The Evolution of Lodging Industry

Started by travel   Foot Animal .

Understanding Lodging The lodging industry has always been strongly influenced by changes in transportation. .

Mid-1600s    Stage coach routes established Coaching inns became popular resting places for travelers Expected a bed and a meal for the evening .

.The Railroad  Inns. taverns and foodservice facilities located near railway stations began to grow.

. 1828 The Tremont House. First hotel to offer private rooms with locking doors. first grand hotel. was built in Boston.1794-1828     1794 City Hotel in New York City opens The first building in the US designed specifically as a hotel.

Other hotels around this time: Ritz Carlton in Boston and the Plaza in New York City. This began his chain of hotels. . It was in Cisco Texas.Conrad Hilton    A banker in New Mexico purchased his first hotel around 1900.

1950’s   Increased availability and popularity of the automobile and a new interstate freeway system made cross country vacations a popular option. sleep and eat. . Motels sprang up along highways offering travelers a place to bathe.

The Airline Industry    1958 commercial airlines became popular. Airport hotels came into existence . Builders moved toward airports for hotels and restaurants.

Indian Hospitality  Sarais & Musafir Khanas .

First hotel  Auckland Hotel (1843) known as Great Eastern Hotel .

OBEROI’S The Clarke. Kolkata . Shimla The Grand .

Taj .

Hotels of the World .

Udaipur .Best hotel of the world  Udaivilas .