The Majestic 12 Documents

The following pages of this PDF are the Majestic 12 (MJ-12) documents. The following excerpt is from Ken Hudnall’s The Occult Connection: UFO’s Secret Societies and Ancient Gods regarding this documents: “Majestic Twelve was, allegedly, organized by General George C. Marshall in July, 1947, to study the Roswell-Magdalena UFO crash recovery and debris. Admiral Hillenkoetter, Director of the then Central Intelligence Group, later the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) from May 1, 1947, until September, 1950, threw the entire resources of his group behind finding the best course of action to be followed. He also was wanting to win the power struggle then brewing between his new Central Intelligence Group, the forerunner of the Central Intelligence Agency, and the Military Intelligence Agencies. The Admiral, rightly it seems, felt that whoever could come up with the best course of action would dominate the MJ-12 Group and be in a very powerful place in governmental affairs. It was Admiral Hillenkoetter who decided to activate the "Robertson Panel," which was designed to monitor civilian UFO study groups that were appearing all over the country. Policies recommended by the "Robertson Panel" are still in use today. The main policy being to ridicule witnesses and down play the entire matter. With the UFO Situation under complete control of MJ-12 and with such physical evidence as recovered vehicles and bodies hidden away, General Marshall felt that the U.S. could get the jump on the Russians in developing the alien technology for use by the military. At General Marshall's orders, the best minds in the country immediately began a crash program to develop our own flying saucers. Unfortunately, our best minds were not quite good enough. Within six months of the Roswell crash on 2 July 1947 and the finding of another crashed UFO at San Augustine Flats near Magdalena, New Mexico, on 3 July 1947, a great deal of reorganization of agencies, priorities, budgets and responsibilities took place. The main thrust behind the original "security clamp down" and the very reason for its' implementation was the fear that the aliens would come and try to recover their comrades and the ships. At the same time, there was a fear the Russians would get wind of the coup that the U.S. had found and try to get the disks. According to the information floating around in the UFO circles, the "best minds" in the country are still studying the disks. The study is, allegedly, conducted by the following groups: The Research and Development Board (R&DB), Air Force Research and Development (AFRD), The Office of Naval Research (ONR), CIA Office of Scientific Intelligence (CIA-OSI), CIA National Photographic Interpretation Center (NPIC), CIA Physics and Electronics Branch, and NSA Office Of Scientific Intelligence (NSA-OSI).

No single one of these groups is supposed to know the whole story. Each group was to know only the parts that MJ-12 allowed them to know. This compartmentalization was designed to maintain overall secrecy on the project and also to keep any one department from gaining too much control over the project. MJ-12 also operates through the various civilian intelligence and investigative groups. So called Free Lance agents are used by the Agency in order to gain information on the activities of U.F.O Researchers. It is rumored that those who know too much are marked for neutralization, those who are a potential threat are eliminated. These free lance agents gain the data from which the decisions are made. This neutralization campaign is alleged to have been carried out in the case of Dr. Paul Bennewitz. We discuss this thoroughly in a later chapter. Part of MJ-12's mandate was the consolidation of all UFO related intelligence, therefore, in addition to its' own internal intelligence gathering capabilities, that of the C.I.A. and the F.B.I. are utilized. This arrangement caused no little inter-departmental friction. The C.I.A. cooperation was no problem since the it was decided that the head of MJ-12 would be the Director of the C.I.A., but J. Edgar Hoover caused no little trouble over what he took to be an usurpation of his authority over domestic intelligence gathering. Hoover had long felt that since the UFOs were entering the U.S. air space, that his agency should have control of the investigations conducted within the continental U.S. There is at least one letter in existence where he is quoted as complaining that the U.S. Army had "captured" several crashed disks and would not let the F.B.I. examine them. He was also jockeying for power, wanting to be the head of MJ-12, but this was one power struggle that he lost. The CIA and the FBI are used to carry out the policies of MJ-12 and naturally this is a grey area of the law. MJ-12 has no legal power under our form of government, therefore, the heads of the agencies involved had to give in to the demands of MJ -12. This took place in 1948.

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