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The Seven Dragons

The Seven Dragons


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Published by Trip Adler

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Published by: Trip Adler on Oct 26, 2008
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The Seven Dragons

by Trip Adler
Once upon a time there were six Dragons. They were named Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. They all lived in a cool, dark, empty castle on a beautiful island, full of flowers and delicious fruit. One day Tuesday said, ''Something is missing, there should be a Thursday.'' So they decided to go search for their long lost brother. The six dragons left to go to another island called The Lost Island of Caves to find their brother. They were afraid because they heard that a three headed serpent with green scales, who breathed fire lived there. But they were brave enough to go. There was only one way to get there. They had to find a dwarf named Booz who had a pointed hat that was 20 feet tall. He would take them through an underground river that lead to the center of the island.

On the other side of their island they found Booz snoring on a wooden raft. The dragons jumped up and down and made a lot of noise to wake him up. Booz jumped up and yelled hello three times. Then he said three times ''How may I help you?'' Sunday asked him if he would take them to them Lost Island of Caves. Booz agreeded to take them, but warned them that the island had 10,000 caves on it and in one of the caves lived a very evil serpent named Wanka. Booz handed Saturday a potion and said, "You can use the magic in this bottle only three times if you are in great danger". The six dragons jumped on Booz's raft and left on their journey to The Island of Lost Caves. On their way through the underground river they saw some very ugly fish and toads.

When they got to the island the dragons asked Booz if he would wait for seven hours. If they're not back in seven hours he can leave without them. The dragons got off the raft and looked around them. They didn't know what cave Wanka lived in. Monday who was holding the potion threw some of it in the air and said, "Potion, potion act like pepper make that Wanka sneeze with the weather". All of a sudden a huge gust of wind blew the potion into all the caves and Wanka came out with a huge sneeze. Tuesday grabbed the potion and threw some of it in the air and said, "Potion, potion make that Wanka sleep, so we can sneak a peek". All of a sudden Wanka dropped to the ground and started snoring. The dragons sneaked into the cave and saw Thursday sitting in the back of the cave. The seven dragons didn't even say hello. They knew they only had moments to escape. When the dragons tried to sneak out they woke up Wanka. Wanka started chasing the seven dragons. Sunday grabbed the potion and threw it in the air and said, "Potion, potion turn that Wanka into a toad". Wanka shrunk and turned into a harmless toad and hopped away. The seven dragons walked back to Booz. They had done the whole rescue in three minutes. Booz brought them back through the underground river.

When they got back to their island they thanked Booz. As soon as they said hello to Thursday, they all turned into princes. The evil spell was broken that Wanka cast on them, when they were real little. When they got home their castle was solid gold. Their mother and father were standing in the front of the castle and were king and queen. Their father's name June and their mother's name was April. They all hugged each other and lived happily ever after.

The End

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