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Description SF T1000 6core 1.0GHz 2GB 1X8 SF T1000 8core 1.0GHz 8GB 2x73 SF T1000 8core 1.0GHz 16GB 1x80 X4100: 2x254 (2.8GHz) 4x1G 1x73 HDD, DVD X4100 with 2 x Single Core CPU's 4Gb of RAM, 73Gb SAS Disk and a DVD Sun Fire X4100 1x252 (2.6GHz), 1GB, PSU X4100 with a single Dual Core CPU X4200: 2x285 (D2.6GHz) 4x2G 2x73 DVD X4200 with 2 x Dual Core CPU's 8Gb Ram, 2 x 73GB SAS Disks and a DVD Sun Fire X4200, 1x252 (2.6GHz), 1GB, PSU X4200 with 1 single Core CPU OS Available Solaris/Ubuntu Solaris/Ubunut Solaris/Ubunut Windows, Linux,Solaris Price £/€ £490/700 £630/900 £730/1050

£520/740 Windows,Linux, Solaris £340/490 Windows,Linux,Solaris £570/820 Windows,Linux,Solaris £340/490

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