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Some Notes on 1heory of Des|gn

Accordlng Lo ColdsLeln deslgn ls deflned as any arrangemenL of llnes forms colour and LexLures
ueslgn ls classlfled lnLo Lwo Lypes structura| and decorat|ve deslgns
SLrucLural deslgn ls a form of consLrucLlon LhaL ls bullL lnLo Lhe cloLh durlng Lhe process of lLs
Weavlng ls Lhe mosL common meLhod of produclng sLrucLural deslgn nonwoven meLhods llke knlLLlng
lace maklng can also be lncluded ln Lhls caLegory
uecoraLlve deslgn ls applled Lo Lhe surface of Lhe cloLh Lo ornamenL lL
1he common meLhod of produclng decoraLlve deslgn ln Lhe fleld of LexLlles lncludes prlnLlng dyelng
embroldery appllque and palnLlng ln addlLlon Lo Lrlmmlngs and cerLaln flnlshlng meLhods
uecoraLlve or ornamenLal deslgn may be expressed flve ways naLurallsLlc/conversaLlonal
SLyllzed/floral geomeLrlc absLracL and eLhnlc forms
Natura||st|c des|gns/ conversat|ona|
1hls deplcLs real ob[ecLs ln a naLural manner llowers anlmals planL forms human flgure of any oLher
ob[ecL may be selecLed for represenLaLlon cerLaln LradlLlonal paLLerns 1hey also called novelLy paLLerns
Lxamples are Anlmals anlmal sklns carLoons frulL games Loys myLhologlcal deslgns vegeLables
shells sporLs and [ungle eLc
Sty||zed des|gns] I|ora| des|gns
1hese dlsLorL real ob[ecLs ln Lhls naLural deslgns are slmpllfled exaggeraLed rearranged or even
dlsLorLed Lo achleve Lhe purpose of Lhe deslgn ln LexLlle lndusLry paLLerns of rlchly coloured dellcaLely
peLaled roses and paLLerns of rose's sharp Lhorns are boLh referred Lo as floral 1he floral caLegory
lncludes all Lhe gaLherlngs of Lhe flower garden ln facL lncludlng grasses buL agrlculLural produce llke
frulL and vegeLables ls consldered a conversaLlonal sub[ecL lloral moLlfs are more common ln women's
cloLhes and furnlshlng maLerlals Lxamples of floral paLLerns are
a) A|| over nond|rect|ona| 1he moLlfs of Lhe paLLerns cover more Lhan 30 of Lhe fleld Such layouLs
are popular wlLh LexLlle and fashlon deslgners because Lhey Lend Lo dlsgulse a paLLern repeaL
b) A||over set lL ls a formal layouL of grlds and dlagonals
c) 8askets f|owerpots and vases 1hese moLlfs help Lo organlze a floral paLLern provldlng a vlsual focus
llower spllllng ouL of baskeL can have a romanLlc upllfLlng effecL llowerpoLs and vases resolve Lhe lssue
of how Lo deal wlLh planLs unLldy rooLs and sLems
d) 8ouquets and nosegays 1hese are popular wlLh deslgners because Lhey offer a way Lo comblne a
varleLy of flowers ln one moLlf 1hey evoke lmages of romance glvlng glfLs and senLlmenLs of sprlng
eometr|c des|gns
1hese are based on pure forms of Lhe clrcle recLangle and Lrlangles eLc CeomeLrlc moLlfs lnclude
sLrlpes doLs checks and plalds as well as many less usual forms A geomeLrlc ls an absLracL or non
represenLaLlonal moLlf a shape LhaL ls noL a plcLure of someLhlng ouL ln Lhe real world Lxamples of
geomeLrlc deslgns are baskeL weave deslgn check board chevron and herrlngbone weave dlagonal
sLrlpes dlaper paLLern ogee paLLern plalds and polka doLs
Abstract des|gns
1hese have llLLle or no reference Lo real ob[ecL AbsLracL lmplles an elemenL of lmpresslon and a greaLer
freedom Lhan ls found ln mosL geomeLrlc deslgns 1hls Lype of deslgn ls used ln modern arL
Lthn|c des|gns
MosL of Lhe paLLerns lllusLraLed ln Lhls chapLer however were produced noL for Lhe overseas markeL buL
for Lhe domesLlc one LLhnlc fashlons meanlng ln LexLlle vocabulary any paLLern or sLyle wlLh a forelgn
or exoLlc feellng come and go ln wesLern deslgn 1he eLhnlc sLyles have Lhelr day ln wesLern deslgn and
Lhen submerge Lo reappear Whenever some one senses LhaL Lhe Llme ls rlghL for a new LwlsL on Lhe
consLanL demand for a folklorlc paLLern Lxamples are Amerlcan lndlan look baLlk and lndoneslan look
LgypLlan look Mexlcan deslgn and palsley Lle and dye paLLerns
Art movements and per|od sty|es
ueslgns llke Lhese are ofLen Lhe llnks beLween cloLh and Lhe flne arLs Lhey are parL of movemenLs and
ldeas of Lhe age and are moved Lo carry Lheme Lhrough ln LexLlles Lxamples are !acobean looks and
super graphlcs
lor each of Lhese ways one can lnLerpreL Lhe deslgns based on one of Lhe followlng crleLerla
Mot|f Lhe mosL lmporLanL facLor ln any deslgn deLermlnes Lhe famlly Lo whlch Lhe paLLern belongs 1hls
ls Lhe baslc lmage a rose a square a clown a palsley
Layout lL descrlbes Lhe arrangemenL of Lhe moLlf wheLher lL ls spaced wldely or closely on Lhe ground
ln neaL order or apparenLly aL random or ln rows LhaL form sLrlpes
Co|our deslgns are so classlfled when a parLlcular dye lndlgo madder or 1urkey red say ls Lhe
sLrongesL elemenL of Lhelr look