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LL Agreement Daffodils

LL Agreement Daffodils

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Published by: mihir_amreli on Dec 13, 2011
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LEAVE AND LICENCE AGREEMENT This agreement is made on the 01st day of August 2010 between Mr.

Mehulsingh Gohil Residing at B/604, New Suncity Appt. Anand Mahal Road, Adajan, Surat – 395 009. Herein after referred to as LESSOR (which expression shall unless repugnant to the context or meaning thereof would can include his legal heirs administrators, executors, power of attorney holders assigns) on the ONE PART AND Mr. residing at , herein after referred to as the LESSEE (Which expression shall unless repugnant to the context or meaning there of would mean and include its successors and assigns) on the OTHER PART. Whereas the LESSOR is well sufficiently entitled to lease out the property specifically mentioned below: The LESSOR is the absolute owner of the Flat No. 305, Daffodils Appt., 26 Purshottam Nagar Society, Near Ganga Jamna Society, Subhanpura-Ellora Park Road, Vadodara – 7. The said premises is in the possession of the LESSOR and is legally empowered to execute this agreement and to give the said premises on Leave and License, which consists of TWO bed rooms, ONE leaving room, ONE kitchen with all the furniture, fittings and fixtures (the details of which are mentioned in the enclosed Annexure-I) and consists of an area of about 1180 sq. ft. For rental purpose only on monthly rent Rs. 5500/= (Rupees Five Thousand Five Hundred only) with effect from 01st August 2010 for

5500/(Rupees five thousand five hundred only) in advance mentioned above and the LESSOR has agreed and has given his consent.2 :2: THIS DEED WITHNESSTH AS GIVEN BELOW (01) (02) That the LEASE shall be effective from 01st August 2010 for the period of 11 months upto 30th June 2011. levied by any agency and shall be paid by LESSOR.(Rupees eleven thousand only) as an advance security deposit to LESSOR on refundable basis while termination of the said agreement as mutually agreed.. The LESSEE shall pay all the charges in respect of telephone bill. Replacement / Repair of sanitary pipes. Major repairs such as water proofing of the roof.11000/. Electricity bursting. That the LESSEE shall not carry out any structural additions or alternations in construction or permanent fixtures/fittings during the occupancy in the said premises without the written consent of the LESSOR. The LESSEE pay Security Deposit of Rs. electricity bill. The LESSEE pay before 10th of every month rent amounting to Rs.(Rupees five thousand five hundred only) per month including all taxes by bank transactions only. (03) (04) (05) (06) (07) (08) (09) (10) (11) . replacement of water taps and any other such repairing will be done by the LESSOR at his cost. subject to the following terms and conditions:Contd…. cooking gas consumption bill used in the premises during the period of occupancy as per the meter reading and as per the bill from the concerned department. 5500/. without the written consent of the LESSOR. Society maintenance changes shall be paid by the LESSEE as applicable & governing rules of the society.a period of 11 months up to 30th June 2011. It has been agreed by LESSOR and LESSEE that the premise will be kept neat and at the time of handing / taking over of the premise. The LESSEE shall pay to the LESSOR for the said premises the rent of Rs. The LESSOR shall issue necessary stamped receipt thereof. Civil work seepage of water. The said deposit shall not be adjusted with rental charges. The above rent will be inclusive of all present and future taxes of Municipal Corporation or be any other leave whatever name is may be called. That the LESSEE agrees not to subject assign or part with the said premises or any part thereof any one else. Both LESSEE and LESSOR have agreed and have given their consent.

Normal wear and tear and damage by an Act of God and accidental fire will be accepted and the LESSEE will not be held responsible for the same.. The LESSOR and LESSEE have agreed to abide all the local laws prevalent in respect of the premises and also have agreed to abide by the provision of The Rent Control Act without prejudice to financial liability of the LESSEE under the agreement as mentioned above. The LEASE is terminable by giving one month notice at any time by the either party. The LESSEE will not cause any problem or nuisance in the regard. (13) (14) (15) IN WITHNESS THERE OF both the LESSOR and LESSEE have set hereunder their hands to this agreement without any external influence or pressure on the date above mentioned __________ Signature of LESSEE __________ Signature of LESSOR Witness:1. ______________________________ 2.Contd….3 :3: (12) That the LESSEE will keep the interior of the premises with all fixtures there in good condition and deliver the same in good condition. That before taking over the possession of the premises an inventory of all fitting and fixtures shall be prepared which shall be signed by both the LESSOR and the LESSEE._______________________________ . The LESSOR agrees to the clause that the LESSEE shall vacate and hand over vacant possession of the house.

01 No . 04 Nos.ANNEXURE – I Sr No 01 02 03 ITEM Ceiling Fan (Khaitan make) 48” Tube Light with Fittings Kitchen Cabinet / Drawers (wooden) QUANTITY 04 Nos.

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