WrlLe ºl love you" noLes or draw plcLures for your parenLs and hlde Lhem under Lhelr plllowsŦ

Cffer Lo seL Lhe Lable for dlnnerŦ

Ask a parenL for permlsslon Lo make popcorn for your famllyŦ

Cffer Lo say grace aL mealLlmeŦ SuggesL your famlly hold hands around Lhe Lable whlle you say lLŦ

Look up aL Lhe wonder of Lhe nlghL sky LonlghL and say Lhanks Lo CodŦ

Clean your bedroom wlLhouL belng asked

Make a ChrlsLmas card for your favorlLe Leacher and glve lL Lo LhemŦ

Call Crandma or Crandpa and Lell Lhem you love LhemŦ

CuL ouL lacy paper snowflakes for your wlndowsŦ

Make a speclal ornamenL for each famlly member from old ChrlsLmas cardsŦ

8ead Lhe ChrlsLmas sLory wlLh famllyŦ

Pug everyone ln your famlly LodayŦ

8ake ChrlsLmas cooklesŦ

lnvlLe your famlly for a wlnLer walk and afLerwards pralse Cod for wlnLer glfLsŦ

Make hoL chocolaLe as a famllyŦ

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f nnf f¾f€f¯  .¾¯f¾n ¾     ° €f¯€f° ff° f€ f ¾½f¾  €° –€¾    .


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