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May 2, 2004 Leslie Richards ‘Commissioner for Trademarks 2900 Crystal Drive ‘Arlington, Va 22202-3514 Dear Leslie, ‘Thank you for your assistance with this trademark, I bought the Key West Bed and Breakfast from the Heflins in 1987 and opened for business in 1988. T have enclosed 1) copy of deed and original listing 2) Advertisings and billing with the name 3) Write-ups about the Key West Bed and Breakfast. 4) Trademark search ( The trademark is already registered in the state of Florida ‘under my name) 5) 2004 annual resale certificate that states opening date ©) Application for fictitious name 7) conporate documents. have many bills as well as numerous write ups ifyou need them. Recently, we were featured on British T.V. channel 4, and I have the tape of that. Jody Carlson Key West Bed and Breakfast 415 William St Key West, Fl. 33040 1 800 438 6155 305 296 7274 home phone 296 4674 580% ; aT 78/2603709/8/04 Page 2 of 2 2ng/02

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