I can still hear it... though Im not sure why or where, some one yelling his name frantically...

repetitively..... Its actually kinda haunting

Inoue Genzaburou [?????]: 1829 - 1868

He was born in Tama County (1829, March 1st) in Hino, as the third son of Inoue Matsugorou, of the Hachiouji Sennin Toushin.

An ancestor of the Inoue family was a vassal for Suruga Imagawa family. After the battle of Okehazama, they served the Takeda family. After the decline of the Takeda family, the central retainers of the Takeda formed the half-farmer half-warrior Hachiouji Sennin Toushin, employed by the Tokugawa. Among five brothers, the second son--Matsujirou raised the Inoue family's reputation and upon succession, changed his name to Matsugorou.

Genzaburou upon coming to age, his father, along with his brothers and those associated with the Hachiouji were initiated into Kondou Shuusuke's Tennen Rishin Ryuu. Satou Hikogoro also studied the sword in a dojo established inside the mansion. While enthusiastically training in kendo and farming, he was initiated into the secrets of the art in 1847. In 1863, he joined the Roushingumi's relocation to Kyoto. After formation of the Shinsengumi, as the oldest member, he managed the foreign affairs for the Shieikan. He also served as the Fukuchou (Vice-Commander) assistant, and 6th Unit's captain. During the Ikeda affair, he commanded a detached unit of 10 members for Hijikata's party and was rewarded 17 ryo. On April 5 in the fourth year of Keiou, during the heat of battle of Toba Fushimi regarding Yodo Chiyumatsu, he died from a severe bullet wound at the age of 40.

He is reticent, with a gentle personality, popular with the young soldiers, and warm-hearted. He also has a stubborn side; in one instance when one tried to speak with him(?), he was immovable despite persuasion.