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Compliance and Qualification Notes

I. What is Compliance? a. Getting a woman used to doing thing with/for you - Generally starting small and working your way up b. A way to measure attraction/value - If shes doing thing for/with you then you know shes attracted to you c. Biggest compliance = Sex

II. Ways of Getting a Woman to Comply a. b. Asking her to do something for you Moving her or the group d. Qualification e. Where to start? - Yes ladder (getting her to say yes to small things before you get her to say yes to bigger things) - Start big (or in the middle) and work backwards (go for a larger compliance early on, and if she refuses then go for something smaller)

III. Hoop Theory a. Get her to jump through your hoops b. Dont jump through all of her hoops c. Small, Medium, Large

IV. Small Hoops

a. Tell her to hold your drink b. Move her a few feet c. Qualification (yes or no questions) - Are you friendly? - Are you fun? - Are you adventurous? - Do you give good back rubs? - Are you smart?

V. Medium Hoops a. Tell her to get you a drink b. Move her to another part of the venue c. Qualification - Tell me something interesting/cool about you? - What are you all about? - Whats your story? - What are you like? - Whats your passion? - What turns you on (self point) in life

VI. Large Hoops a. Shes kissing you b. Move her to a different venue c. Qualification - What do you have going for yourself besides your looks? - What separates you from other girls in X? X = your city, this club, etc. - Whats your best quality? - What do you like the most about yourself?" - What would your friends say about you? BONUS: Sexual Qualification

- Are you good in bed? (used during FMK or the Questions Game) - I bet youre the kind of girl that likes to have sex only with the lights off and in missionary position (statement used as a question) - Are you a good kisser?

VII. If she doesnt comply? a. Build more attraction (do something fun like a game or role-play) b. Go for a smaller hoop

VIII. If she does comply a. Build more comfort (rapport) - Talk about commonalities - Talk about her answer to your qualification question Example: You: what are you passionate about Her: I love to go salsa dancing You: Really? What do you like about that? Her: I just feel like Im totally in the moment You: I know what you mean, I feel that way when Imblah blah blahwhat about you? b. Go for larger hoops

IX. Question, Challenge, Interest/Rapport Question: Tell me something interesting about you? She Answers: I love to sing Challenge: Really? Why? She Answers: It makes me feel so good Interest/Rapport: Thats awesome, I used to sing in a band back in the day, did you ever sing professionally? (notice how I dont start talking about my band, I bring it right back to her)

X. Assignments a. 7 approaches - Within every 5 minutes of every interaction go for some form of compliance (i.e. throw out a hoop for her to jump through). b. Inner game: Believe every woman wants you. Think about how every woman wants you as you are walking up to approach her. Take everything as an IOI. They will begin to believe it too!