SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. SWOT is a useful tool for assessing and analyzing an organization's overall situation. Strength and weakness basically occur in the internal environments of the organization. It provides the information that in which area we are strong and weak and it provides the solution how we can overcome the weakness and utilize the strength in a right direction. The SWOT analysis is a comprehensive and critical overview of the operations, procedures, rules and regulations, services and other related activities, the analysis include the analysis of TARBELA HYDEL POWER STATION in the light of the specific variables which directly or indirectly affect the operations of the Power Station.

It is the moral and professional duty of the directors, managers and executives to overcome the weakness and convert them into strengths, and get maximum benefits and opportunity from the prevailing resources.

• Rising Electricity Demand There is a rapid rise in the demand of electricity. The government is providing electricity to the backwards villages which haven’t the electricity facility in the past. The economy is developing through the installation of new factories, companies and the enlargement of running businesses for which the power is the basic need. • Development Projects

• WAPDA has monopoly in market • Company has huge amount of assets • Security Systems • Transportation systems • WAPDA provides large number of facilities. • Over employees and low productivity. • Most of employees are satisfied with their jobs because work assigned to them is interesting and work load is low as compared to other business organizations each employee is assigned with the work he can perform with perfection. Its estimated project cost is US$ 908 Million. . • Political powers in recruiting due to which some incompetent candidates were recruited. • Communication systems among departments are not sufficient. • WAPDA do time to monitoring over its wings to increase efficiency. • Lack of loyalty. • In spite of presence of technology many jobs are done manually. That’s why qualitative performance of these workers is limited.The main development project presently under construction is the Tarbela 4th Extension Hydropower Project which has a generation capacity of 1350 MW and it is expected to be commissioned in six years. • The controls are heads or not effected. • Consistency and regulatory in staff. • Pensions systems Weaknesses • Political Instability • Scarcity of Resources • All though there are competent and high qualified workers but a large part of employees are incompetent and low qualified as compared to their job specification matriculates and intermediate are working at the job specification of MBAs or other master degree holders. allowances and benefits to its employees and these are sources of motivation for workers.

• Slow developments process. • Electricity demand is increasing day by day due to this main grid station goes to trip. • Bad reputation . Threats • Politics in employees and labor unions. • Gomal zam dam project • Miran dam project • Mangla dam rising • Canal system • Rehabilitation of transmission line to prevent from line losses • Time execution of development projects • Information technology • Re generate electricity through Tarbela dam. • Political instability can effect to development projects. • Change in government policies. • Terrorism in our county is biggest threat to authority. • Increase In demand day by day - Opportunities • WAPDA has opportunity rises dams height Mangla and remove mud in Tarbela dam which can increase Electricity generation capacity.• Dependency on the power production and distribution companies. • Uncertain economic condition.