Exercise on preposition of place

I. Fill in the blank a suitable preposition: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. The label is _____ the bottle. Jack is waiting _____ the bottom of the stairs. Our seats are _____ the third row. Turn left _____ the lights. He's sitting ______ the chair next to the piano. I met Jack _____ the street. 7. He has a lot of beautiful pictures _____ the wall. 8. I live _____ the fifth floor of my apartment building. 9. We waited for over an hour _____ the bus-stop. 10. Who is that woman _____ the photograph? 11. You will find an explanation _____ page 18. 12. Paris is _____ the river Seine. 13. What do you have _____ your hands? 14. Can you see who is _____ the door? 15. There are several pictures _____ the wall. 16. There are two pillows _____ the bed. 17. There's a towel hanging _____ the wall. 18. There's a towel hanging _____ a hook. 19. There's a chair _____ the bed and the table. 20. There's a jug _____ the table. 21. There are some coats _____ the bed. 22. You can see a light _____ the window. 23. There's a door _____ the left. 24. There's nothing _____ the bed. 25. We live _________London. 26. Would you like to go________the cinema tonight? 27. No, thanks. I was________the cinema yesterday. 28. We are going________holiday next week. 29. There is a bridge_________the river. 30. ________my wall, there are many picture postcards. 31. Who is the person _______this picture? 32. Come ______the sitting room, we want to watch TV. 33. Munich lies 530 meters _______sea level.

in front of 2. on the corner of b. in front of b. a. a. behind b. a. The bank is on Santos Dumont Street _________the flower shop. between c. a. The school is _________Amélia Street and Rosa e Silva Avanue. a. opposite b. on b. a. between b. The supermarket is _______the restaurant.II. on c. next to b. opposite . next to c. The flower shop is _______Santos Dumont Stree. behind 7. behind 3. next to c. opposite 5. behind c. in front of 8. next to c. The fast food restaurant is __________Amélia Street. The pet shop is __________Amélia Street. Read the map and choose the correct answer: 1. The music store is ___________Santos Dumont Street and Rosa e Silva Avenue. The hospital is __________the pet shop. a. behind 9. between c on the corner of 4. between b. a. a. next to b. on the corner of c. The bookstore is _______the supermarket. on the corner of 6. The toy store is __________the music store and the restaurant. next to c. a. opposite b. on c. on 10.

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