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LONG TERM CAUSES • Imperialism-Euro rivals for control for colonies globally ○ Panther incident in Morocco (GER, FR, GB) ○ Russo-Japanese War • Nationalism-Intense Patriotism ○ Euros each claimed to be the best  GB & GER locked in increasing rivalry • Militarism-international arms race ○ GB and GER @ forefront of rivalry • Alliance Systems-mutual protection agreements

DESCENT TO WAR • Black Hand-Serbian nationalist group-Assassinated Archduke ○ Gavrilo Princip • Austria-Hungary threatens war with Serbia ○ Consults w/ GER-given the "blank check" • Austria declares war on Serbia (7/28/1914) • RUS mobilize on (7/30/1914) • GER declares war on RUS (8/1/1914) • GER declares war on FR (8/3/1914) • GER invasion of Belgium leads GB to declare war on GER


Triple Alliance (1882) Triple Entente • GER Austria-Hungary Italy GB FR Russia

THE ROYAL FAMILIES OF EURO • Windsor-GB-George V • Hohenzollern-GER-Kaiser Wilhelm II • Habsburg-Aust-Hung- Franz Joseph • Romanov-RUS- Nicholas II ○ All but FR and Switzerland were monarchies

THE POWDER KEG AND THE SPARK • Territorial disputes led to friction in the Balkans ○ Dispute between Austria-Hungary and Serbia for control of Bosnia-Herzegovina • Region an unstable mix of independent states won for Ottoman Empire • Austria-Hungary & Russia main rivals for control of Balkans ○ RUS supported Serbian claim to Bosnia ○ RUS considered main Slavic power • Assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand while in Sarajevo

WHY DID THESE POWERS GO TO WAR? • Attempts at peace ○ Geneva Convention: the rules of "civilized war ○ Olympic Games (1896) • But countries heavily armed and had scores to settle ○ Many looking to get on and over with

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