Defense: 63 Stack Stonington Alignments

22 Stack (Single Wing Right) 22 Stack (Beast Right)

22 Stack (Single Wing Left)

22 Stack (Beast Left)

Notes: 1. Inside Backer a. Determine Strength b. Locate the fullback – if he’s behind the center, it’s a wedge. 2. Inside Backers – Attack outside shoulder of end man 3. Inside Backers – Man goes away scrape, checking for Fullback. Man comes to your side attack. 4. Dogs – Attack near back every play, outside shoulder, Squeeze off tackle, push sweep deep. 5. Corner – Have contain when play comes their way. Ball goes away, take good pursuit angle. ATTACK. 6. Sabers (lineman) – Bearcrawl through inside knee of lineman they are on. Get threw and tackle everyone. 7. Reaper – Key Fullback, clean everthing up side line to side line. 8. Keys: a. Inside Backers – Nearest deep back b. Dogs – Nearest Deep Back c. Reaper – Fullback d. Sabers – Fullback 9. Blitz Calls a. Corner Blitz b. Backers Strong c. Reaper Blitz

Defense: 63 Stack Stonington Alignments 22 Stack Corner Blitz (Strong Corner) 22 Stack Backers Strong 22 Stack Reaper Blitz .

Defense: 63 Read Alignments 43 Read In/Out/Split 42 Read In/Out/Split 33 Read In/Out/Split 32 Read In/Out/Split 31 Read In/Out/Split 22 Read In/Out/Split 21 Read In/Out/Split 11 Read In/Out/Split .

. plays pass 2nd (flat). Align between tackle and WB.Defense: Coverage and Blitz Calls Alignments 32 Read In/Out/Split 42 Read In/out/Split 31 Read In/Out/Split 42 Read In Cover 43 In Stacker Blitz (Ends Read) 32 Stack In Ends Read Use “Ends Read” on any Twins or Trips Formations 43 Stack In Safety Blitz (Ends Read) Adjustment for Twins/Trips This end attacks run 1st.

Defense: Coverage and Blitz Calls Alignments .