I|nance and Adm|n|strat|on D|v|s|on ob[ect|ves for 2012

numan kesources Ǝ Adm|n|strat|on Departmentť
Ŵ llnallze Lhe payroll sysLem and lnclude Lhe sales represenLaLlves as a parL of Lhe sysLem
2Ŵ oordlnaLe wlLh operaLlons dlvlslon Lo deslgn an efflclenL conLrol over sales reps' conLracLsţ
performance evaluaLlonsţ and salarlesŦ
3Ŵ llnallze and updaLe Lhe P8 pollcles and procedures and assemble Lhem ln one bookleL LhaL wlll
be avallable Lo employees
4Ŵ oordlnaLe wlLh deparLmenL heads Lo analyze Lhe workflow ln each deparLmenL and draw clear
organlzaLlonal sLrucLure for each deparLmenL LhaL has clear reporLlng llnesţ [ob LlLlesţ
recrulLmenL needsŦ use Lhe flow charL of Al as a guldellne
3Ŵ reaLe [ob descrlpLlon for each slngle poslLlon ln Lhe company and esLabllsh poslLlon ob[ecLlves
and kÞls (quallLaLlve and quanLlLaLlve when posslble) Lo be Lhe foundaLlon for M8C pro[ecL ln
coordlnaLlon wlLh Lhe operaLlons dlvlslon
6Ŵ Þropose 8onus scheme for each poslLlon based on Lhe poslLlon kÞls
7Ŵ oordlnaLe wlLh deparLmenL heads Lo conducL work load analysls Lo reŴdlsLrlbuLe Lasks among
employees and lncrease efflclency
8Ŵ oordlnaLe wlLh Lhe l1 deparLmenL Lo auLomaLe all repeLlLlve admlnlsLraLlve Lasks Lo lmprove
9Ŵ oordlnaLe wlLh Lhe l1 deparLmenL Lo lmprove Lhe lnLernal conLrol over purchase cycle and
creaLe auLomaLed purchase daLa base (access or excel)Ŧ
ŴoordlnaLe wlLh deparLmenL heads Lo creaLe Lralnlng plan for all employees based on Lhe
poslLlon kÞls and employee performanceŦ
ŴÞropose pro[ecLs Lo lncrease employees' [ob saLlsfacLlonŦ

Account|ng and f|nanc|a| report|ng Department
Ŵ Lreamllne processes ln order Lo opLlmlze Lhe flnanclal reporLlng cycle
2Ŵ Landardlze Lhe flnanclal reporLlng Ǝ sLaLlsLlcs
3Ŵ ecrease Lhe Llme needed Lo lssue lnŴhouse flnanclal sLaLemenLs Lo 3 days of quarLer end and
Lhe Llme Lo lssue flnal audlLed flnanclal sLaLemenLs Lo 23 days of quarLer endŦ
4Ŵ updaLe Lhe accounLlng manual and lnclude all Lhe mlsslng and amended funcLlons and keep
conLrolllng adherence Lo pollcles Ǝ proceduresţ and perlodlcally revlew branches' Lrlal balances
and LransacLlons for lnLernal conLrol purposesŦ
3Ŵ llnallze Lhe accounLlng module of Lhe new l1 sofLware and Lraln accounLlng sLaff on lLs proper
6Ŵ lmplemenL cosL accounLlng and allocaLe CƎA expense Lo Lo8 based on cosL drlvers by Lraclng
Lhe dlrecL cosL Lo Lo8 and allocaLlng Lhe lndlrecL cosL based on C1Þ (coordlnaLe wlLh l1
deparLmenL Lo deslgn allocaLlon models uslng Lhe l8 sofLware)
7Ŵ lmplemenL Lhe new budgeLlng module and perlodlcally monlLor acLual versus budgeLed flguresŦ
8Ŵ Þerlodlcally assess flnanclal performanceţ uslng lndusLry benchmarks by generaLlng perlodlcal
reporLs along wlLh Lhe audlLed quarLerly flnanclal sLaLemenLsţ such asť
O ompany performance lncludlng proflLablllLy raLlos (ÞƎL) compared Lo Lhe markeLŦ
O olvency Ǝ llquldlLyŦ

@reasury and @ax department
Ŵ eslgn perlodlcal accounLs recelvables reporLs Lo monlLor accounLs recelvable ln coordlnaLlon
wlLh CperaLlons' dlvlslonţ and recommend course of acLlon when neededŦ
2Ŵ lmplemenL Lhe credlL pollcy ln coordlnaLlon wlLh Lhe operaLlons deparLmenLŦ
3Ŵ lmplemenL auLomaLed sysLem (Lhough excel/access) Lo enable Llmely paymenL of amounLs due
(especlally Lo reŴlnsurance) ln coordlnaLlon wlLh accounLlng and Lechnlcal deparLmenLsŦ
4Ŵ lmplemenL auLomaLed follow up sysLem Lo follow up Lhe execuLlon of paymenLs Lhrough our
3Ŵ oordlnaLe wlLh Lhe AsseL LlablllLy maLchlng ommlLLee (ALC) Lo lncrease Lhe efflclency of
worklng caplLal managemenL and asseL llablllLy maLchlngŦ
6Ŵ eslgn cash flow reporLs LhaL provlde Lhe necessary lnformaLlon needed Lo lmplemenL an
effecLlve cash flow managemenL Lo supporL Lhe lnvesLmenL sLraLegyŦ
7Ŵ lollow up Lhe renewal of Lerm deposlLsţ resLrucLure Lhe Lerms based on llquldlLy needsţ and
always push Loward lncreaslng Lhe raLesŦ onducL research and prepare perlodlcal reporL abouL
Lhe raLes glven Lo oLher lnsurance companles by Lhe banks we deal wlLhŦ
8Ŵ eslgn and lmplemenL Lax reporLlng sysLemţ ln coordlnaLlon wlLh oLher deparLmenLsţ Lo reduce
Lhe exposure Lo Lax flnes and effecLlvely manage Lax relaLlons wlLh governmenL bodlesŦ

nformat|on @echno|ogy Department
Ŵ Þrovlde Lhe capablllLy of ºon demand" sLaLlsLlcal reporLs uslng Lhe 8Ŧl module ln coordlnaLlon
wlLh deparLmenL headsŦ
2Ŵ LarL assesslng fuLure l1 needs (Pardwareţ ofLwareţ sLaff) Lo enable P/C relocaLlonŦ Þrepare
deLalled l1 budgeL ln Lhls regardsŦ
3Ŵ llnallze Arabla's new l1 sysLem (Ceneral lnsuranceţ 8elnsuranceţ P8ţ and accounLlng sofLware)
Lhrough Lhe l1 Leerlng ommlLLeeŦ upgrade when neededţ and Lraln all Pead Cfflce and
branches' sLaff on proper usage and lmplemenLaLlonŦ
4Ŵ oordlnaLe wlLh deparLmenL heads and l1 sLeerlng commlLLee Lo esLabllsh user access prlvllege
for all employees uslng Lhe new lnsurance sysLem
3Ŵ fflclenLly opLlmlze Lhe usage of presenL hardwareţ and assess fuLure needs well ln advanceŦ
6Ŵ Assess Lhe feaslblllLy of reorganlzlng Lhe l1 deparLmenL by revlewlng lLs sLrucLure and expandlng
lLs funcLlons
7Ŵ oordlnaLe wlLh P8 deparLmenL and lnLernal audlL Lo lmprove Lhe lnLernal conLrol over Lhe
purchase cycle of l1 equlpmenLs and suppllesŦ
8Ŵ lmplemenL cosL savlng lnlLlaLlves Lo opLlmlze Lhe use of l1 supplles (prlnLersţ Lelephoneţ and
9Ŵ lmplemenL a plan Lo secure company's daLa

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