Bahagian A
[30 marks] [30 markah]
Answer all questions. Jawab semua soalan Every questions is followed by four options A, B, C and D. Tiap-tiap soalan diikuti oleh empat pilihan jawapan iaitu A, B, C dan D. Choose the correct answer. Pilih jawapan yang betul. The suggested time for this section is 45 minutes. If you unable to answer a question, proceed to the next question. Masa yang dicadangkan untuk bahagian ini ialah 45 minit. Sekiranya kamu tidak dapat menjawab sesuatu soalan, teruskan menjawab soalan berikutnya.


Which of the following lengths are longer than 1 000 cm? I II III IV A B C D 1 km 1m 10 000 mm 100 m I and IV only I, II and III only I, III and IV only II, III and IV only


Which of the following is a measurement method using the human hand and feet ? A The distance between the elbow and the tip of the middle finger B The distance between the middle finger C The distance between the heel of the leg and the knee D The distance between the thumb and the midle finger stretched wide apart


The diagram shows the length of the table is measured using a cylindrical disk.


Length can be measured using
50 cm

A a meter ruler marked in standard units B the tip of the thumb to the tip of the little finger C an equipment with random units D an equipment with a uniform surface

Find the length of the table. A B C D 0.20 m 20 m 2m 4m


The table shows the length of four ropes. Rope G H I J Length 150 mm 16 cm 1.6 m 0.016 km I II III IV A B C D

Arrange the length of the ropes in decending order. A B C D

meter foot kilometer millimeter I only I and II only II only II, III and IV only

J, I, G, H J, I, H, G J, H, I, G G, H, I, J

The diagram shows a shaded region drawn on grids.
6 cm

Anne wishes to measure the length of her mobile phone. Which of the following equipment could she use? A B C D A meter tape A one meter ruler Her leg A pencil

6 cm

What is the area of the shaded region? A B C D 5 cm2 7 cm2 8 cm2 8.5 cm2


Arrange in correct order the units of measurement from the smallest value to the largest value. A B C D mm, m, cm cm, mm, m m, cm, mm mm, cm, m


A half meter ruler can be used to measure... A B C D the length of a desk the length of a badminton racket the circumference of a bottle cap the width of the base of a chair


Which of the following units is a standard unit of length?

The diagram shows a square tile used to cover the surface of a floor.

3 cm

tofu tray

If 600 of the tiles shown are needed to cover the area of the floor, find the surface area of the floor. A B C D

If the surface of each tofu is 50 000 mm 2, find the surface area of the tray. A B C D

540 cm2 5 400 mm2 0.54 m2 54 m2

3 000 000 cm2 300 000 cm2 30 000 cm2 3 000 cm2

The diagram shows a rectangular field with a width of 8 m.

The diagram shows a structure consisting of a square A and a rectangle B.
B 12 cm A 12 cm

If the perimeter of the field is 36 m, find the area of the field. A B C D 80 m2 64 m2 160 m2 288 m2

8 cm

Find the surface area of A and B. A B C D 144 cm2 80 cm2 64 cm2 56 cm2

15. 13.

The diagram shows a tray that can fit six pieces of tofu.

The diagram shows ice cubes measuring 2 cm each.

S cm

2 cm

Calculate the total surface area of an ice cube. A B C D

If 100 tiles are used to cover 16 m2 of the area of the floor, find the value of S. A B C D

4 cm2 16 cm2 24 cm2 36 cm2

2 cm 4 cm 20 cm 40 cm

The diagram shows a birthday cake with a surface area of 36 cm2.
36 cm

Which of the following steps need to be taken when reading the volume of a liquid in a cylinder? I The cylinder must be placed on a flat surface II The position of the eye must be above the level of the curve surface of the liquid in the cylinder III The position of the eye must be at the bottom most level of the curve IV A piece of white paper is placed behind the cylinder in order to obtain an accurate reading A I and II only B I and III only C I, II and IV only D I, III and IV only

This surface area is equivalent to the surface area of 4 small square plates. Find the length of one square plate. A B C D 3 cm 4 cm 5 cm 6 cm


The diagram shows a square tile S cm long.


Which units are standard units for the measurement of volume? I liter ( l)


Centimeter cube (cm³) gram (g) Millimeter ( ml) I only I and II only III and IV only I, II and IV only


The table shows the results obtained from an experiment to determine the volume of three objects M, N and O. The cylinder contains 100m of liquid. Object M M and N M, N and O Liquid level (ml) 150 190 220

The diagram shows an object R and a box S.
R 3 cm 3 cm 9 cm 3 cm 6 cm S 6 cm

Find the volume of the object with the smallest volume. A B C D

50 m 40 m 30 m 20 m

How many objects R can be put inside the box S? A B C D

Which of the following has the same value? A B C D Volume 1 60 cm³ 0.5 m³ 1.5 l 1500l Volume 2 600 ml 500 cm³ 150 ml 1.5 m³

12 16 18 24

The diagram shows four flasks G, H, I and J. The volume of H is 500 m , I is 100 m and G is 250 m .





Which of the following is the possible volume of flask J? A B C D 600 m 400 m 200 m 50 m

Adam wants to bake a cake. She weight the ingredient as below. Flour 700 gram

Sugar 250 gram Coco powder 100gram To make the cake she has to mix all the ingredient in a bowl. What is the total \weight of the mixture? A 0.950 kilogram B 1.05 kilogram C 1kilogram D 0.700 kilogram

Arrange the icons shown in the diagram in the order of decreasing mass. A B C D

The diagram shows a scale in balance.
Watermelon Strawberries

1.5 kg

The rising of the Sun in the morning and the setting of the Sun in the evening is a repeated happening. What is the amount of time represented by this happening? A B C D A quarter of the day Half the day One eighth of the day One full day

Based on the information given in the diagram, which of the following statements about watermelon and strawberries is not true? A The mass of each strawberry is 300 g B The mass of a strawberry is smaller than the mass of a watermelon C The mass of five strawberries is 1.5 kg D The mass of the watermelon is greater because it has a sphere like shape

The table shows the duration and the time taken. Duration P Q R Time 45 min 3 000 sec 0.5 hour

Arrange the duration shown in the table in the order of decreasing time. A B C D P, Q, R Q, P, R P, R, Q R, P, Q


The diagram shows three types of icons scales.


The diagram shows Sally and Cindy use their fingers to measure the length of the wooden block.

Sally ’s h an d C in d y’s h and W o od b lo ck

Which of the following statements is correct about this activity ? A In order to measure the length of the block accurately a standard unit of measurement is needed B The use of fingers to measure the length of the wood is not suitable because the wood is too long C Sally’s fingers are longer and are more suitable to use for measuring the length D Cindy’s fingers are shorter and can be used to make a more accurate measurement

Which of the following physic quantity is incorrectly paired with its standard unit? A B C D Quantity mass time length volume Standard unit kg m cm l