Predicate Nominative and Predicate Adjective

Name ____________________ Directions: Circle the verbs in each sentence and draw parenthesis around prepositional phrases. Then underline the predicate nominative or predicate adjective in each sentence and identify it as either a predicate nominative or a predicate adjective on the line provided (PN or PA). If the sentence contains a compound complement write “C” before PA/PN on the line. _____________________1. Pamela was the star of the play. _____________________2. Monet is famous for the way his paintings captured light. _____________________3. Ms. Benton is our next-door neighbor. _____________________4. The new president of the bank will be Ms. Morales. _____________________5. The glow from the diamond is dazzling. _____________________6. My chair was hard and uncomfortable. _____________________7. The house appeared empty. _____________________8. Steven Spielberg is a famous director and producer of motion pictures. _____________________9. This winter was colder and drier than most. _____________________10. The fans became very anxious during the final minutes of the game. _____________________11. Although many eggshells are white, others are brown, and still others are light green. _____________________12. During this month, Mars is too close to the sun to be seen easily from Earth.

_____________________13. That gigantic reflector is considered the world’s most powerful telescope. _____________________14. Our dog Spike is both a good watchdog and an affectionate family pet. _____________________15. Why do animals seem so nervous during a storm?

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