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56351517 Profiset 3030 User Manual

56351517 Profiset 3030 User Manual

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Attendant Console (AC) System Telephone Profiset 3030 E822 ST Quick Reference Guide

Message ports EVM .. n s t w ll. Replace the handset. keys.. Signaling with a short beep Enter numbers. Start conversation.Virtual ports Fax/DID .Explanation of symbols Explanation of symbols Symbol Explanation Key off Key on Blinking.Default internal number EVM . including S0 Group of external lines Internal subscriber group Hunt groups (HG) UCD subscriber group Carrier EVM . password. etc. p .Virtual message ports USB/CAPI line Substitution for * and # 10 75 and 76 (accordingly) HiPath 1120 801 to 808 11 to 30 HiPath 1150 801 to 832 11 to 60 610 to 645 0. q. Lift the handset. Numbering Plan Description External line Extension. 890 to 899 770 to 779 780 to 789 790 to 799 9 790 7491 to 7492 744 to 747 740 to 743 100 HiPath 1190 801 to 845 101 to 240 2 .

All other keys are available and can be programmed. fault key configuration for bank 0 is shown below. Back and Enter keys) Speaker Menu Flash/Fil Feature Mute Profiset 3030 3 lines or E822 ST 2 lines g --- d d J --- d j Configuring the keys Programmable keys are available on two key banks on the “Virtual keypad” The de. 3 . only the “Virtual keypad” key is configured by default.Profiset 3030 and E822 ST system telephones Profiset 3030 and E822 ST system telephones Function Display Navigation keys (Next. For bank 1. Recall Queue External Queue ConsultaEnd Virtual keypad Call hold 2 Call hold 4 Night service Line reservation queue Internal queue recall queue Transfer Labels for programmable keys can be printed/changed using the "Printing Labels" service on the HiPath 1100 Manager. Call hold 1 Call hold 3 Override Entrance Tel.

Call Hold from 1 to 4 Parking slot is empty. If the ">" appears on the right. To select an option. external calls and external callbacks. To activate Bank 1 (programmed key functions). When a ">" or "N" symbol appears next to the line. Select the “Menu” key to access the next line or the previous line. Bank 1 is activated (programmed key functions). it means there are more selection options available. The Numeric line displays the number of internal calls (including Entrance Telephone calls).Resumes conversation on a call pacalling after a 3-minute wait. it means there are additional selection options. Resumes conversation on a call parked in this slot. An internal or external call is re. To navigate through the options use the arrow keys.Viewing system status Display • For the Profiset 3030 system telephone Header line Numeric Line Menu line • • • The Header line displays MUTE ( ). Parking slot is busy. it means there are additional lines to be displayed. repeated calls counter (88). For the E822 ST system telephone • Information line Menu line • The Information line displays the time. • Viewing system status Function Meaning Key action Virtual keypad Bank 0 is activated (Attendant Console functions). rked in this slot. and duration of outgoing calls. When a " " or " " symbol appears next to the line. The Menu Line displays the extension number and system messages pertaining to feature selection options. time and date. press the confirmation key. Places the caller on hold. external calls and external callbacks. The Menu line displays the extension number and system messages pertaining to feature selection options. the number of internal calls (including entrance telephone calls). To activate Bank 0 (Attendant Console functions). 4 . repeated calls (REP). in this order. To scroll through the available options use the navigation keys. the duration of outgoing calls. To select an option press the Enter key.

Accepts callback and starts the call. Night service Night service deactivated. Overrides the conversation. One or more external calls are ringing. Internal queue No internal call or internal callback. Takes the line that is signaling a reservation. Answers the external call that has been ringing the longest. No action. No action. Enter the password to activate the service. No action. Answer the entrance telephone call. Recall queue No external recalls. Answers the external recall that has been ringing the longest. Recall queue No Recall is ringing. Makes a consultation to a second extension.Viewing system status Function Override No signal assigned. Recall ringing. External queue No external calls. Entrance telephone queue No calls. Line reservation queue No reservation signal present. Consultation No signal assigned. No action. Answers the internal call that has been waiting the longest. Enter the password to deactivate the service. Callback. One or more internal calls and internal callbacks ringing. No action. One or more internal entrance telephone calls are ringing. Reservation signaling. Night service activated. No action. Meaning Key action 5 .

you must wait f extension for an answer before transferring the call. Function Individual speed dialing Attendant Console (AC) Individual speed dialing Programming n qk + qd. fhm s Transfer When an external analog line Internal programmed as “Type of answering signal” or a digital line is being used.qh CHANGE? SAVE? + p number wait for w System speed dialing n qk + t ddd . Functions as a telephone hook. End Ends the conversation in progress and returns to the call that is waiting. Transfers a call that has been waiting. if there is one. Main functions The list below describes the most frequently used features for the Attendant Console. in p number the case of an internal transfer). s s s s t Transfer s Consultation (To end a consultation wait for replacement of handset or select the End key) Toggle (Use after consultation for answering a second or urgent call) Call forwarding to an external number Consultation ps qf s n qee + p external line + 6 . For transfers withExternal out consultation. there is no need to wait before answering or to use the Transfer key.qh s n qmf + qd. These and other features are activated by entering a feature code or by selecting the feature on the display menu. Meaning Key action No signal assigned.Viewing system status Function Transfer No signal assigned.

it may display the caller’s name and number for 3 seconds on the Information Line. A visual signal is displayed on the key assigned to answer external calls (External queue Key. voice mail group. After the specified time. the display reverts to the number of calls. 7 .Viewing system status Function Attendant Console (AC) Internal call forwarding n qee p extension. voice mail group. call group or external line + n reh t s + p data Activate/deactivate speakerphone Speaker g Activate/deactivate speaker s Programming a feature for a key g Select a key feature to be programmed and qme Conference t s s Consultation qg s p number Headset Activation Headset Deactivation Note 1: n qhmf t n rhmf t There is no audible signal (beep) when a second incoming call is received. This key blinks even when there is a call in progress). Note 2: When an E822 ST system telephone receives an incoming call. call group or Fax/DID+ Call forwarding Deactivation Call forward no answer or busy Activation Call forward no answer or busy Deactivation Suffix dialing n ree t n qeh + p extension.

Viewing system status Note 3: See the User Manual or the HiPath 1100 Manager for information on how to program the keys. An expert should be consulted in this case. 8 . see the manual included with the unit Note 4: The Attendant Console does not receive "Direct message to the speakerphone" and it cannot belong to any associated group. Note 5: For Korea the numbering plan changes as follows: a) Access to the group of external lines is done with digit "9" instead of "0" b) Calling an operator terminal is done with digit "0" instead of "9" c) Group call pickup is done with sequence "*0" instead of "*57" d) Recovery of a parked call is done with sequence "*57" instead of "*0" Note 6: Feature codes can be changed with the HiPath 1100 Manager. For further information on how to configure a system telephone. System telephone settings can be configured individually according to each user’s preferences.

com/enterprise The information provided in this document contains merely general descriptions or characteristics of performance which in case of actual use do not always apply as described or which may change as the result of further development of the products. No.: A31003-K1270-U110-2-7619 Subject to availability. 2635 • Curitiba-PR/BR Ref.siemens. KG or their respective owners.0 . An obligation to provide the respective characteristics shall only exist if expressly agreed in the terms of the contract.01.www.07 V6. © Siemens Ltda. Siemens Communications Rua Pedro Gusso. 26. Right of modification reserved. All trademarks are the property of Siemens Enterprise Communications GmbH & Co.

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