‘ On my quest around England’s Churches, I came across this Knights Templar’s church in the south of England.

Up in the roof space I noticed the emblems of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ our Saviour. The first thing that I noticed was the empty wooden cross, then the spear beside the cross which pierced His side. Then the sponge on the end of a pole that touched His lips when He cried, “ I thirst”, and the crown of thorns looped over the cross which is no longer on our precious Saviour’s head, which made Him bleed for us all. I thought as I gazed into the roof space of this church, “yes this is all that remains on this earth, for our Saviour is risen, He is alive and sitting on the right hand of His Father and our Father in heaven.” Praise to Him forevermore. ( I am sure that this is the way that the Knights Templar would tell the gospel of our Lord, through emblems such as these and scenes of the gospel painted on the walls of the churches). Cornish Evangelist Billy Bolitho. http://cornishevangelist.wordpress.com

Mary Magdalene "Do not touch me, for I have not yet ascended to my Father"

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