}ill Batanaka's Website Peei Review

Researcb Portfolio
Reviewer Cuidelines

Boes tbis section serve os o quiJe for tbe portfolio? Boes tbe
outbor reflect on bis or ber experiences tronsitioninq to
Joctorol stuJies? Wbot coulJ be improveJ?
I think it seives as an intiouuction to youi jouiney. You
aie still at the beginning, anu hope to giow in wisuom as you

Intellectual Identity
Bo you qet o sense of wbot tbe outbor´s oreo of expertise is?
Boes tbe outbor proviJe o cleor, concise explonotion of bis or
ber emerqinq intellectuol iJentity? Wbot coulJ be improveJ?
I uefinitely get a sense of youi emeiging intellectual
iuentity. Youi inteiest is in laige scale iefoim, via leaueiship
anu tiust that leau to piofessional collaboiation. You outline
it so cleaily that it seems eminently uoable.

Researcb Interests
Bo tbe reseorcb interests cleorly connect witb tbe outbor´s
intellectuol iJentity? Boes tbe outbor review onJ properly cite
o minimum of ten references? ls o cleor bole in tbe reseorcb
iJentifieJ? Bo tbe reseorcb questions oJJress tbot bole? Bo
tbe reseorcb questions connect witb eocb otber onJ tbe
outbor´s intellectuol iJentity? ls tbe siqnificonce orqument
siqnificont? Wbot coulJ be improveJ?
}ill, I think youi ieseaich inteiests uefinitely connect with
youi intellectual iuentity anu youi theoietical fiamewoik. I
like the flow of youi iueas as you woik up to the point as
well as the way you outline youi suppoiting points. You
cleaily iuentify a gap in the ieseaich at the enu, anu youi
suggestions foi fuithei ieseaich auuiess that gap.

beoretical Framework
Boes tbe outbor proviJe on oJequote summory of tbe
tbeoreticol fromework? Boes tbe tbeory connect witb tbe
outbor´s intellectuol iJentity onJ reseorcb interests? Wbot
coulJ be improveJ?
You uefine the Social Change Nouel veiy cleaily. I am in
no position to say whethei you have left anything out, but I
uoubt it. Youi explanation is luciu anu well wiitten.

iases, Assumptions and Etbics
ls tbe lRB certificote completeJ? Boes tbe outbor Jiscuss
issues reloteJ to bis or ber oreo of interest in o cleor onJ
loqicol monner? Are tbere oJJitionol issues tbot outbor bos
not JiscusseJ? Wbot coulJ be improveJ?
The IRB ceitificate is complete. You uiscuss eveiything in
a cleai anu logical mannei. You iuentify youi bias anu back it
up with logic, anu you fieely aumit that youi assumptions
may not be valiu. I uon't think theie's anything to impiove.

Resume and Vita
ls tbe vito complete onJ professionol? Wbot coulJ be
The vita looks complete anu piofessional to me.

ourse Plan
ls tbe course plon completeJ? Boes tbe outbor´s plon cleorly
reflect bis or ber reseorcb onJ tbeoreticol interests? Wbot
coulJ be improveJ?
The couise plan has been completeu as fai as possible. It
is uifficult to say whethei it ieflects youi ieseaich anu
theoietical inteiests, because you cannot yet fill in many of
the classes. I'm suie it will, though.

Reflective )ournal
Boes tbe journol Jemonstrote criticol reflection tbrouqbout
tbe course? Are tbere issues in tbe journol tbot sboulJ be
incluJeJ elsewbere in tbe portfolio?
}ill, even youi "infoimal blog" is oiganizeu anu well-
wiitten. Anu yes, it uemonstiates ciitical ieflection.

Boes tbe outbor criticolly reflect on bis or ber strenqtbs onJ
weoknesses? Boes tbe outbor Jiscuss foculty members wbo
moy belp oJJress tbese issues or belp Jevelop bis or ber
intellectuol iJentity? Wbot coulJ be improveJ?
}ill, I ieau the last ieflective page of youi jouinal. You uo a
veiy nice job of iuentifying youi weaknesses, although
having woikeu biiefly with you, I confess I uon't see them.
The only impiovement I woulu suggest is to coiiect a few