One would think that widespread discontent is enough to spark a revolution. Or is it?

In 1984 and V for Vendetta the reader finds two similar totalitarian regimes in dissimilar societies. Their differences in economic circumstances and social structure result in a revolution being more probable in V for Vendetta. In the image above, the contrast in division and unity of revolutionary citizens is portrayed. Dario Toman ENG-2D8 November 1, 2010

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^_`                  Z %%% SZV  X[^ WZVW``S `W ^WSVW^ XZV_ `c[ _S^ `[`S`S^SZ ^WYW_ Z V__S^ _[UW`W_ W^ VXXW^WZUW_ Z WU[Z[U U^Ua_`SZUW_ SZV _[US _`^aU`a^W^W_a`ZS^Wb[a`[ZTWZY[^W\^[TSTWZX[^WZVW``S Z`WSYW ST[bW`WU[Z`^S_`ZVb_[ZSZVaZ` [X^Wb[a`[ZS^ U` WZ__\[^`^S WV S^[[SZ   % [bWTW^   .

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