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Middle of Nowhere Lou BoldtDaphne Matthews by Ridley Pearson - Another Boldt Series

Middle of Nowhere Lou BoldtDaphne Matthews by Ridley Pearson - Another Boldt Series

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Published by: terryu783 on Dec 13, 2011
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Middle of Nowhere (Lou Boldt/Daphne Matthews) by Ridley Pearson

"Hurry, You Won;T Find Me There!"

A brutal attack that leaves a young woman paralyzed is horrifying enough, but when it happens to one of Seattle police lieutenant Lou Boldts own officers, and all the suspects wear the same uniform as the victim, its much worse. The SPD has been struck by a not-very-mysterious case of the blue flu, a labor dispute thats turned cop against cop. Frustrated by the work slowdown in the department, Boldt is working almost on his own, except for forensic psychologist Daphne Matthews and detective John LaMoia, familiar characters in Pearsons popular series (The Pied Piper, The First Victim). Despite not-so-veiled warnings from some of his colleagues, Lou is determined to unmask Maria Sanchezs attacker, even if it turns out to be a fellow cop. And if thats not enough, the piano-playing lieutenant with a devoted wife--and a lingering yen for his coworker Daphne--has to deal with a crime wave thats increasing every day as the blue flu fells more of the force. Investigating a string of robberies, Lou and Daphne follow the evidence to a telemarketing operation in a Colorado prison and question an inmate who may have used inside information to set up the robberies for his brother in Seattle to carry out. When the inmate dies, his brother goes after Lou, who isnt sure who to blame when violence hits too close to home--the brother or the striking policemen. Middle of Nowhere isnt Pearsons best outing: the plot is thinner than usual and the pacing somewhat slower, although the detailed explanation of how to catch a criminal using new telecommunications technology is fascinating. Still, Lou Boldt is an always interesting character whose inner conflicts are well drawn and wh ose essential decency makes up for a lot. His understated romance with Daphne deepens in every new adventure; the real mystery is whats going to happen to the two of them. --Jane Adams I don't write reviews well. I don't care for endless superlatives that go on and on about "not much".

This is the first Ridley Pearson book I've read. I buy all my novels in paperback and from garage sales and from Half-Price Books. Hard backed novels are a waste of space and time. So to rate Pearson's style, I'll do it this way: Comparative styles. If John Sanford's "Prey" novels are each a "10", then; 1/Tami Hoag's novels are a "10" and 2/ Clive Cussler's novels are a "10". 3/ Pearson comes in at a "9.4" while Stephen King is way behind at 4.7. Do I like Ridley Pearson's characters?. Very Much. Do I like his imagery. Again, very much. Not that it ever will happen but I'd like to see some books based on investigations in the following locales: Brownsville/Mc Allen, Texas Shreveport/Bossier City, Louisana Albany/Upstate New York San Juan County (the all-Island County) in Washington State The New Mexico Desert in the summer Reno, Nevada Greenville/Columbia, South Carolina Anywhere in Maryland, Delaware or New Jersey ///////////////////////////////////

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