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Packet Tracer

Packet Tracer

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Configure A Router With Packet Tracer : Learn-Networki...


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Configure A Router With Packet Tracer
January 8th, 2010 • Related • Filed Under Computer networking professionals getting started with Packet Tracer may find the interface to be flustered. Being a development program, this is only natural. However, learning how to configure a router with Packet Tracer will put professionals on the right track to mastering the program in about half an hour. By this time, you should already have the Packet Tracer download and have it installed on your computer. Open the program and select the router from the lower left-hand corner, and drag it into the center of the sandbox screen as seen below. (Click for larger picture)

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. When you connect like-devices(Such as a router and computer) you use a crossover cable. only this time connect the cable to FastEthernet0/1 since FastEthernet0/0 is already taken by PC0. Now select connections from the same bottom left-hand corner. so the next step is to select end devices from the bottom left-hand corner and drag it to the sandbox screen. Do this twice to make two computers appear below the router. We will be setting up a very basic network that allows two computers to communicate.com/network-design/configure-a. You can tell by the red dots that are present on both ends of the connection. Your network should be similar to the one below at this point: 2 of 13 12/04/11 13:59 . Do the same operation to PC1. it is not functional. Click on Router0. and connect the cable via FastEthernet0/0 as seen below: Now click the PC0 and select FastEthernet. You will notice that although a link is established.. the red dots will turn green to indicate the devices are able to communicate. Once the router is configured correctly.Configure A Router With Packet Tracer : Learn-Networki. so you should select copper cross-over cable from the second menu to the immediate right.. http://learn-networking..

Type no shutdown to open the interface up for business. 6.. Type ip address 192.168. http://learn-networking. Although they are physically connected.Configure A Router With Packet Tracer : Learn-Networki.. 4. Now click on the CLI tab to access the configuration menu. Type interface fastethernet0/0 to access Ethernet0/0 5. Press RETURN to start the session 2. 1.0 to assign an IP address and subnet mask to the interface. If you’ve used the Cisco IOS before.1 255.255. they are in a state that is known as being in administrative shut down. Next we have to open the Ethernet ports to allow communication. Type config terminal (or config t for short) to access the configuration menu..com/network-design/configure-a.255.10.. Configuring The Router In Packet Tracer A router that is turned off doesn’t work very well! Click on your router to bring up the configuration menu and verify that it is turned on.When on. you will notice it looks and acts the same way. there will be a small green light below the switch as seen in the diagram. Type enable to get to privileged mode (this gives you more options in configuring the router) 3. 3 of 13 12/04/11 13:59 .

1 255. there still won’t be a connection to PC1! Make sure to enter the IP address carefully as seen below: 1.0 3. so our ping won’t work without it! Click on PC0 to bring up the configuration menu. Then click the FastEthernet tab on the left column to set the actual computer’s IP address to be on the network. changed state to up %LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN: Line protocol on Interface FastEthernet0/0.2 for the IP address.Configure A Router With Packet Tracer : Learn-Networki. You can confirm that your network works by sending out a packet of information from PC0 to PC1.168. If you don’t. http://learn-networking. Press Ctrl + Z to go back to the previous mode.168. Type ip address 192.. Type no shutdown At this point our router is configured properly.2 for the IP address.255..255. however! Configuring The Gateway In Packet Tracer Our last step is to configure the gateway on each desktop computer.20. Under global settings you will find a field for the gateway. which is 192.255. Type interface fastethernet0/1 2.1.0 for the subnet mask. changed state to up Now we have to do the same thing for fastethernet0/1.255. Do the same thing for PC1. only use 192. If you test out a ping.168. Use 192.. Enter the corresponding IP address of the router’s interface. That’s it! You should now see a message similar to the following: %LINK-5-CHANGED: Interface FastEthernet0/0.255.0 for the subnet mask. The gateway is the address we assigned to the Ethernet port that the desktop is connected to. and 255. and 255.168.1 for the gateway address. you will notice that the computers still don’t communicate.168. It will allow the computer to interface with another network. Click the packet icon on the right menu as seen below: 4 of 13 12/04/11 13:59 ..255.com/network-design/configure-a. and vice versa. 192.

Popularity: unranked [?] Cisco Switches For Sale Find New & Refurb Cisco Switches Free Delivery & Tech Support! www.. » 1. Closing Comments Congratulations! You have a small working network.Configure A Router With Packet Tracer : Learn-Networki.com/Switches CCIE Labs Solutions Pass CCIE Lab exam in First attempt by studying Real Labs. Click on PC0 and then click PC1.SimpleSoft.passearly. A real-world application of this very network would be to have two computers connected to the Internet.com SNMP Tools Manage. you may have had a syntax error when putting in an IP address or router configuration command. Develop. Test and Simulate Simplifying Network Management www.com There Are 40 Responses So Far. ccie. On the lower right of the screen you will see a message box that says “Successful. whereas the router would then be connected to your telecommunications company. Review your work or ask for help among the community if you are stuck.com CCIE Labs Solutions Obtain ccie number in First Attempt By Real CCIE Labs.MemoryDealers. Test and Simulate Simplifying Network Management www. this is probably one of the best Packet Tracer tutorials i’ve come across.SimpleSoft.com/network-design/configure-a.. Comment by Avery on 9 January 2010: Seriously.com SNMP Tools Manage. but you’re now on the right path to becoming qualified for the CCNA certification exam.com/Switches Cisco Switches For Sale Find New & Refurb Cisco Switches Free Delivery & Tech Support! www. www. (Or what we would call the “cloud”) More advanced devices and topologies won’t be so easy..” If it doesn’t.MemoryDealers. Develop.passearly.. It sure beats having to watch a YouTube tutorial with some random guy 5 of 13 12/04/11 13:59 . http://learn-networking.

Instructions are well arranged and easy to follow 6.. Comment by roshiro on 3 February 2010: you are the only resource found in Google that even had PT tuts that wasn’t a danged video tutorial can’t exactly watch a video when i’m at work on break. Comment by poro on 15 February 2010: this has helped me for my beginning router config class.. 7.255..20. . thanks for your tutorial.255. Comment by Nori on 25 February 2010: 6 of 13 12/04/11 13:59 ..com/network-design/configure-a. thanks hope you’ll make much more tutorials. 9.0 3. I think you might have skipped some of the steps or skimmed through a vital part of the tutorial. 1. here: 1. Type interface fastethernet0/1 2. typing text into Notepad because he can’t afford a microphone. Comment by casseine on 25 January 2010: this is a nice refresher for me– haven’t had a networking course in years and this brought back memories 4. Comment by TJ on 20 January 2010: nice… and hoping for more 3. wish my teacher had better material like this stuff 8. and i already try step by step. it was not work.168. so actually as the first step we have to use/type “config terminal” before type interface fastethernet0/1. 5.1 255. i just want to give some feedback about one step. Comment by bart on 8 February 2010: I am new in this world and indeed it worked. http://learn-networking. Comment by networkPro on 15 February 2010: @ram – I got this working perfect. Type ip address 192. Comment by ramdhani on 14 February 2010: hi.Configure A Router With Packet Tracer : Learn-Networki. Press Ctrl + Z to go back to the previous mode. 2. because it is clearly for beginner like me. Type no shutdown when i tried this one. Keep it up! I’ve subscribed.

Would love it if more examples could be published as I am going for my CCNA 7 of 13 12/04/11 13:59 .com/network-design/configure-a. it helped me a lot… 10. Comment by Kewal Chahal on 6 July 2010: Great tutorial for getting started with the Cisco Packet Tracer. http://learn-networking. Thanks for providing good one 18. 20. Comment by Haroon ur Rashid on 15 May 2010: Excellent. Comment by musa on 12 April 2010: it does work as exactly i want 14.. Type interface fastethernet1/0 11. Comment by jayan on 30 March 2010: usefull 12. Comment by alam on 14 April 2010: very nice tutorial I almost desperate to search for help and this one is really enlighten me 15. Comment by good on 22 April 2010: well it is quiet good 16. helpful and yes hoping for more! Small eratum: 1.. Comment by jz on 7 March 2010: Very nice. Comment by me on 25 April 2010: thx!! 17.. thank you. Comment by Mohd on 10 June 2010: Thank you for the tutorial and for the hard work ! well Job dear. Comment by rams on 11 April 2010: how to configure router to router? 13.. Comment by mudasir on 28 May 2010: this really works help me to be a good network administrator n send topics related to networking 19.Configure A Router With Packet Tracer : Learn-Networki. Type interface fastethernet0/1 Should be: 1.

switches 1 and 2 connect to RT1 and switch 3 to RT2 one PC to RT3. Too. SW2. 8 of 13 12/04/11 13:59 . I am unable to get a successful Ping and all green dots. which connectors to use for Switches to Routers and from Routers to Switches. Thanks in anticipation.. Comment by Manduna on 2 February 2011: perfect tutorial 28. In ROW 1 or level 1 I have 3 routers RT1. 2 switches.Configure A Router With Packet Tracer : Learn-Networki. at level 3. I do wonder why you give the router a IP for each port? Normally a router got a static IP you connect with. 24.com/network-design/configure-a. how can I get the packet Tracer software to enable me prepare for my ccna exam. could u please show config for this scenario with and without VLAN’s and different routing algo’s. and also main router connecting to RT1 and RT3 to implement STP PLEASE HELP .. I am using Packet Tracer to create a network consisting of a router.. http://learn-networking. what modules would be suitable for extension and can I use a TFTP server in packet tracer. at level 2 or row 2 I have 3 switches SW1. RT2 and RT3 connected to each other.. so i’m pretty new at this. Totally unfamiliar with Packet Tracer. Comment by David on 21 February 2011: I’m about to take a cisco educational way. Comment by dennis on 19 January 2011: how to configure 4 or more router with the static routing. Comment by Hammad on 10 February 2011: it is really very good tutorial please post a comlete guide for using all packet tracer features 29.please help me with that 27. Comment by Shaun on 2 December 2010: Hi. and 4 PCs. 21. can u help me with this. 23. Any suggestions? 25. Comment by BreedingtheSpawn on 7 August 2010: Thanks for this refresher I am sure I will get plenty of opportunities in October to configure a router... Comment by amir on 5 January 2011: It was Awesome thanks alot !! 26. 3 PCs are connected to each switch and two additional PC’s to RT3 directly… All connections are fast Ethernet 100 Mbits/sec full duplex. SW3. Comment by Sar on 14 August 2010: Thanks for the guide. 22. Comment by Okoro Anselm on 27 July 2010: Pls.

not switchports.10. .X. I’m sure there is a explonation for this. Comment by john on 13 July 2011: you guys can type int fa 0/0 instead of interface fastethernet 0/0 for short cuts. Comment by CandyBullets on 8 June 2011: David.X is a class C address space. Cheers Varun 34. Comment by selva on 3 March 2011: I finished ccna.i need help how to configure. This tutorial definitely makes it easy to take virtual lab testing to the real world application. same as configure terminal u can put config t.0 and 192. You need to configure a static address on each router port because the two ports on the router are routing ports.I was installing the internet download manager on my notebook but after that. which means that 192. for beginners like me. Comment by Ransford on 28 April 2011: This is excellent.20.. http://learn-networking.due to the bad facilities i didnt learn fully. Comment by bornoy on 15 April 2011: hi.168.. Comment by David Duncan on 6 March 2011: I just finished up a course using Packet Tracer.0 are in different networks.. but so far it seems strange to me.what can i do? 31. but bear in mind that you’ll need to enable a routing protocol (EIGRP OSPF. I can’t have the internet access. please give us more and complex lab. 32. How can I solve this problem? 33.. 9 of 13 12/04/11 13:59 .Configure A Router With Packet Tracer : Learn-Networki. Comment by varyb on 20 April 2011: i revised my configs and at alast it is successful Thanks for the person who build this site which is very useful for all the students who are at learning stage like me.now i want to study the router configuration by using packet tracer software. The router will automatically be aware of any networks it is directly connected to. The 192. I’ve enjoyed this.com/network-design/configure-a. anyone would explain it? 30. 36.168.168. Hats off to Cisco and the makers of Packet Tracer. RIPv2) if you connect two or more routers together. thanks a lot 35. When I remove this program my internet access is coming back.

fill in the following information in the table above in your notebook or on a separate sheet of paper. Given an IP address of 198. 37. Comment by gary on 2 November 2011: Had never heard of this until this morning.219. THANK YOU ! THUMBS’ UP!!! 39. Comment by jonathanrentino on 24 September 2011: Learning Objectives Configure Cisco router global configuration settings Configure Cisco router password access Configure Cisco router interfaces Save the router configuration file Configure a Cisco switch Introduction: In this lab students will configure common settings on a Cisco Router and Cisco Switch. http://learn-networking. but not much good. I have watched a few tutorials on you tube. and am a total newbie.133. Address information will be easy to compute with the subnet number filled in first) Maximum number of usable subnets (including the 0th subnet)? Number of usable hosts per subnet? 40. Comment by Khim Heartbender on 15 August 2011: This is the best tutorial on router configuration i’ve ever come across. (Hint: fill in the subnet number. then the host address...Configure A Router With Packet Tracer : Learn-Networki.com/network-design/configure-a.0/24.. Comment by Christian Esperar on 16 July 2011: Successfully configure router because of this tutorial.. with 4 bits borrowed for subnets. Am now going to print off these tutorials and do them in my own time Comment on This Article Name (required) Mail (will not be published) (required) Website 10 of 13 12/04/11 13:59 . Thanks. BTW do you know how to do RIP? 38.

And Rollover Cables (29) How a Broadcast Address Works (28) Search Site Search Tags go Site Tags Archives Monthly Archives 11 of 13 12/04/11 13:59 . And Rollover Cables Download Packet Tracer 5 For Free A Guide to Network Topology Most Comments How to Subnet a Network (76) Download Packet Tracer 5 For Free (73) Configure A Router With Packet Tracer (40) The Difference Between Straight Through.Configure A Router With Packet Tracer : Learn-Networki. Crossover.. Crossover...com/network-design/configure-a. Submit Comment Popular Most Comments Search Tags Archives Popular How to Subnet a Network An Introduction To Tcp/Ip The Difference Between Straight Through.. http://learn-networking.

com/Switches SNMP Tools Manage.SimpleSoft. ccie. http://learn-networking.passearly.com Recent Comments Jo on Enable Passwords On Cisco Routers Via Enable Password And Enable Secret qadeer on Download Packet Tracer 5 For Free richard on How a Broadcast Address Works Nabeel on The Difference Between Straight Through.com/ Cisco Switches For Sale Find New & Refurb Cisco Switches Free Delivery & Tech Support! www. Crossover.com/network-design/configure-a. And Rollover Cables Washington Chidiwa on A Guide to Network Topology Recent Articles A Review of The Ooma VoIP Internet Phone Free Cisco Poster Offer Configure A Router With Packet Tracer Download Packet Tracer 5 For Free Enable Passwords On Cisco Routers Via Enable Password And Enable Secret Tags arpanet bandwidth binary decimal encapsulation internet layer IP CCNA 1 ccna exams cisco classes client/server datagram LAN network access layer switch tcp ethernet exam preps fiber optic hex hexadecimal history how to subnet hub network math network media network topology osi model packet tracer peer to peer pneumonics Router Configuration router security SAN Security STP subnet subnet mask tcp/ip throughput UDP UTP WAN wireless Subscribe 12 of 13 12/04/11 13:59 . Test and Simulate Simplifying Network Management www.. CCIE Labs Solutions Pass CCIE Lab Exam In First Attempt By Studying Real Labs... Develop.Configure A Router With Packet Tracer : Learn-Networki.MemoryDealers..

© Copyright Learn-Networking. http://learn-networking.com/network-design/configure-a..com 2007.Configure A Router With Packet Tracer : Learn-Networki.... All rights reserved. Web Design by SEO Faction 13 of 13 12/04/11 13:59 .

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