Scream Deconstruction

This opening shot is a close up of the phone it establishes the next scene of the girl talking to an unknown person. It also establishes that the phone is ringing connecting the audience to the phone call. The mise en scene suggest at this stage everything is normal the lighting is bright and actor is call answering a perfectly normal phone call.

One of the next scenes to follow is a moving track shot moving towards the house. There is an establishing image of an empty swing rocking back and forth which shouldn’t be moving. This is now suggesting that someone is outside of the house looking in and slowly builds up the tention. All you can hear is the sounds of nature and insects outside which adds to the effect of it being night time.

As the the girl keeps getting mysterious phon calls the tention continues to build but the actress still does not seem detressed by them, suttle hints of what could happen start to move in with props of kinives and the flame from the cooker.

Now we see shot of the girl looking out of the window, this is the first time you start to see panic within the actress as she establishes that something is not quite right. This is also shown through the comparison from the darkness outside that is uneasy and scary compared to the warm lighting of the safety in side.

suddenly as the mood changes within the actress the lighting suddenly becomes darker and not a warm atmosphere anymore with only some low sid lights to light up the house. Panicing music starts up and the tention is continuously building.

The objects that were used to establish danger have now come into use with the fire on the hob from the food she was making and the knives becoming her weapon of safety. The lighting is dark and the music becomes louder.

The final ending is what everything has built up to. The music is at its loudest with also prfect distressing screams from the actress. The typical conventions of a horror movie has come into place with the girl trying to defend herself and getting killed. There is fog and darkness outside fitting the scene perfectly and the villain or murder has a scary appearance.

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