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Lnergy Supp||ed (mass) x (spec|f|c heat capac|ty) x (change |n temperature) or mct

Spec|f|c neat Capac|ty 42 I F

wh|ch |s the spec|f|c heat capac|ty of water or the

amount of energy needed to |ncrease the temperature of 1g of water by 1C
,ass ,ass of NaCn I|akes + ,ass of nC| So|ut|on
176g + (uenslLy of PCl SoluLlon x volume Cf SoluLlon)
O s Lhe soluLlon ls aqueous we assume Lhe denslLy of Lhe PCl soluLlon Lo be equal Lo Lhe denslLy of
waLer 1gcm

176 + (30 x 1)
Change |n 1emperature As there are 3 exper|ments carr|ed out the average temperature
change from these 3 exper|ments w||| be taken for the t" va|ue
Average (Sum of temperature changes No of kead|ngs)
(x + y + z 3)

1oLal Lnergy Supplled (x) x (?) x (Z)

Slnce we need Lo calculaLe Lhe enLhalpy we have Lo use Lhe below equaLlon
LnLhalpy of a reacLlon (n% (No of ,o|es)
No Cf ,o|es resent ,ass ,o|ecu|ar ,ass
(k) (,o|ecu|ar ,ass of NaCn)

I|na| Lntha|py (n% (No of ,o|es)