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Delores T. Quinata JFKHS 9-12 Business
1 month

Promotion is one component of the Marketing Mix. Advertising is a promotional activity used to persuade consumers to purchase a good/service. Students will learn the popular forms of media such as print, radio and electronic and how to produce ads with those mediums. Students who wish to pursue a career in Marketing or in a field that involves promoting an idea or product, will obtain some hand-on experience in developing these mediums. This lesson will impart to the student the work skills of technology, creativity, communication, and collaboration.

Driving Question
What advertisements meets the clients expectations? (awareness, purchase, use, promote, etc.)

Unit Overview
Students will learn the activities involved in advertising a product/service. They will also create actual advertisements using any media resource tool. They will also learn the business practice of working for a client and presenting a solution. Students will also be exposed to using a variety of web-based media tools to create their advertisements.

Unit Objectives
At the end of this unit, students will be able to: Articulate to the client their advertising plan. Produce a 30 second radio ad. Produce a 30 second TV ad. Produce a Print ad.

Key Concepts
Business Marketing Mix Advertising strategies Application of Media Resources Business client relationship Work skills application

GDOE Content Standards & Performance Indicators
GDOE Educational Technology Standards (2010) Standard 1: Creativity and Innovation 9-12.1.1 Produce original media products that incorporate different content areas using a combination of text, images, sound, music or video for personal or group expression and inclusion in portfolios. Standard 4: Digital Citizenship 9-12.4.4 Comply with the GDOE Acceptable Use Policy Standard 5: Technology Operations and Concepts 9-12.5.4 Demonstrate skill in integrating a variety of digital equipment (digital camera, scanner, etc.) to pro complete performance –based projects. Old GDOE Standards Content Standard 1: Basic Principles and Practices: Business, Industry and Govt. 1.HS.8 – Demonstrate knowledge in the language of Business. 1.HS.38 – Develop, implement and evaluate a marketing (advertising) project.


(if applicable)

SAT-10 Standards:
List all the SAT-10 Standards you will be addressing in this unit. Language – Composing, editing, informative Reading Comprehension Listening Comprehension Spelling – No mistake

Problem Solving Effective Communicator Responsible Citizens Technologically Literate

Assessment/ Evaluation
Oral presentation Assignment completion Group work

Culminating Activity
Have a meeting with our client where students will give an oral presentation of their advertising strategy of the product or service. Presentation will include the following: Introduction of Group Members Background information of company Problem/Challenge Solution: Presentation of 3 advertisements (print, radio internet, tv) Refreshments will follow after all presentations

Field Trips Resource Persons
Print Ad Professional TV Ad Professional Radio Ad Professional

Literature Connection/Additional Resources