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Presentation : This document is a campaign by an Indian charity for adoption.

Description: There are a logo and the name of the charity in the top right-hand corner. Moreover, this campaign shows/features/depicts a little girl. She is taller than her mother / the adult. She is holding her mother as if she were holding a doll/ a teddy bear/ a baby She is hugging her mother and she is wearing a dress and sandals. Besides, she is brownhaired. She looks joyful/ elated/ pleased. Whats more, there is a catchphrase at the bottom: when you adopt a child, you get/receive more love / affection than you can give. The background is light green and there is the phone number of the charity in the bottom lefthand corner.

Analysis: The target is parents and more particularly sterile parents. The document aims at sensitizing, persuading and convincing parents to adopt a child.

Written by Charlotte.