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no moreţ Canon Sx40PS ls Lhe one LhaL you could be seeklngŦ Pave Lhe efforLlessly capLures amazlng
phoLos and vldeosţ 12Ŧ1 Megaplxel CMCS sensorţ 33x CpLlcal Zoomţ 24mm ulLra WldeŴAngle lens makes
lL useful Lo Lake plcLures of large Leams of peopleţ Lall bulldlngsţ expanslve landscapes and even moreŦ
8ased 1he opLlons LhaL may make many lndlvlduals choose Canon Sx40PS dlglLal cameraŦ
1hls Canon Sx40PS dlglLla camera works really speclalŦ now for Lhose of you who complaln abouL vlceo
quallLy several Lhlngs Lake lnLo play as soon as you capLure Lhe vldeo on Lhe compuLerŦ l dld a dlrecL plug
ln lnLo Lhe flaL screen and Lhe quallLy was ouLsLandlngŦ Maybe you quesLlonţ whaL are Lhe beneflLs
Canon Sx40PS ? Wellţ leLs flnd Lhe answerŦ l supply you wlLh lnformaLlon abouL beneflLs from Sony
handycam sx44 llke asť
1he Canon PS S?S1LM boosLs lowŴllghL performance wlLh all Lhe new Canon ulClC 3 lmage Þrocessor
and a hlghŴsenslLlvlLy 12Ŧ1 Megaplxel CMCS sensorŦ Colors are more vlbranL and whlLe balance ls LrueŴ
LoŴllfeŦ 1he ÞowerShoL Sx40 PS ls mosLly a versaLlle compacL polnLŴandŴshooL camera LhaL easlly
capLures amazlng plcs and vldsŦ 1hls advanced Canon Lechnology dellvers sLunnlng lmage quallLy wlLh
reduced nolse and blurŦ Ŧ1he camera also feaLures a 2Ŧ7Ŵlnch varlŴangle LCu for greaL shooLlng flexlblllLyŦ
Þacked wlLh an array of powerful Lechnologlesţ Lhe ÞowerShoL Sx40 PS ls a convenlenL dlglLal camera
capable of brllllanL lmage capLureŦ 1he 33x CpLlcal Zoom offers lncredlble reach and rangeţ allowlng you
Lo shooL any sceneţ near or farŦ 1he CpLlcal lmage SLablllzer helps lmages klck off sLeady and clearţ and a
24mm ulLra WldeŴAngle lens makes lL easy Lo Lake plcLures of large groups of peopleţ Lall bulldlngsţ
expanslve landscapes and much moreŦ
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Canon Sx40PS lor phoLosţ lL enables shooLlng aL slower shuLLer speedsţ accommodaLlng more lowŴllghL
shooLlng slLuaLlons Lhan any oLher Llme wlLhouL havlng Lo boosL lSC senslLlvlLyŦ WlLh camera shake and
vlbraLlon reducedţ you geL a sharperţ sLeadler lmageŦ And because lL ls an opLlcal sysLemţ Lhere ls none
of Lhe lmage degradaLlon Lyplcal wlLh elecLronlc lmage sLablllzersŦ Pandheld shooLlng can ofLen lead Lo
camera shakeţ maklng phoLos and vldeos blurryŦ Canon's CpLlcal lmage SLablllzer ls a sophlsLlcaLed
sysLem LhaL uses lensŴshlfL Lechnology Lo correcL for unwanLed camera movemenLŦ lL makes handheld
phoLography more pracLlcalţ provldlng excellenL lmage quallLy ln many dlfflculL shooLlng slLuaLlonsť
ouLdoors aL duskţ lnslde wlLhouL a flashţ and even aL Lhe LelephoLo end of Lhe zoom range wlLhouL a
anon nS S¥S1LM
1he Canon PS S?S1L 1he devlce ls Lhe reacLlon of Lwo Lechnologles broughL LogeLher ln ÞowerShoL
cameras a hlghŴsenslLlvlLy lmaglng sensorţ whlch ls able Lo capLure more llghLŤ and Lhe ulClC lmage
Þrocessorţ whlch acLlvely reduces nolse wlLh hlghŴspeed lmage processlngŦ 1he 12Ŧ1 Megaplxel Canon
CMCS sensor ln Lhe ÞowerShoL Sx40 PS lncorporaLes advanced llghL recepLlon Lechnology LhaL
enhances senslLlvlLyŦ M leLs you Lake brlghLţ clear phoLos ln an even wlder range of shooLlng slLuaLlonsŦ
8eauLlful lowŴllghL shoLs are posslble wlLh mlnlmal nolse and maxlmum deLall ln hlghllghL and shadow
areasŦ 1he new ulClC 3 lmage Þrocessor provldes a ma[or boosL ln nolse reducLlonţ expandlng Lhe
usable lSC range Lo an amazlng hlgh of lSC 3200Ŧ 1he Canon PS S?S1LM Lhus enables you Lo use hlgher
shuLLer speeds Lo capLure clearer lmages wlLh reduced nolse and blurŦ