1 Trent Street: Preliminary Property history

The earliest plan the AWHS have on file for this area comes via Murray Gittos, from possible National Archives records, and would appear to be part of the layout and property requisition plan for the “Kaipara-Puniu Railway” in 1878. The red arrow I have superimposed points to the approximate line of Trent Street, which became known as Station Road after the railway was completed in 1880 (and may have been the original Station Road. For some reason, the part of “Manukau Road” or Blockhouse Bay Road now, was changed to Station Road before the beginning of the 20th century). While there are some structures indicated on the plan, there is no certainty that any of these in the Trent Street area are dwellings. Indeed, as was practice at the other tannery in the district (Garrett’s, at Waterview), the land to the north of the railway line may simply have been used for either (a) holding stock, or (b) as a buffer against close land development that would bring complaints which would, of course, force a closure of the tannery (this closure occurred anyway in 1883-84.)

1 Trent Street is part of Block 2 of the Ingleton Estate, the name given to the land sold by the Gittos family from 1884 (date of this map – Special Collections) until John Gittos’ bankruptcy in 1892, and even beyond that point to 1916. The property encompasses Lots 4, 5, 6 and part of 7 (Lot 7 cut across by the railway line). No significant buildings shown. The curve northward of Station Road was never formed, it would appear. It remained part of that section of the subdivision.