cpt of 1st troop

and that is what my sources actually agree on. I have read many differant things about all manger of his life and so I have decided that if this isn't as accurate as anyone would like, I'm not particularly concerned... (now if you want to rewrite it w/sources and all that... oh be my guest !!! I will be very hapy about it !!!!!)

ok so Soujirou (wait.. his name was souji wasn't it? I have found referances stating that soujirou was his birth name.)

Back to Soujirou... some say he had ONE sister .. some say he had a brother adopted into the Kondou family and another older sister... meaning two sisters.

The sister that took care of him was adopted by Kondou (not Isami.. the older one) I read something about this being done so she could marry this guy who was adopted into the okita family ... no idea... not at alll... but the adopted brother joined the shinsengumi too....

The point being that Okita started training at the shiekan when we was .... young... I get differant ages for things as well like we all know he was a child prodegy but when he defeated a kenjutsu master in shirakawa he was 12-15 yrs or something.

I think he started teaching around age of 15. (or someone could be lying) all sources agree that


Information on Okita Souji was drawn from a combination of books and websites in Japanese. Whenever possible, the source of the information is

cited. We have tried our best to be as historically accurate as possible. If you have found an error in this page please email shinsengumihq(a)yahoo.com, mention the page address and give us the correct information along with the book/journal article information as well. We are also interested in noting discrepencies. If you have a text which gives different information ~ please let us know.

Name: Okita Souji Fujiwara no Kaneyoshi Born Tenpou 13 (1844) or Tenpou 15 (1844) Hometown: Edo (present day Tokyo) he was born at the Shirakawa-han mansion Style: Tennen Rishin Ryu

Name (examined): His birth name (in full) was "Okita Soujirou Fujiwara no Harumasa". He changed his name to "Okita Souji Fujiwara no Kaneyoshi" shortly before his departure to Kyoto in 1863. Other than his full name, he could be referred as Okita Souji, Okita Souji Kaneyoshi, or Fujiwara no Kaneyoshi. In the case of his birth name, he could be referred as Okita Soujirou, Fujiwara no Harumasa, or Okita Soujirou Harumasa (never Okita Harumasa Soujirou) Family Name: Okita Given Name/First Name Equivalent: Soujirou; Souji Family Clan Name:Fujiwara Formal Given Name/Middle Name Equivalent: Harumasa, Kaneyoshi

Sword: Kikuichimonji Norimune (might be unlikely because it had the status of a national treasure), and Kaga Kiyomitsu (a set of two swords.)

Seven (user:nlf7) Although highly unlikely, it was rumored that he wielded a famous katana called

Kikuichi- monji. However, he surely owned a set of Kaga Kiyomitsu (a katana and a wakizashi) and his so-called "Kikuichimonji Norimune" was likely a Yamasiro Kunikiyo instead. (Oji 96)

(Anonymous Commentary on Okita's Sword) Someone should address that Kikuichi-monji was already considered as a priceless treasure even during the late Shogunate period. Therefore Okita wielding Kikuichi-monji is a myth - he couldn't have been able to afford it in the first place.

I've mentioned that the Kikuichi-monji was forged during Emperor Go-Toba's reign (see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kikuichi-monji). I could write more about it. However, even though Okita couldn't have been able to afford it , he could have inherited it from his ancestors (I could not find any evidence against this theory and therefore consider it to be a rumor, rather than a myth.)

A Note on Okita's Sword by Hirotada Tokugawa (Shimazu Masayoshi) The Kiku-ichimon-ji Norimune is reputed to be the sword Okita used. However, it is HIGHLY unlikely that that was his sword, mainly owing to the fact that "Kiku-ichimonji," or "Chrysanthemum-crest," is the crest of the Emperor, and the swordsmith Norimune, having been in attendance to Emperor Go-Toba, was allowed to stamp the tang of his blades (the part the handle wraps around) with the Imperial crest. Therefore, the sword, even in the pre-Meiji era, had the status of a national treasure. So it's highly unlikely that Okita, a man who was the son of a low-ranking ashigaru (ashigaru were foot soldiers who are considered by some to have not even had full samurai rank), would

have such a sword.

However, http://www.toshizo.com/nozoku/index.html lists a more likely candidate for Okita's favorite sword-- the Kaga Kiyomitsu. You can see a picture of what I believe is a replica herehttp://www2.taiyo-planet.co.jp/konc/konc-shohin/japan/kit/img/kit-027ako.jpg, and it's possible to buy it here http://www2.taiyo-planet.co.jp/konc/konc-shohin/japan/kit/kit-027a.htm. Even says he used it at Ikedaya.

Characteristics It is historical accurate that Okita loved children. During his time in Kyoto, he was often seen playing with children and was a baby-sitter to Yagi's sons in Mibu. (Oji 100)

He was not particularly fond of liquor but it is fictional that he loved sweets.

Okita was a bit of a clean freak. (Oji 130)

There has not been any evidence of an Okita photograph. However you may look at photos which have been mistaken for Okita here.

Online Resources and Related Texts

Please also see: The Afflicted Swordsman: Tuberculosis and Okita Soujiro

Sources Used for this site:

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damn the links wont work

he used the bokken katana and shinai with equal skill

he was honset and polite he liked children and would play with and babysit them he liked to joke around and have fun and laugh a lot

he was an impatient master. short tempered when teaching. No patience. He was the head teacher at the shieikan

it is writen in historical sources that the only one who could hold thier own against him/could equal him was saitou hajime (or pick a name you prefer)

he changed his name to something rediculously long and I'm certain incredably meaninful. Okita Souji Fujiwara no Kaneyoshi.

He had an issue at the ikedaya inn .. meaning he caughed up a lung or passed out (differant sources say differant things) so some say this was the time he realised he had tb

eventually......durring the Boshin War.... (this would be some time after The Boba-Fushimi in battle thing ) Okit went ot Matsumoto Ryoujun's hosp. He later was moved to a guast house with Okita Rintarou and okita Mitsu and thier children. He died on July 19, 1868 when he was 25.

Of course I havent told you a damn thing that he did. It was rumored that he had lots of assasinations under his belt. Kinda like Harada and Saitou... if you were a non code following shinsengumi one of the above made sure you were

a dead shinsengumi.

So, Im going to be doing some more reading about the shinsengumi in general and I will put things in here as I go. If anyone really cares about what style he learned and taught and what moves he created and all of that: Tennen Rishin-ryu his signature techique was called: muyo-ken or sandanzuki it was supposed to be able to hit the neck, lft sholder and rt sholder w/one strike. some say this was derived from hijikata's hirazuki.

sooo what did he really look like? There are NO confirmed (100%) pics of him but there is one several people agree is him. And another I found somewhere that was drawn froma description of him. Sources don't agree on what he looked like either. One discription was that he was tall and thin and nice looking another was that he had a round face and was a bit puddgy.