic peace and happiness.communications news' good and promising harmony. The mail will be full of and tiresome The adverse aspect may causehim unpleasant sourceof worry and the journeys. If favourablyaspected.our".prone and will have several One may be involvedin accident homeand an automobile accident and the other may slip at rapid succes' meet a bone fracture. Relatesto finances the will not only enhance favourably aspectedat an eclipse.

He will just not get alongwith other people unless he is careful. If adverselv aspected. unionsand open enemies and are brought to fore at eclipse time. will bring favour and improveit ment in thesedepartments the person's life. there will be much misery and unhappiness for the rest of the life. It may eveninvolvehim in litigationand law suits.Contracts (business marital)shouldbe well studiedbefore or he puts his signatures them. If the native is femaleand she is of a romantic age' many suitorswill be attractedtowards her. Denoting partners (marriage or business). Rulesover health. Somesort of recognitionor elevationwill cometo his children. can be sureof some indisposition.vancedyears. SEVENTH HOUSE. the adverseaspectfinds employees hard to handleor employers will be too demanding. therewill bi cooperation from the partners and socialcontacts will be pleasing. He may have some to disappointments his in emotional hfe. He must respect his food habitsand must consultthe physicianeven of a minor complaint. but with the of adverse aspect. If favourablyaspected. FIFTH HOUSE. will bring pleasurableand enjoyable associations the native's life and into children will become the source of happiness.employment and services. STXTH HOUSE.If favourablyaspected.the person will havemuch bickering and unhappiness his marriedlife and business in partnership. If favourablyaspected. If adversely aspected. on r26 . children will become the cause of worry ani suffering him. lnvestments will bring nothing but grief and any sort of speculation will end in heavylosses. Many he times.

professional activities and wordly affairswill be to his advantage. The favourable aspects will bring peace. Insurancepolicieswill get paid up. so be sure that he sees the best side of his natureand individuality. With the adverse aspect. Brings activity other's money is concerned. ELEVENTH HOUSE. It will bring long journeysand travelsin his life which are educational and full of pleasure. Adversely aspected. While a favourableaspect. Working conditions. Liabilitieswill increaseand taxation department can proveto be very troublesome him at this for time. There may evenbe death of somecloserelation. there will be drain on his reserves and he will undergoheavydebts. will get legaciesand gifts.he can expect a rise and if in he business. eclipse the herecan bring trouble through religious or litigation. Sometimes death of a parentor a separation from them may take placeunder adverseeclipse. If in employment. t27 . securities reserves and will increase. TENTH HOUSE. Remember that this is the houseof native'sstatusin the world. the eclipse here can bring the native fame and elevation.prosperity with regard to his 9th houseaffairs. the way other peopleseehim.EIGHTH HOUSE. loans will be he easilypaid off. lf favourable. There will be difficultiesand problems in all his enterprises and any amount of labour will not bear favourableresults. It alsorulesover friendsand associates. NINTH HOUSE. which may go against him. Housethe hopes and wishes. With favourableaspect. Many difrcultieswill be encountered in travellingto distantplaces. will have expansion. he will havenothingbut trails and tribulationsin his profcssional career. With an adverseaspect.

or Jails. We have seenthat an eclipse in conjunction with a natal planet weakens the effect of that planet. planets. fined in hospitals institutions. He will be morc inclined to religion and spiritualism. TWELFTH HOUSE. This is the house of the residuals of past Karmas and the house of sufferingsand self-undoings in this incarnation. As this is the house of self-undoing. better be sure that this actions and endeavours are above board. He will be blamed for the incidents where he is least involved. Under adverse aspect. There may financial tosses through thefts etc. Be sure to choose friends and associates wisely. even without his knowledge. He may be blackmailed. but under favourable aspect. All his efforts will end in disappointments and failures. Under a favourable aspect. confinement or imprisonment. children's marriage. he may himself be subject to hospitalisation. Moon's Nodes or sensitivepoints. if contesting for any elected office. The major effects an individual may have from an eclipse depend upon where the eclipse falls in one's horoscope. The aspectsdetermine the kind of people he attracts under this influence. So either he helps others or hegets helped by others. viz. especially new ones coming into native's life during the eclipse period. he wi[ be the source of happiness and encouragement to the persons con. as it cuts 128 . An eclipse should not effect one particularly unless it makes some direct contact with the luminaries. he will spend the money for good cause. and if the native seesan eclipse point culminating in near future on this house.the person will be surrounded by influential and sincere friends. who will extend full cooperation to enable him to realise his hopes and wishes. The adverseaspect will bring him many diftlculties through his friends and associates.

If the person so affected does not compromise with the situation and attempts to force issues along lines indicated by that planet.off the things signified by that body in the radical map. Lahiri's Ephemeris for hundred years and many other books list the degreesand signs of eclipses for years ahead. It is the opposition point of that planet which gets depressed' Opposition by eclipse intensifies and greatly increases the power ofthat planet. t29 . he is just heading for the troubles' One will do good to have much self-control at this time. so that the student can take the advantage offavourable aspected eclipsesas well as to counteract any inharmonious activities prevalent during an eclipse period' Astrology can be a guide post in enabling us to note the adverse and favourable periods' so we may act and guide out lives accordingly. This may be a new phase to some of the readers but they may get excellent results by watching their own and their family's charts' 11 will pay ricb dividends. Eclipse opposition a natal planet acts irr exactly the opposite manner.

With Aries Ascendant. the girl . she will Ue blesla with several pretty children. 2. In this Chapter. but at the time of her death.CHAPTER 15 Rahu & Ketu in FemaleHoroscopes The learned readers have already seen through the previous ^ chapters that Rahu and Ketu piuy important role in prcdictive astrology and. Ketu-Mars conjunction in a female horsocope is classifiedas an excellent yoga as Ketu. being spirituai and religious planet. wifi take away art the evil effects of Mars. If a girl is born in any one ofthe ereven ascendants. beautiful and lovely and will enjoy a comfortable married life. the results will be revcrsed.o rn"ny missing links. she will have no blood relation alive. will enjoy all the wordly comforts. Moon and Rahu in the 7th house will make the girl wise and if Jupiter is in the gth house. except Aries. Girl born under Leo ascendant with Rahu placed therein will be attractive. l. 5. with Saturn jn Libra. we will siecially deal with the part played by Rahu and Ketu in Female horoscopes. Sun and Mars in the 7th house and Moon and Rahu in the llth house.help in piovialng "n the clues . Ketu. 3. . 4. Jupiter and Venus in the 4th house. she will have all the comforts through tife.

3rd. ll. Mars and Jupiter (all four) in conjunction with Rahu or Ketu in the 4th house or the 7th house will make the woman either a widow or a prostitute. Rahu in the 2nd house produces an intelligent house wife' With Rahu in the 7th. 9. the girl can not live without marriage. With affiicted Rahu. '7. in the 7th house. if devoid of benefic aspects. In a female horoscope Sun-Rahu in the 7th house is not termed bad. We have said earlier that the effect of one of the Lights (Sun/Moon) with a Node is always strong. This Sun-Rahu conlunction is equally good in 2-4'8'9 or llth house. there will be no l3r . Mars and Mercury (all three) in conjunction with Rahu or Ketu. The Sum is especiallyfavoured by being North Node' and Rahu and conjunction The in Leo are very powerful. Rahu in the ascendant produces a good house wife. Rahu in the ?th house in Aries or Scorpio is an indication of widowhood. Sun lst. but an affiicted Rahu destroys ancestral property or she feelsunhappy in ancestral house. though it may be late in life. She will be married to a person of high status. Rahu in the 9th will make hcr religious. she may get married as many as four times. she may not be legally married or she may not be one man's woman. 10.is good for married life. Rahu in the 4th house. 13. Sun. Girl born with Venus in Aries and Rahu in the lOth house or l0th sign (Capricorn). Mercury.o. 12. 5th or l2th house is of Rahu and Sun in Leo in excellant.. Girl born with Mercury/Rahu in lst. She will enjoy good health also. 8.7th or 9th house will get married to a learned husband of status. Sun.

ntlui).. r32 . havedefectin her left leg or birth-mart on ttrat ti. The eventis certainif Mars and Ketu (both) are in the gth house.. Mars_conjunction Rahu in the 5th. Thc evil of this manifestation is lessend in the lOth house. 15. sth. Conjunction of Sun and Ketu in lst. Mars or Uranus in conjunction with Rahu or Ketu in the Zth house is an indication widowhood. Ketu in the l2th is bad for a woman at the time of delivery.iiri""rir troubles(8th houserulesover . Rahu-Mars Conjunctionin the :ra. 14. 8th. the womanis . 9th."'*' 20.unless strong benefic factors counler it. In some cases. Mars in the 8th is an indicator of widowhood. uKery to suner ltom irregular menstruationor excessive _ menstruation. sfrema. She is arso !ikery" to iuui----'ut. There is no malefic effectin 6th or 7th house. she may suffer at the hand of step-mother. Conjunctionof Rahu or Ketu with benefic planets in the 7th housemay result in a second marriage. of 17. llth or l2th may bring about the death oi husbandin her middrerife. 4th. 2nd.*-ptt.:' "". 19. Rahu in the Sth denotes big famity with poor finan_ a cial condition.domestic peaceand happiness beforemarriageand it will be only after marriage that she will feel happy provided Zth houseand 7th lord are favourablystrong.Conjunction of Rahu or Keru with the ruler of the gtli house.the girl may not be a one man's woman. Ketu in the 9th is equally bad and deniesher paternalhappiness. 18. Ketu in the gth can make (a her a vishkanl'a poisonousgirl). Rahu or Ketu are not termed favourable in the 7th housefor happy cordial relationwith the husband. 16. 3rd. Same is the case when Ketu is in the gth house. SimilarlyKetu in the 4th does not give motherly happiness.

Rahu in Leo opposition Mooh. Jupiter and Rahu in Taurus trine Neptune. with Mars-3. znd with Sun-one. Jupiterin the 9th will give birth to as manyas eleven but only five will survive.with Mercury-4. Libra ascendant. Rahu in Sagittarius Neptunewith Saturnin fall and 7th lord Jupiterin fall in the 8th. Moon conjunction Jupiter in Capricorn. the girl will become widow shortly after marriage. Neptune square 7th house.canbe ascertained 6. Moon. The numberof conceptions in thus : with Venusdestroyed the womb. If thereis a Grand Trine betweenMoon. Woman with Rahu conjunction Moon. Neptune square 7th house. and 25. or Rahu in Gemini trine Sun and Uranusor Rahu in Gemini. Rahu in Aries. Mars and Saturnwill give birth to sickly children. Woman with Rahu in Capricorn ascendant and children.marry second 26. Rahu in the 5th will destrorymany conceptions. Venusin Cancer Mars either in Libra or in Aries. with Moon2. the girl will become a widow at a very young age. 27.21. Jupiter arrd Rahu. the woman will leaveher time and will be morally loose. the 7th lord Jupitertrine Saturn on the cuspof the 7th house or Rahu in Capricorn trine Venus and Neptune or Rahu in Leo squareMars and Saturu but Jupiter sextile to the 7th house lord Sun. Cancer Rahu in Pushya Nakshatra ruled by Saturncauses widorvhood. 23. with Jupiter-S. the 7th lord Mars square Saturn. conjunction Saturnin the 5th housewill causewomb diseases and there will be no child-birth. 22. first husband. the square woman will become a widow. Venusin the ascendant. Rahu in Cancer. there will be much difficulty at delivery and the children will be unfortunate.the woman will get happily married. 133 . Rahu 24.

3 3 . clelayedmarriage but good moral character. but the children u. married bliss w i l l b e d e n i e dd u e t o t h e d e f e c t i n t h e h u s b a n d . 36. R a h u i n S c o r p i o .ill be the source of unhappiness instead of joy.b i r t h a n d m a y a l s o b r i n g t h i r h e u m a t i s mo f r h e t h i n g s . she may get children. Fenralehoroscope. t34 . Mars ruler of the 7th house in Aquarius square Saturn. 31. T a u r u s . Capricorn ascendant.S u n t and Venusin Leo. Rahu in Taurus with Mars. the lady can lrave womb troubles as a result of which she will not conceive.Rahu in Capricorn. s q u a r e M o o n . If Ketu is there insread of Rahu. the lady may deliver by a caesarean operation. 7th house lord in Cancer.S u n t r i n e N e p t u e . Moon is 5th to_Jupiter nd Rahu is 5th to-Moon. 3 4 . Capricorn ascendant. 30. 32. Aspected or associated by Jupiter.28. 35. . Moon in Cancer or Uranus in the 7th house opposed to 7th houses ruler Mars or Uranus sextile the Sun. This is possiblewith Taurus or Libra ascendants only. Mercury and Saturn-no marriage. Rahu ancl Mars in the 5th house on the asterism of lVlars. Rahu in Capricorn. conjunction Ir4ars. a s c e n d a nw i t h S a t u r n . birth of children*itt not be denied. Rahu in Capricorn in the 7th house square Saturn girl will get married later in her life. constant quarrels bringingimmorality. Moon conjunction Mars in Sagittarius and Rahu con_ junction Uranus in Gemini. 7th house Jupiter restrograde in the 6th-no child-birth due to mensestrouble. Rahu in Virgo square Sun and Saturn or ?rh house ruler square Mars and conjunction Saturn and Uranus. there will U" adueiie a i n f l u e n c e sd u c t o t h e c h i l d . unhappy married lil'e. 29. but all of them rnay die causing her unhappineis. Moon in Cancer. the girl will get married at an early age but will be deserted by her husband. R a h u i n S a g i t t a r i u s .

one should remember. Favourably aspectedNodes between . not a list of virtues and vices. they seem to understand and help each other the best. The first step is a quick analysis of the charts of each subject.CHAPTER 16 Rahu & Ketu in Synastary The art of chart comparison or synastry is a difficult one. Whereverthe nodal axis falls on the other's chart is $. At all times. the outstanding points of an individual are determined by the over-all pattern of the horoscope.here the area can get out of balance. it rs the total person or the entire chart being compared with another complete person. Ketu always does the teaching. This is essentialin order not to be thrown off track in our synthesis. But persons with good background of natal astrology can also try chart comparisons. So to make our analysis. As said in the early pages of this book. This branch of astrology needs for a wide knowledge of human naturc. occult and art and as such needs some sort of intuitional ability and know instinctively what relationships are good and bad. astrology is a religious science. since it calls for of an expertnessin analysing the essential personality pattern of both the individuals. When Rahu and Ketu are opposite one another between the two chaits. Usually. first pick out the obvious features of the chart. Judgement would have to be made as to whether the Nodes are in aspect to each other before a final delineation can be made.

MARS. However. Unfavourable Nodescan cause separative a action. it is the planet which is stronger than Rahu and it is Ketu which is powerful than the planet. much depend whether the person is accentuatinghis Rahu or Ketu in his life. Conjunctions Rahu of SUN. When Rahu will 'conjunct a planet. We know that more is needed than Rahu and Ketu alone in our consideration the placement eachplanethasits as of own say. These are some of the salientfeaturesof Rahu and Ketu in synastry. It is againKarmic as Rahu and Ketu are closely linked with Luminaries. strong attracrion and spirit of consideration for each other. it is Ketu which is stronger than Rahu. They are of separate influencesand should be read as such. The union between the people of opposite sexesseemsdestined. It is Karmic and the Sun personwill comeforward to assist Rahu personto grow in strengthand vitality to build his destiny. In our opinion Rahu and Ketu should be kept separate in our interpretation. It is that basic iharacteristic that lasts through Iife and influences every action. conjunction which is important and not the opposition. It is a positivestrongmagnetic attractionand there is a sincere desireto understand and help each other. In between two. This aspectwill work more favourably in domestic life than ontsideworld. creative 136 . There is love. It is something from the past life carried over to this incarnation. This conjunction will give ambition. MOON. When it comes between Rahu and the planet. This conjunctionaddsto the sprrituality and self confidence in both. Ketu will naturallyoppose but it is the it.charts can bring out about lasting influence.

One will help the other to stimulate intellecMERCURY. SATURN. Rahu will help Mercury in his/her educational pursuits and can spur to greater mental feats' Mercury's reasoningwill keep Rahu balanced' JUPITER. However. Both the persons will respect each other's URANUS. Uranus will help to stimulate creative ability of Rahu. This aspect will increase the sense of duty between the both. there is companionship and sympathy between them. in both' Mars person will be able to take Rahu person along with him to achieve successby stimulating energy and drive. tual pursuits and growth. In matri' monial alliance. It is not a good aspect to be considered for matrimonial alliance but it will prove good if Saturn is the master and Rahu is the employee.ability vitality etc.it is better to have Mars in the male chart and Rahu in female chart to have the laiting comPatibilitY. need for freedom and individuality. this aspect map make both the personsextravagant. Both will have generosity and tolerance towards each other. Both the persons will bc sincere in affections and will try not to hurt the feelings of each other. VENUS. It is not good for marriage or businesspartnerships but may work well for social life. Jupiter also helps to develop selfconfidence in Rahu and makes him to move forward. t37 . Saturn person brings discipline and sense of responsibility to the Rahu person and can prove to be a great teacher. ln between opposite sexes. This aspect will help both to develop on spiritual lines. Though Rahu may not like to work under Uranus but he will not hesitate in admit' ting the superiority of kahu. Each other will appreciate one's talents and intellect. This cau be termed as spiritual and Karmic NEPTUNE.

These people can work for great constructive good in the area of love and compassion for others. PLUTO. As said earlier.fp i""i other in character improvement. though initial attraction may be there.. Conjunctions of Ketu SUN. perhaps a bond that even death cannot break. result unpleasant domestic changes Jun tuk. Ketu will try to dominate the Sun person.iginufff will be due to Karmic conditions. This aspect is not favoured in matrimonv. Ketu is powerful and will dominate over the planets. The relations can never be lasting and permanent. This contact makes both the person feel that there is strong bond between them. t38 . energy ancl action and will try to subduc him. sexes. Ketu will be demanding of the Moon *i h. piace. Here Ketu man will restrict the Mars personal desires. tutunyfarniliarities will be fo-und amongst them. Ketu can always arouse the Moon person emotionally. it may work t e m p o r a r i l yb u t w i l l n o t l a s t Oue lo rivalry.. This aspect muy explaio that thesetwo persons have probrems in their past lives and will nu"t aguin in this life tc resolve thenr. MOON. Neptune is the planet of past Karmas and Rahu will distribute them in this incarnation.contact.. This aspect will causefluctuating and disturbing relations between them and may not prove to be lasting. MARS. passions. with the result resentments tend to build and eventually Sun person seeks a ways to free himserf. k"tu p.roi *iil always have the edge over the Sun person. So they will be attracted to each other to work out the problems. relations between _ Luminaries and Nodes are Karmic. Contacts o. As said earlier. Both will fr. Between opporit.

but later on when V e n u s w i l l f i n d t h a t K e t u i s t o o s e l f i s ha n d d e m a n d i n g . will try to teach him. Here Ketu will try to possess enus without V giving. JUPITER. he will be able to increase his knowledge. astro- t39 . Initially both will feel the responsibility to each other for the love and affection as their duty. Such peasonsshould not associatein any walk of their lives. as there will be friction amongst them.MERCURY. Ketu person will have greater power over Mercury and has something to teach him. This will cause resentment and Jupiter may break away from him. VENUS. Initially Ketu may accept the guideline from Jupiter. Mercury person will break and go away. Ketu man will create the situations where Mercury will need serious thinking and this way. but their relations will not last long and finding the suitable opportunity. parties are engagedin the persuit ofpsychic phenomena. This is no aspect for compatibility. they may stay together. There will be over-flowing of energy and inspiration between both with thc result that one will not accept the superiority of the other. Ketu wants to hold. Saturn restricts and restrains and sometimes conrpletely blocks Ketu person's development. resulting in a break.t h e y w i l l s e p a r a t en o t t o m e e t a g a i n . URANUS. but having learnt it. Uranus wants to rebel. Such persons can never go together for long. D uring cfisis. lt can be termed as favourable if both the NEPTUNE. Equally Ketu can put strain on Saturn will cause the mood of depressionor will give the feeling of to much responsibility on him with the result Saturn will part and separate. SATURN. This contact can be said to be good between the teacher and the student.

This combination can again be termedas Karmic. The readers will observe that Ketu conjunctionwith any planet is nevergood and Ketu person will always have the dominanceover the other. if they are.engaged indulgence any in of type. r40 . In such cases relations may not last long.they may look friendsbut inwardly theremay be a desireto harm eachother in one way or thc other. if to This as_ pect will create sex problemseven if both the parties are of the samesex. It is advised that such persons shouldnevercome together.logy and occult learning. Outwardly. the PLUTO This aspect can make them to indulge in sex perversions. there are other aspects support it.this aspect will prgve to be the worst and evil. However.

During the course of our visit to foreign countries to speak on Hindu Astrology. . Moon's Nodes bridge the gap between the previous form of soul to the present soul structure.'. The basic concept is that the Moon's Nodes work as a vacuum tube connecting the pait Karmas with the present Destiny.'. For conjtmctions and oppositions. Moon's Nodes also help to corelate the present soul structure This with its possible connection to the future soul form. Next we ari to find the controlling planets (Planets rulling the Signs occupied by Rahu and Ketu) The third stage is to see the aspectsbetween Rahu and Ketu with the natal planets. Among important are most the Moon being the closest light near the Earth. but for other aspects. we have the orb upto l0'. so the influence of Moon's Nodes is very important in the life of a soul. As the influence of the Moon is very strong in a natal chart. we found that more and more personsin the West started in believing the process of Reincarnation and Hindu Philosophy of life. automatically brings us to the Hindu concept of some form of reincarnation process.?::::lL. In Karmic Destiny the first stage is to find out where Rahu and Ketu are placed in the natal chart by Signs and Houser and delineate them by taking into consideration the elements of Signs and Houses. In other rvords.CHAPTER 17 pranetary J:.the orb is not allowed for more than one degree.

30N00 Day sl Birth.eJ $D *:3:s l0'oo r (tt Cr- ig As a simple rule.S.T.m.day is from sunrise sunrise. Ketu tells us about our past Karmas broughtin this incarnation and Rahu will tell how we are r42 . 77E30.For illustration. l? !| oe . I. his day of birth will be Tuesday and not Wednesso duv)' Date of Birth : l0th March 1920 Time of Birth : 4h 34m 38sa. He was born on 10thMarch 1920. before to sunrise. Tuesduy (In Hindu Astrology. have the author'shoroscope. we His birth detailsare : Placeof Birth.

this does not say what the whole life is going to be. In our illustration. Grand Trines are : l-5-9. In the illustration. In this case. 2nd. but it is the position of Rahu (three houses)for the distribution and utilisation of past Karmas during our life time. 3-7-ll. Rahu is in Libra in the lOth house which is in the same as Ketu in Aries in the 4th house. For example.6th arrd lOth houses. Since Ketu has been assignedthe responsibility of inlet of Karmas from the past life and Rahu is responsible for the redemption of past Karrnas in this life. but a general attitude that will guide the soul in this life. it is the position of Ketu (one incoming point) for the inlet of Karma. Rahu is in the lOth house i. if Rahu is in the 7th house.to redeem them. Karmic energy distribution (Ranu) is happening through Air (Libra) element by sign position and Earth (l0th house) t43 . ln the example horoscope. The areas covered by Rahu are quite important irr the Karmic growth during your life time. one can estimate a general Karmic attitude or function in one:s life. its distribution net work will consist of houses3-7-ll.. 2-6-lO. past |ife Karmic energy (Ketu) is coming from the Fire (Aries) by sign position and Water (4th house) element by house position. 6th and l0th are the houses where the native needs the grow'th in this life time. the incoming point is the 4th house and he is to distribute and utilise the past Karmas through the 2nd. By knowing where the Nodes are in the natal chart. their location through the signs and housesin a birthchart will help us to understand more of Karmic Destiny in this life time. and 4-8-12 houses.e. during his life-time. The redeeming net-work of Rahu consists of the Grand Trine housesthat include the positions of Rahu in the natal chart. Remember. To conclude.

The Air levels is-Intellectuality and Communicatiorrs. when the wetnurse brought him back.e. One Nodes conversion (Fire-Air) rs bringing higher knowledge into something logical that can be easily communicated. through Air and Earth elementsin this incarnation. he had to work very hard. r44 . Thus the basic Karmic energy will be from Fire-Air (by signs) and Water-Earth (by house). he suffered emotionally for want of love and afrection from his parents. Remember that these elementalanalysis will not tell us a life-long story but a path that is significant in the life of that person. The other Node conversion (Water-Earth) is trying to convert understanding of feeling and sensitivityinto practical-materalistice attitud. his Karmic Destiny would have been totally different. If the native can bridge the gap between the interface of Air and Earth. This gave hime tremendous amount of energy to fight his own way to establish his own individuality and it was again Karmic. The Karmic processof this person is to learn to use his mind and intellect by planning a practical action which can provide him material significance.element by house position.. the rest of the flow will be quite smooth. Here both the conversionsare converging to the common boundry of Air Earth domain. During Even today at this time so far. In his childhood. Had Ketu been in some other elemeni i. his mother refused to recognisehim as hcr own child. This is due to Ketu in 4th house. Her arguments were that the wetnurse had changed her baby with somebody'selse. But Ketu is in Aries (Fire). Air or Water or Earth instead of Fire. and the Earth level is-Practicality and Materialism. After couple of years. The native was given to the wet-nurse to be brought up as his mother was not keeping a good health at the time of his birth. Rahu will redeem his Karmic Destiny through 2-6-10 houses as stated earlier. and it was Karmic.

he attained some sort of recognition and he is alwaysa doer-practical (earth element). achievedand lost many thingsas he could not learn to understand the significance of balance. Financially. Often difficulties during childhood brings about a distorted mother/father complexto him. Vocation (lOth house). His individuality and strong ego are worth noticing. He will achieve thingswithout fighting forthem and often otherswill surrender to him just by his senses and magnetism.he works for more than 12 hours a day.He had. somedrawbacksare noticed in the home affairs. in that life. Thus. someof the hostilitiesor lack of mother elementis due t45 . temper and aggression. Rahu in the l0th and Ketu in the 4th: This condition often signifies stronger success in the professionor careerarea. Air element-whatever work he did or doing at present in his life.this age of 59 years. priority and deeper significance. (2nd house)he had neverbeenwell-offexceptfor a very short period in between. diplomatic His talentsare well worth nothing in this life. Rahu in Libra and Ketu in Aries: previous incarnation of this personwas spentwith a lot of physical actions. This is the 6th houseaffairs. He is a lot closerto his father than to the mother.he ha0 changed as six professions so far.' Everythinghe undertakes this life will have a definitesense in of justice. However. Here. Although is he may not be after material success. In this life time. satisfactions and fulfilments through the home are fairly low for him. he will definitely learn and be able to use the concept of balanceas appliedto 'soul growth. always manages he to be in plentiful in that respect. Utilisationof mental energies strongly noticed in this personin this life. the individual converts the domestic energies all into professionaldirectioa. However.

pain etc. we should take the shortest or smallest aspect betweenthe controllingplanetand the Nodal axis. of quarrels. fiery.. ruler of the iign occupied by Ketu is Mars and the ruler of the sign occupiedby Rahu is Venus. First we are to considerthe position of his Mars. Combinethe characteristics all the of threeelements. Mars is the planetof the past life Karmic Control and Venusis the planet of Karmic Distribution Control. the aspects made by the planet to both the Nodeswill alwaysbe complimentary. he was quarrel-some.For all practrcal purposes. The controlling planets have strong implications depending upon where they fall in the chart and the aspects they make with the nodal axis. Controlling Plenets The planefsrrrling the signsof Rahu and Ketu are called the Controlling Planets. His first half of life is not very enjoyableas comparedto the secondhalf of life. Coming back to our illustrarion.e Mars.e. i. Since Ketu is the inlet point of Karma.e. The characteristics Mars-Fire. Sincethe Nodes are in exact opposition. in his past incarnation. Mars and Venusare the Controlling Planets in this Nativity. Libra and the loth houseand we will get the clear picture. the planet ruling the sign of Ketu is called the past life Karmic Control. energy. and full of energy. The planet ruling the sign of Rahu controls the Karmic Distribution Control. This aspectmade by the controlling planet to the nodal axis is of great significance in'Karmic understanding. initiative.lo recentpast life complications with her. Mars is in Libra in lOth house.i. Sensitivity and emotionalis6 is something he has to overcome and show an imageof tough practicality in this life. IM . effort. i.

money etc. It is due to his past-life-karmiccontrol.As he could not balance himself in past incarnation (Libra sign). monther. this incarnation. affection and money). Next planet to be considered is Venus-the planet of Karmic Dlistribution Control. Capricorn is the sign of ambition but of restrictions also and the first housemeans 'person'. Venusis in the first housein Capri (Venus. Sometimes theseconne' ctions are in the form of unfinishedmanipulation or simple 'get like the Martian even' from the previous life. Temper and aggressiveness go hand-in-hand to achievethe objective without wastingany time. Strong personal elevation is sought in life. We are to blend thesethree characteristics First house and Capricorn) to understandthe Karmic Distribution Control in this incarnation. This is quite a fortunate and powerful aspect. domestic peace and harmony ctc. Money and resourcesbecomes key issues image. he is to suffer in this incarnation in his married life (Libra-sign of marriage)and his vocation (l0th house). Mars conjunction Rahu in the l0th house. Physicalsex drive is often at its highestand it has certain past-lifeconnections.e. corn. Strong assistance is seenin getting aheadin fife or vica-versa. basicallydue to Karmic hidden support. beauty. Strong tensions with behind the go-getterprofessional father are noticed sinceearly childhood. (Orb is 10") in Libra. It seems energiesare coupled with the previousmemoriesand they from brothers and have a Scorpion touch.Mars is the ruler of the 4th he will suffer in his 4th house afrairsin i. sisters t47 . Key Nodes for Venus arelove. Naturally the presentlife of the native will be full of ambitions but of restrictions also with regard to the Keynotesof Venus(love.

This sounds like basic Karmic training.Venus square Rahu/Ketu. When he plans to go after resourcesand money matters. this aspectrepresents better emotional distribution within or without the native.it does provide a lot of fighting spirit to the native to overcomemany obstacles. Thus. If not. However. Theseaspecthas the most Karmic learningprocess native'slife. This . Aspectsto Rahn & Ketu Moon con.he has good and stiffstamina to cope up with added life process. he gets to circumstantiallr tangledwith other' resources and their management. Thus he in fulfils substantialbalanceof Karma in this life alone. circumstanees force him to change strategycontinuously. as he goes through higher reincarnations. This goeson his until the balaneis fully undestood. Affairs of money and possessions very significant. at last he will provide for suchsatisfaction for others. Basically. in These minute lessons comefrom many areasof life. Strongly it may not seemso because is learningfrom so many dihe rectionsand without concentrating any particular areaof on life. whateverhis choice is. the atherhand. cirumstancesforce him to becomeantimaterialistic. Theie people go 148 . Somehow. aspect providessinternal emotionalsatisfaction him. are or Circumstances behave strongelywith him in this aspect.It seems that he is to learn his Karmic lessons substantially details.iunction Rahu. On if he decideds withdraw from the meterialluxury. Support from mother or 'mother image'is of utmost impor_ tancefor him in this life. This is quite a frustrating or stressful aspect.consciously unconsciously. The idea to takesomething from 'mother'and be a mother figure' to somoneis highly under focus.

e. in this life repaymentis done to him to get somewhere.it is Dasa paddhati (Vimshttari Dasa System)in Hindu Astrology wnich is unique but if the learnedastrologers will not be able to differentiite between ruling Dasa of Karmic planetsand other planets. Strong foundation and establishmenr identityis of done by the help of the father-figure' in life. Optimistic attitudes and open goals are quite comrnon for him. During these19 yearsof Saturn Dasa.i. the they ere likely to err. Sun trine Rahu. Vivid irnagination and stronger sensitivitytowards someof the past-lifeexperiences and their iliumination is noticed in this aspect. the Dasa periodsof Rahu and Ketu are also Karmic. he was completely disowned his parents by and he had to work and earnhis own livelihood.through ultra high and low emotional stagesin this category. no matter wherehe starts in life. Dasa Periods When it comesto Timing of Events. personalelevationand execution of proper ego for him. A change camewhen he enteredin SaturnDasa. he had beenwell recognised his assistaucc others. During his recentlife. the native had the balanceof Jupiter Dasafor 8 years9 monthsat the time of birlh. he had been t49 . and are to be delineateddifferently. As a result. it is best not to provoke them emotionallyai the wrong time. Similarly. They may go through typical or un_ usual emotional experienceswhich could be part of their recent life externalizatiunwith a great similiarity to reality. circumstantial assistance getting recognised the world is in in noticed. This aspect providesgood popularity. As a for to result. In our illustration. Successin the public life or evenin politicsis seen.

he cameto the business. He was on TOP in his trade and industry in the country. this period was full and fluctuations. VenusDasa. this Dasaperiod was Karmis. e. becausemost of his Karmic debtsof past incarnation were paid during Saturn and Mercury Dasa. to ing broughtand additionalknowledge him. there were times when he had nothing to eat and nothingto wear. he come to his normal pattern of Destinyi. With Ketu Dasa. Sun Dasa is likely to prove death inflicting for hinn as Sun is placed on the asterismof r50 .planet of Karmic Distribution Centrol. Ketu is placedon the asterismof Venus and it becameall the more important becausVenusis one of the Karmic Controlling Planets.learning and earning and the life was quite regular and smooth. He had to and had to go without food and shelter for days'together sufferthe greatesthumiliation of his life.though progresswas very slow.As said earliei. He become from selfishand materialisticapproach. Suchtime will not repeat as he will not see Rahu Dasa. though every sufrersufferings of struggleil. his life was completelychanged. Had Venus not been the Karmic ControllirrgPlanet. but beforethe end of Ketu Dasa. From but employment. he startedfrom the scrapand reached on the dizzyheightsof his life. upto the ageof 72 years. But perhaps God religiousand spiritualistic has a purposebehind it.the results of VenusDasa would havebeen totally different.Ketu Dasa taugh him a lessonand he shouldhaveno problemin his old age i. that he is a fortunate man. With the changeof Mercury Dasa.a complete change camein his life. brought about completerevolution and rejuvenenationin bis life and he has attained a position which he could have never dreamt of in his early life. e. We would rather say.With the beginningof Ketu Dasa.

When this conjunction took place third time in the year 1975-76.il Jupiter (rulbr of the netal l2th house) and the Sun is in the 2nd housebeing the ruler of the 8th house.The aspectsof conjunction and positions of any Node are very significautto the planetsin the natal chart. These three phases had their distinct characteristics his life. astrologihis cal works were recognised and was invited to visit foreign countlies to speakon Hindu Astrology. when he was released from all the sufrerings and bondage imposed on him by Rahu conjunction Ketu in the year 1948and a new cycle of life began. His visit was a great Euccess. TRANSITS lVe are of the opinion that Transits are more powcful and decisive than Vimshottari Dasa System. Transit Rahu conjunct natal Ketu : First time this aspect took place in the year 1926when it concided wite the beginig of Saturn Dasa. All the transiting aspectsof Nodes to the planetsin the . in Rahu conjunction Rahu-1939-40: He got married and got his first employment.Secondtime this conjunctiontook place in the year 1957.though someof the learnedastrologersmay not be in agreementwith us. one way it was a great honour him which compleIf 151 . and even capableof modifying the Dasa System.chartare Karmic points or intercharge.n Ketu Dasa. and brought about revolutionswhich became cause hic the of sufferings and downfall. Secondtime this manifestationtook placein the year 1948with the begining of Mercury Dasa and third time in 1966. All thesecanjunctionswere bad.

If Venus was not the Karmic Control Flanet. He was again promoted. he had to rebuild his life all over again. t52 . Rahu conjunction Sun in l95l brought about a financial relief. For other planets. except his physical survival. With the entry of Rahu in his l2th house opposing Pluto. it will depend on other factors also.tely cfiange the patterr of his life. this conjunction would have meant something different and proved beneficial. the outcome will be malefic. Rahu conjunction Venus in 1971. Whenever transit Rahu will come ro conduct Ketu or other Karmic Control Planets. Rahu conjunction Mercury in 1969 brought heavy lossesin businessand he was almost completely ruined. Rahu conjunction Jupiter/Neptune during this year 1962 brought another improv ement in his life. His salary was just doubled over a night. Rahu conjunction Pluto (6th House) jn 1964destroyed him almost. This aspect may not operate in his life-time any more. Rahu conjunction Venus 1952 was the most unfortunate part of his life (Venus is the Karmic Controlling planet for the present lifetime). no_ thing was left. Rahu conjunction Saturn in year l96l brought about his daughter's marriage and a rise in his employment.

the corr€ctnessof which is not disputed. This is one of the very few horoscopesof the lgth Century. ft ar-a*\ /oD Iv ab .CHAPTER 18 Famous People 1. Prime Minister Morarji Desai We start this capter with the horoscope of Prime Minister Morarji Desai.

each occupythe others. if you disclose identify. Alren have said in their researchesthat for a pcrson to be lucky and prominent.he should have the planetsin the Foreground(angles).. Chapter II) has said : "When a planet is retrograde in his motion. If a planet conjoinedwith a retrograde planet. If a planet.house.we need readers' permissionto say that let them take his horoscope any astrologerof the world (irrespective tn" to of school. Uttorakalamrtua Kalidasa(Slokai_A. However. it will be qurt" his easyfor any astrologer justify his statusastrologically. be retrgradein tris motion wn]le in his exaltation house. he gets only his Neechabala i. Jupiter and Mars are exalted. of it is termed as Dainya yoga. his strengthis similar to that when in hlsextaltation.Chapter VI. wiil speak woundingly and will be unsteady mind. "When two planets. action is termed Parivartana.. Some astrolggerswill arguethat three planets_Saturn. In this uase. there is not a singie planet in an angle.who is the prime Minister o'f India.haveour doubtsif he can identify this horoscope with the person. Sloka 32-33. . 3. wilr be reviling othersand commit sinful aitions. The man born in a Dainya V"g" *iii be a fool.: thing. .he follows) and we. the strength is ll2 a Rupo. e." phatadeepiLo rraanin op teswara. But saturn and Jupiter are retrogrades. 2. There is a Dainya ioga in this horoscopedue to exchangethe houses between sa-turn and Venus. He will alwaysto tormentedby his enemies." 154 .each owning a housemutually intcr_ changeplaces.fhis-importanci of the planetsin angres equally recognished Eastern is in as well as Western School.when either the lord of the 6th or gth or l2th houseis involved in sucha exchanges houses. to l. by tp. cyril Faganand Garth.the i.

7 out of 12 houseare rendered week and powerless.say those that know the properties a house. caseRa. This aspect providesstrorrgpersonalelevationwhereverthe Sun is located.then Uranus is in the 6th an<I Neptuneand Pluto are in the l2th house.itslord in the 6th. that without the knowis ledgeof Rahu and Ketu or without incorporating them in the chart. Phaladeepika. 3. The destinyoften helpsthem in most of ways it can during life. of Venusand Mars in the 8th houseand Laturn. page33. the 8th. Slaka 5.it suffers annihilation. The learnedreaders have observed through the earlier pagcsof this book that the co-relationbetweenthe Luminaries (Sun and Moon) has given the birth to Rahu and Ketu. Chapter XV: "When a house has . Responsibilities often given to them just as they are are ready for them. e. 2. or the l2th. where you will find both the There are very few horoscopes Luminarieswith Rahu and Ketu. This conjunctionprovidesthe native success his in ambitions.huis with Sun and Ketu is with the Moon and this by itself is an important Yaga." This conjunctiontakesplacein his 9th . or is occupiedby the lord of any of these three. The point. GoergeWhite has said "The Moon is greatlystrengthened beingwith either Nodc by 155 .houseand the readers know all about the 9th housecharacteristics. this chart cannot justify the elevation of the person to be the Head of Government. In this. About Moon conjunction Ketu.4.If the readerstake thke the newly discovered planets into consideration. ruler of the 8th is in the 5th housei. Chapter7. about Sun conjunctionRahu we have said: "It gives advantagesto the Rahu area. we wish to stress." ln this chart Mercury.

If th9 Moon. when Sun and Moon are in conjun_ ction with Ketu Rahu and respectivelygiving rise to a powerful Raja-yoga. when the Sun is in conjunction with Rahu. He become Prime Minister during Mercury/Mars. you take out Rahu and Ketu from this horoscope.Mars. 156 . it adds to a person's stature (look to the native's height and social status) and also makes him more fortunate in all the affairs of life. is exalted and placed in the first with Mercury: There will be domestic peace. is with either Node and the North Node is elevated. With incorporating Rahu and Ketu.and rendered much more tortunate provided the North Node is elevated: in fact this is the most essential points of the Moon's dignity. (Mercury is the ruler of natal ascendant and from its location. It was this configurtation i' his horoscope which has elevated him to be the Head of the Gavern_ ment." (purashara Hora). 4. The readers will find it equally interesting to nore that Mars is placed on the asterism of Sun and Mercury is placed on the asterism of Moon. Sun (ruler of the sign occupied by Ketu) and Saturn (ruler of the sign occupied by Rahu) are Karmic Controlling Planets.financial gains. Rahu conjunction Sun and Ketu conjunction Moon jn the horoscope have formed practically the conditions of true eclipse and the learned readers are fully aware that how many times the native has suffered eclipses like conditions in his life.. The native will regain his lost political power due to the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi and will be made the ruler. and it will become powerless. hc is the ruler of the 5th and the houses). They are in trine to each other. ruler of 3rd and the lOth from Mercury. the learned astrologer will be missing a vital link in the horoscope..

elevationto the presentposition is purehis ly Karmic and it is at the door Rahu and Ketu. To conclude. 2. I . planet of Incoming Karmic Control was transiting in his lOth houseat that time. Sunday 28-7-1929. Sun (ruler of the signoccupied by Ketu). 13-18-42 'ea i: Z 1.T. E. 72W 23.S.At the time of elections and his occupying the officeof the Prime Minister. Rahu was transiting on his Saturnis the ruler of the sign occupiedby Rahu and he is the planet of Karmic Distribution Control. JacquelineBouvier KennedyOnassis 40N54.

T t4 5l 24 l.They are also the natural planets 9f marriageand sex. planet of Karmic Control.arried life. At tfri.6.Itwas due to her past Karmas that she was to sufer in this incarnation in her r. transit Saturn square natal Rahu.. Moon (ruler of the l0th house)with Rahu in the Zth is responsible her becoming the First Lady for of United States of America (wife of the president).l. who happened be the rulers of her ascendant to and the 7th houserespectively. e. President Kennedy was assassinatedon 22-l-1963. s-uaaen fa' irom thc position can happen._ It causeof the 'vital nature' in her. Moon is on the asterism Ketu and Rahu is on the asterism of of Venus.S. can give a feelingof independ"n".. Mars +rine Rahu: This aspectprovides her added ptrysicat. 29-S-lgt7. 43 N20. Ketu in the lOth houseis not teimed favourable for the secondhalf of life and does not promise lasting prosperity and happiness. 3 president John F. Ketu is the ascendantin Libra (sign of marriage) is res' ponsible to make her widow twice. Venusand Mars in a square aspect. Venus is in the gth -Incoming (nouseof death)..1i_. or reserve energies. Ketu in the r0th housein its Fail in the Gemini is by itself enoughto indicate that he will not be able to comjlete his term as President.ir. transit Rahu was opposingher natal Saturn. Venus and Mars are her Karmic Controlling planents. Tuesday.in the ascendant. 158 ." She may not marry any more now./Ketu and transit Neptune was on her Ketu . Kennedy 7l W08..thus den_ ying her the matrimonialhappiness in this incarnation.. when was undergoing Moon/Rahu sub_period. i. E. 3.

Karmic Controlling Planets-Mercury and-Jupiter-are ruler of conjunctionwith Mars (Planetof arms. in the 8th (houseof tleath)' With this configuration' meetthe it was a foregone conclusion that the native will placedon unnatural voilent death. Prime Minister Morarji Desai' (Mercury is the ruler of-the has Mais conjunctioi Mercury but for him ascendantin both the cases) in the 8th house' Control Planet' Mercury is not the Karmic Rahu/ 3. during r59 . Mercury 4nd Jupiterare of selfthe asterismof Sun. He became President on 2t-l-1961 i' e'.ls tr 'ta' ti: a e iar * t< v in 2.voilenceetc') the 8th. ruler of the l2th house-house too' undoing and sufferings.

but has gone on the ascertism sun . Jupiter..89853.too. i.V-c"nwork vice_versa.*. pla_ netsand signs are classifiedas maleficsand benefics. tt" .ur.'.d.rufritei i. Enhancement dcesnot meanfor good it can be bad also subject to the characteristics the planet and the of t ous. 1960-61 Transit Rahu was on his : natal Moon and tran_ sit Saturn and Jupiterwere on his natar Rahu.un". are placedon the asterism of Venus.hir declaring Emergency and taking over as President which is responsi-ble his assassination. became and was assassina_ ted on l5-8-1975.Moon and both the planets. Rahu is in conjunction the basic quality _with any planei.. We have said in our Arricle (Fate& i"rliiry October l9Z5)that yT. 23_29_50 He became Head of the Government the (Bangladesh) on presidenton 2S_t_lgi5 l2-l-1972. for It.S.identicalto its own sign. We have also saiclthat "nt.but when it comesto actual operation... placedin the gth house (death)i. tfr.. in Jupiter/Jupiter. r60 . yoga karka planet a placed in the 9th house. his Ketu and we have in of -said earlier pages this book that this transit is most unfoutunate.it will of that planet.Tuuius. there will be enhencement that in area. All this transit Fere favourabte. t7-3-tgZO.. presidentMujibur Rahman 23N36.j. Symbolically.22_ll_1963:Transit Rahu camei."u. is no trine aspectto Rahu.in trine aspect.T. e.t of Karmic Distri_ bution Control. 4.. .. e. I.had beenrepeatedly said that whenever . whereverRahu is pla_ ced.i oi of the natat t2th house. his voi_ Ient death was Kalmic indicatedby the position of Rahu and Ketu in his natal chart. Wednesday. assassinated on 22-ll-1963. fnisiriggering by itself was enoughto bring this sad episode of his life.

Here Rahu is in the l2th housein conjunction with Mars. add obscure housesto know much about.Rememberingthat the l2th houseis the house of secret cnemies and also of regrets and self-undoing.it must be a bad place for Rahu to lie. Here Rahu has enhancedthe qualities of Mars. but also of l6l . This axis is not the favouredfor the personwho.become Head of this States. Mars is the ruler of the ascendant and also the planet of Incoming Karmic Control. It is this which is resin configuration Mujibur Rehman'shoroscope ponsiblefor his elevationas the Head of the Government and Sixth and twelfth are rather secret also for his assassination.

the readershave seenthat transit Ketu conjunction natal planet and transit pranetsconjunction Ketu ari not termed favourable. Transit Mars was opposingtransit Rahu. He becamethe Prime Minister of Bangladesh l2-l-19?2. There were difficulties. this assassination Karmic due to his past Karmas.there will alwaysbe danger of unnatural and prematuredeath. was Any good astrologercould convenientlyseeand predict the end of his life in the manner it has taken place. Wheneverthe lord of the ascendant will be in the 6th. Uranus. Control is placedon the asterism Mars.r. which finally resulted in his assassination.his elevation and assassination *. Another interestingpart of horoscopeis that Mars is rplaced on the asterismof Rahu when Venus. Venusand Moon.l2th houseMars. In the previouschapterson Transits of this book. with the result he dissorved the Parliamentand becamethe president. conjunctionta_ king place in the l2th house is responsible for his assassinatiod. Transit Rahu was in his ascendant in square aspect to Saturn. planet of Karmic Distribution. He was safe upto Saturni Mars. gth or 12th housein association with Rahu or Ketu or with Karmic control Planets. t62 . To conclude. of Venusis under the sway of Mars and Mars is underthe sway of Rahu. Karmic and cannot be predicted safelyif we do not take Rahu and Ketu into consideration. piovided he had consideredRahu and Ketu in his horoscope. i. but saturn/Rahu createdproblemsin his political rife. Transit Uranus was on his Rahu and transit Jupiter was on his Ketu. SinceMars is also the planetof Incoming Karmic Con_ trol. on when he was under Saturn/Moon. as a ruler of the ascendant. e.

32N 02.too.7-14-9a. Due to this change. Like PresidentSheikh Mujibur Rehman. Like President John F.Jimmy Carter's electionwas peacefuland constitutionaland there is no danger of violent or premature death. but in Carter. Kennedy.5. but in this 163 .m. President Jimmy Carter 84W 24.T. l-10-l C.S. PresidentJimmy lord conjunction Rahu. his Karmic Controlling Planets-Moon and Saturn-are in conjunction. Wednesday. has his ascendant caseplanet involved is Venus and not Mars and the conhis junction takes place in the 10th houseand not in the l2th.

casethe conjunction takes place in the ascendant and not in the 8th house. With this change,it can be safely said that he will completehis term peacefully and there will be no unroward incident in his life. He was electedin Ketu/Venus. Venusis the ruler of the ascendant, Venus is in conjunction with Rahu and Venusis involved in Parivartana Yoga (exchange house between of Moon and Venus)termed as Maha yoga, Moon is the planet of Karmic Distribution Control. Transit Rahu was in conjunction with his natal Saturnplanet of Incoming Karmic Control. Transit Uranus was on his Moon, but the most important transit was of Saturn on his Rahu. 6. President Gelard Foril 95W57,4lNl5, Monday, t4-7-1913, C.S.T.l-32-lSa.m. We were amongst the very few astrologers of the world who saw the fall of PresidentFord in November 1976 elections, (Fate and Destiny, October 1976). To our knowledge perhaps President Ford is the only American who became vice-president Iirst and then president uncontested in a very short period. Naturally, astrologers thought that he will be successful especially when President Carter was not so popular then. Here again,the nodal axis is important. Though Rahu/Ketu axis through I lth/sth housesis very good but both the planets are in Fall. Karmic Controlling planets are Mercury and Iupiter and they are 6th/8th to each other and in Hindu Astrology, this aspectis termed malefic. On 1-8-1974, day he became president wasunder tbe the he saturn/Jupiter and Jupiter is the pranetof his Karmic Distrilg

bution Control. Jupiter is placed on the asterismof Venus, ruler of the ascendant. that time, Rahu was transiting his At ?th house and none planet was transiting on his Rahu/Ketu axis. On 2-ll-1976, he was under Mercury/Mercury, planet of Incoming Karmic Control and Mercury is placed on its own asterism there was no modification and the President i.e. Ford was to pay for his past Karmas through his defeat at the Polls. By this time, transit Rahu shifted to his 6th house to oppose his natal Mars ruler of the 7th and the l2th house. The in-



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teresting part of the caseis that president Ford was defeated by President carter whose horoscope we have dealt earlier. Both the Presidents have Venus as tie ascendant ruler. At this time, when transit Saturn was in conjunction with natai Rahu of Carter, it was in conjunctionwiih natal M";;-;i Ford. If the learnedastrologers would have given the'd; weight to Saturn'stransit on prisident Ford,s Mircury, ptanei of Incoming Karmic control, it would not have been difficurt for them to seehis defeat againstpresident Carter. 7. Queen EtizabethII W_._"lol"this chapterwith the horoscope of eueen Elizabeth _II of Englandto answerpeterVidal,squestion-, .,Will ar;;; ElizabethAbdicate?',SundayStand rl October a d2, 1977. 51N32,00N05,Tuesday, 20-4_1926 GMT 25_40_00 For the foreign readers,who are not fully conversant __ with Hindu Astrorogy, wourd rike to add that in we Hindu Astrology, day and date beginswith sunriseand notfrom midnighi. Naturally, the Queenwas born on Tuesday(and not on Wed_ nesday)on 20-4-1926, midnight_25-40_00 at (1.40 a.m.). Her ruler of Destiny is Mars and ruler of the horoscope is Jupiter (Sidereal Chart). Both the planets are in conjunction in the 2nd houseof possessions, where Mars is exalted and Jupiter getsNeechabhangaRaja yoga (cancellation of debilitation and giving rise to Royalty). However, there is parivartana a Yoga (exchange house)arso due to the exchange of of house BetweenMars and Saturn, termed as Dainye yoga and this is bad. But Prime Minister MorarliDesai, too, has this yoga and he has becomethe prime Minister of India at the fag end of his life. The author, too, has thisDainya yoga butit could not stop his elevationin the life. After analysinghundreds of 166

but it doesnot stop other good yogas to operate in the horoscope.we cameto the conclusion of that this Duinya Yoga doesprovide many diffculties and obstacles in one'slife. With our chart her Saturn is in Scorpio but shifted to llth houseso the evil effect of this retrograde Saturn enumerated by thesetwo learnedastrologersdoes not hold good in our school of thought. Carter and PeterVidal have put her retrograde Saturn in the natal loth house.1 ..but we believein Equal House Division and Sidereal Zodiac.t I . Learnedand renownedastrologers like C. 167 I l .O.E.ii the horoscopes the persons.

Sheis not to be blamed as most of the British Empire was liquidated in her father's (King GeorgeVI) time. both horoscopes show adversemajor configurations involving Uranus around 1985. Mercury and Jupiter are her Karmic Controlling Planets. Peter Vidal is of the opinion that there are no indications either in the Queen's horoscopeor in prince Charles'horosgope rhat anythingwill happento disturb the statusquo of the royals in the nextfew yearsalthoughfactors occuringin the Queen's horoscope during l98l-82 could at that time resultin bad publicity.. Shewas Crowned during Venus/Moon sub-period.. At the time of her Coronation. 168 . She will be under Mars Dasa upro March 1983and Mars is placed on its own asterism and is exalted. Here we are in agreementwith his observationsthough our upproach is totally different than his..but we have said in earlier pagesthat the fag end of Mars Dasa before Rahu takes over is always troublesome. rhe year 19g2. At this self-same time. The readersare requested for to refer to pages65166 this book where we have delineated of Rahu in the first house and in the sign Saggittarius and they will be convincedof our statement. it is Rahu rising in her ascendant which is responsible her royalty.Amongst other factors. Venus is placed on the asterismof Jupiter and Moon is placed on the asterismof Mercury. According to Carter. transit Rahu was on her natal Rahu. transit Rahu will be in conjunction with her natal Ketu and we have also said earlier about this transit as malefic. Jupiter conjunction Mars opposition Neptune (exact) may bring a withdrawal from power and responsibility. In pointed out by Peter Vidal..Looking further ahead.. the queenwill have Saturn transits over her natal Saturd.

The readerswill agreethat without incor_ porating Rahu/Ketu. The configurationis not termed beneircand she witi be placedunder difficult circumstances. but we do not accept Saturn transit conjunction natal Saturn is as bad as concludedby him. lrlng . Shecannot outlive Rahu Dasa though Rahu Dasa should not be bad. 169 . when transit Saturn will come to conjunct her natal S"turo. a clear cut astrological picture is not formed in PredictiveAstrology.. ruler of the 9th hoise.Let them apply the rulas given in this book and get convinced that predictive astrology is incomplete without Rahu and Ketu. During the year 19g5.she will still be under Rahu/Rahu.Rahu Dasa will be the 7th from her birth Dasa pbout this.il. Though our observations are somehowin agreement with peter vidar. but it is the transit Rahu opposition Saturn which is important. as Rahu is in the ascendanr. .rt malefic. we have said that it will t. Though hundreds of tlre casesof Famous people can be cited to prove the validity of Rahu and Ketu in predictive astrologybut we fell that these should suffice for the learned leaders. thoughdebilitatej. asterismof the Sun.. too.

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