The UP Manila University Student Council (UPM USC), the highest representative of the student body in the university, condemns the use of violence by the police in dispersing the Camp OutPH VS cuts, crisis and poverty protesters last December 6-7, 2011. On the second day, the youth, together with the workers, migrants and other various sectors, tried to marched to Mendiola and set up the people’s campout. Armed with nothing but our love of nation and people’s right, our legitimate calls for a higher budget for education, health and other social services were met by use of force and violence. Ten campers were arrested, around 50 were injured and all others experienced the brutal use of batons and water cannons. All these were experienced by the people, including members of the UPM USC, all for denying the constitutionally guaranteed right for people to protest in Mendiola. The UPM USC denounces, in its strongest form, the police brutality and violations of human rights of members of the Camp OutPH. The Aquino government dares to press charges against the people even though the actions of the protestors are legitimate and constitutional. Moreover, it was the people that has been dealt harm and treated inhumane. The rightful actions of the people have been met with undue and violent reactions from the government and the police. The UPM USC asks for the government to withdraw all charges, free detained leaders unconditionally and uphold people’s rights. This is what we get when we stand up for change and upholds people’s right. Our camp out seeks to change the foreign-dominated and elite-serving society as our right to education, health and other basic social services has always been under attack. From the days of Martial Law up to the case of the Morong 43, the people’s call for change and commitment to serve the people has always been met with government fascism. Nothing has changed and we are all fed up. The UPM USC calls on the students and the rest of the UPM community to join the campout, resist government fascism and uphold our tradition of genuinely serving the people. STOP STATE VIOLENCE!