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Published by: Tana Ingram on Dec 13, 2011
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The Essentials of Editing
This unit covers three important aspects of editing: the field of technical writing, the editor-author relationship, and the editing tools needed to succeed. While reading about these three essential areas of technical editing, you will learn skills and will practice those skills on sample documents. In short, these four chapters provide the backbone of the profession as well as the basic skills needed to get started. In this unit, you will learn some social strategies and personality traits to help you negotiate the job scene as well as work successfully with the authors of the documents you’ll be editing. You will also learn the essentials of hard-copy and soft-copy editing (marking your edits on paper versus using a word processor or other software). We hope this unit will prepare you for the levels of edit that you will learn later in the book as well as leave you curious and enthusiastic about how this knowledge of editing will influence your life for good.



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