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Compare and conLrasL Lhe forelgn pollcles of 1heodore 8oosevelL and Woodrow WllsonŦ
1he forelgn pollcles of 1heodore 8oosevelL and Woodrow Wllson were allke ln some ways and
dlfferenL ln oLher waysŦ 1heodore 8oosevelL's pollcy was called º8lg SLlck ulplomacy" whlle Woodrow
Wllson's pollcy was called ºMoral ulplomacy"Ŧ 1he Lwo pollcles were boLh used Lo beneflL Amerlcan
lnfluence globally even Lhough Wllson's maln goal was Lo spread democracy and 8oosevelL's maln goal
was Lo esLabllsh Lo Lhe world Lhe unlLed SLaLes' mlllLary presenceŦ Cverallţ boLh Lhe º8lg SLlck
ulplomacy" and Lhe ºMoral ulplomacy" boLh helped Lo esLabllsh Lhe unlLed SLaLes as a world power
alLhough Lhere were many dlfferences ln Lhe process of Lhelr pollclesŦ
1heodore 8oosevelL's pollcy was called º8lg SLlck ulplomacy" and hls moLLo was ºSpeak sofLly
and carry a blg sLlck"Ŧ 8lg SLlck ulplomacy's maln goal was Lo esLabllsh Lo Lhe world LhaL Lhe unlLed
SLaLes had a sLrong mlllLary (malnly navy) and LhaL a counLry should Lhlnk Lwlce before crosslng Lhe
unlLed SLaLesŦ 1he flrsL Lhlng LhaL 8oosevelL does when he became Lhe ÞresldenL of Lhe unlLed SLaLes
was Lo send Lhe CreaL WhlLe lleeL on a ºgood wlll Lour" around Lhe worldŦ 1hls acLlon was used Lo
ÞromoLe 8lg SLlck ulplomacy by showlng Lhe oLher counLrles how sLrong our new navy aL LhaL LlmeŦ
8oosevelL also seL up Lhe 8oosevelL Corollary whlch was added Lo Lhe Monroe uocLrlne and sLaLed LhaL
no new Luropean lnLerference would be allowed ln Lhe wesLern Pemlsphere and LhaL we have Lhe rlghL
Lo lnLerfere wlLh maLLers ln Lhe wesLern PemlsphereŦ An example of Lhls occurred when Lhe unlLed
SLaLes Lrled Lo make Lhe PayŴPerlan 1reaLy wlLh Colombla and Lhelr senaLe decllned Lhe LreaLyŦ 1he
unlLed SLaLes Lhen sparked a revoluLlon ln Þanama whlle sendlng warshlps Lo Lhe waLers ouLslde of
ÞanamaŦ Colombla Lhen backed off of Þanama because Lhey knew of Lhe unlLed SLaLes' mlllLary power
whlch represenLed 8lg SLlck ulplomacy ln fullŦ Cverallţ 8oosevelL's blg sLlck ulplomacy was successful ln
lLs own buL was noL popular among Lhe Amerlcan people because Lhey saw lL as bruLal and barbarlcŦ
Woodrow Wllson's pollcy was called ºMoral ulplomacy" and lLs maln goal was Lo spread
democracy Lo oLher counLrlesŦ ln Lhls forelgn pollcy Lhe unlLed SLaLes uses lLs moral leadershlp as a
world powerŦ Wllson wanLed Lo hurL Lhe nonŴdemocraLlc counLrles so LhaL Lhey would become more
democraLlc and Lhe unlLed SLaLes was glven Lhe sLaLus of º8lg 8roLher" whlch lncreased Amerlcan
popularlLyŦ 1he pollcy was supposed Lo be based on morals buL lL had an lmplled force LhaL was used
wlLh lLŦ An example of Moral ulplomacy would be LhaL ln 1911 Lhe Manchu uynasLy was overLhrown ln
ChlnaŦ A new governmenL ln Chlna was esLabllshed and Wllson recognlzed Lhe new governmenL whlch
represenLed Moral ulplomacyŦ 1he Moral aspecL LhaL Wllson's exempllfled was LhaL he recognlzed Lhem
as a leglLlmaLe governmenLŦ Lven Lhough Wllson showed hls moral sLandards he also showed some 8lg
SLlck ulplomacy llke durlng Lhe uomlnlcan 8epubllc and PalLl Clvll war ln 1913Ŧ uurlng Lhls warţ Wllson
had Lhe aLLlLude LhaL Lhe unlLed SLaLes had Lhe rlghL Lo lnLervene so he senL Lroops onLo Lhe lsland Lo
medlaLe Lhe Clvll War beLween Lhem and keep Lhem Lhere for a few yearsŦ Wllson also had some
lnvolvemenL ln World War CneŦ lnlLlally ln 1914ţ Wllson lssued a proclamaLlon on neuLrallLy buL laLer ln
1917 he declded Lo send Lroops ln Lhe Lurope Lo defeaL Lhe 1rlple Alllance (Cermanyţ lLalyţ AusLrlaŴ
Pungary)Ŧ AfLer wlnnlng Lhe warţ Wllson lmplemenLed a peace seLLlemenL called Lhe fourLeen polnLsŦ
1hls peace seLLlemenL was noL used aL Lhe Þarls Þeace Conference of 1819 buL many of hls ldeas were
whlch lncluded hls dream of a ºLeague of naLlons"Ŧ Wllson's ldea of Lhe League of naLlons ls sLlll belng
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used ln Loday's world ln Lhe form of Lhe unlLed naLlonsŦ CrlLlcallyţ Wllson's forelgn pollcy was based on
morallLy buL also lncorporaLed some of 8oosevelL's 8lg SLlck ÞollcyŦ
8oosevelL and Wllson's forelgn pollcles were slmllar ln a few waysŦ llrsL of allţ boLh of Lhe
presldenLs used force Lo carry ouL Lhelr pollclesŦ 8oosevelL's 8lg SLlck ulplomacy was lnlLlally based on
force by uslng Lhe CreaL WhlLe lleeL Lo scare Lhe oLher counLrlesŦ Wllson used force ln Lhe uomlnlcan
and PalLl revoluLlon ln whlch he senL Lroops on Lhe lsland Lo medlaLe Lhe confllcL and he obvlously used
force ln World War Cne and Lhe Mexlcan 8evoluLlonŦ AnoLher example of how Lhelr pollcles were slmllar
occurred because Lhey boLh malnly focused Lhelr maln pollcles on counLrles ln Lhe AmerlcasŦ 8oosevelL
focused on Þanamaţ Colomblaţ and Cuba (ÞlaLL AmendmenL) whlle Wllson focused on uomlnlcan
8epubllcţ PalLlţ Mexlcoţ and ÞuerLo 8lcoŦ
8oosevelL and Wllson's forelgn pollcles also conLrasLed ln cerLaln waysŦ Wllson's Þollcy was
malnly based on morallLy and so Wllson was less flexlble ln whaL he could do whlle 8oosevelL's pollcy
was noL based on morallLy and so he was more flexlbleŦ 8ecause of Lhe lssue of morallLyţ Wllson was
beLLer llked by Lhe Amerlcan people whlle 8oosevelL was noLŦ 8oosevelL and Wllson also dlfferenLlaLed
ln Lhe areas of Lhe world ouLslde of Lhe wesLern Pemlsphere ln whlch Lhey conducLed Lhelr forelgn
pollclesŦ 8oosevelL medlaLed a land dlspuLe ln Afrlca and medlaLed Lhe 8ussoŴ!apanese War by
lmplemenLlng Lhe 1reaLy of ÞorLsmouLh of 1903 whlch concluded LhaL 8ussla and !apan would share
Lradlng lnLeresLs ln norLhern ChlnaŦ Wllson lnlLlally declared Lhe unlLed SLaLes neuLral durlng World War
Cne buL he laLer declded Lo enLer Lhe war because of Lhe Cerman submarlnes resLrlcLlng Lrade
lnLeracLlonsŦ 1hls brlngs up anoLher polnL ln whlch 8oosevelL never really enLered lnLo any ma[or wars
whlle on Lhe conLrasL Wllson enLered lnLo one of Lhe blggesL wars ln world hlsLory (WWl) and was
lnvolved ln Lhe flnal peace LreaLy of LhaL war (lourLeen ÞolnLs Ǝ Lhe League of naLlons)Ŧ Lven Lhough
Wllson dld use some of 8oosevelL's 8lg SLlck Þollcyţ Lhelr Lwo pollcles were very dlfferenL ln Lhe sense of
how Lhey were carrled ouL durlng Lhe course of each of Lhelr presldenLlal LermsŦ

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