Unit 3: OGR

By Kadeem Molyneaux-Reid

My tableau vivant.
My initial idea for the scene was to create an ominous looking bedroom. In this bedroom on the desk there will be a computer screen emitting blue lowkey light, This will be the only light source in the room. To make this scene more interesting I had the idea of presenting the new technology of the room such as the computer, Assorted gaming consoles and other things that have nice LED lights on top of the desk and around it to make them look lie they are in use. To contrast this all my old gaming consoles and laptops will be placed under the bed, their light will on also.

Key thumbnails.

Uncanny art.
Research into Uncanny art has lead me to the artist Helen Pynor, her Liquid ground photo exhibition stood to me to because of her use of clothing, which is very important to most people in the world. Her choice to take these photos under water gives the garments a sense of movement even though they are inanimate objects. The element of this type of art which I find most effective is her including certain organs to the clothes. This to me symbolizes death and post-mortem. We can see she was heavily inspired by drown victims.

Helen Pynor.

Essay intro

This essay will analyse critically the uncanny elements of the film ‘The innocents’ (1961) looking closely at the relationship between adults presented in the film and children. Accounts of evil malicious children will studied to further question the common theory that all children are innocent. The idea’s presented in Freud’s essay into the uncanny will be studied to gain insight into how the human mind reacts to things that are alien to it. Newton Michael’s book a history of feral children will referenced to gain a better understanding of how a child environments effects how they behave.

Creative partnership archive
Mike: Good to see you are doing your maya work!! I hope to see some of your thumbnails soon as if
you didn’t know you are the lucky one that is my partner so it would be good to see what you are thinking 6 December 2011

Kadeem: Hey mike I like the dentist idea(11). Maybe come away from the cliché of the abandoned
building. 8 December 2011

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