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The nine stages oI oral communication


1) IdentiIy the Iundamental elements oI the communication process.
2) Demonstrate how a healthy selI-concept improves communication.
3) Explain how perception aIIects communication.
4) Demonstrate eIIective listening habits and skills.
5) Use the English language eIIectively to reIlect the intended message.
6) Interpret and employ nonverbal cues to optimize communication.
7) IdentiIy and apply strategies to assure the maximum health oI interpersonal relationships.
8) Manage relational conIlict.
9) Apply eIIective communication skills in a variety oI contexts.
Tbe different voice types are: Soprano wbicb includes Coloratura, Lyric Soprano, Lirico Spinto, and Dramatic
Soprano. Tben tbere are Mezza Soparano, Castrato, Alto {Contralto], Countertenor, Tenor, and Bass.
volce lnLenslLyţ whlch can also be called vocal lnLenslLyţ ls Lhe Lhlrd ma[or vocal aLLrlbuLe (Lhe oLher Lwo aLLrlbuLes are
frequency and harmonlc sLrucLureţ and cover aspecLs of Lhe volce llke plLch) Ŧ When someone uses Lhe phrase volce lnLenslLyţ
Lhey are referrlng Lo volume Ŵ how loud or quleL a personƌs volce soundsŦ volce lnLenslLy can be changed by a number of
Vo|ce pro[ect|on ls Lhe sLrengLh of speaklng or slnglng whereby Lhe volce ls used loudly and clearlyŦ lL ls a Lechnlque whlch can
be employed Lo demand respecL and aLLenLlonţ such as when a Leacher ls Lalklng Lo Lhe classţ or slmply Lo be heard clearlyţ as
an acLor ln a LheaLreŦ
Ɗ 1lLzeţ lŦ 8Ŧ (2008)Ŧ 1he human lnsLrumenLŦ SclŦAmŦ 298 (1)ť94Ŵ101Ŧ ÞM 18223701
Slx 1ypes of Cral CommunlcaLlon
1Ŧ CneŴonŴCne Speaklng (SLudenLŴSLudenL or SLudenLŴ1eacher)ť Can range from momenLs puncLuaLlng a lecLureţ where
sLudenLs are asked Lo dlscuss or explaln some quesLlon or problem wlLh Lhe person nexL Lo Lhemţ Lo formal sLudenL
conferences wlLh Lhelr lnsLrucLorŦ

2Ŧ SmallŴCroup or 1eamŴ8ased Cral Workť SmallerŴscale seLLlngs for dlscusslonţ dellberaLlonţ and problem solvlngŦ ApproprlaLe
for boLh large lecLures and smaller classes and allows levels of parLlclpaLlon noL posslble ln larger groupsŦ

3Ŧ lullŴClass ulscusslons (1eacherŴ or SLudenLŴLed)ť 1yplcally less agonlsLlcţ argumenLŴbasedţ and compeLlLlve Lhan debaLe and
dellberaLlon buL sLlll dlaloglc ln characLerŦ CfLen Llmes has Lhe quallLy of creaLlng an aLmosphere of collecLlveţ ouLŴloud Lhlnklng
abouL some quesLlonţ ldeaţ problemţ LexLţ evenLţ or arLlfacLŦ Llke dellberaLlon and debaLeţ a good way Lo encourage acLlve

4Ŧ lnŴClass uebaLes and uellberaLlonsť A sLrucLured conslderaLlon of some lssue from Lwo or more polnLs of vlewŦ uebaLes
Lyplcally lnvolve parLlclpanLs who argue one slde LhroughouLţ whlle dellberaLlon allows for movemenL by lndlvlduals wlLhln Lhe
processŦ 8oLh feaLure reasonŴglvlng argumenLŦ Can be applled Lo lssues of many klndsţ from dlspuLed

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