Magdalena Karbowska
Unit 3: Environment

Introduction. The objective is to create one scene, using common objects and scenes but creating an image with an uncanny feeling. The principle of the tableaux vivant is helpful in acheiving this effect. tableau vivant French [tablo vivɑ̃] n pl tableaux vivants [tablo vivɑ̃] (Performing Arts / Theatre) a representation of a scene, painting, sculpture, etc., by a person or group posed silent and motionless [literally: living picture] un·can·ny (n-kn) adj. un·can·ni·er, un·can·ni·est 1. Peculiarly unsettling, as if of supernatural origin or nature; eerie. See Synonyms at weird. 2. So keen and perceptive as to seem preternatural. uncanny [ʌnˈkænɪ] adj 1. characterized by apparently supernatural wonder, horror, etc. 2. beyond what is normal or expected an uncanny accuracy Development.

Those sketches seem a bit dull, and I want to try adding some bold shadows and more objects. I tried to look around my room and imagine that the random objects have special meaning. I quite like the idea of the fish tank, when there are fish inside it will be only an average image but if I take the fish out it will deepen the effect of depopulation. Essay. In my essay I will either write about actroids or compare couple of games like Final Fantasy XXIII (which is realistic but doesn't fall into uncanny valley) and Heavy Rain (characters too much