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Channels Distributions

Channels Distributions

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Published by: Dipannita Roy on Dec 14, 2011
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Selling is one of the most important marketing activities in most organizations. The scope for selling has increase substantially during the past few decades due to growth in the trade and industry. Persuasive selling skills are being used not only by organizations whose objective is to earn profit but also by non-profit organizations because of this varied nature of the selling jobs professional selling has developed into a specialized area of management. Recognizing its scope significance and importance specialized salesmanship course is designed. 2. OBJECTIVES OF THE COURSE To train the students as a competent Salesman and Sales Assistant. Knowledge Objectives 1. Identifying customers and their needs 2. Marketing sales presentation and organizing demonstration 3. Computer basics and needs and used in selling techniques Specific Objectives 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 3. Receiving and attending customers Handling customer objections Use of Selling Aids Collecting data for Marketing Intelligence Use of Computers SKILLS TO BE PROVIDED • Receiving and attending customers • Identifying and determining customer needs • Displaying and demonstration methods • Making Sales Promotion • Handling credit and collection • Salesmanship • Knowledge of Sales Promotion Schemes • Analyse customer motivation and behaviour • Ability to communicate effectively • Ability to listen and understand customers location merchandise • Ability to demonstrate the practice use of products • Ability to explain and demonstrate the products • Skill in assessing customers preference • Skill of displaying goods • Skill in packing the products


EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES a. Tourism Salesman 12. 7. Sales Marketing Representative b.4. Schemes Of Instruction Per Module Theory Module Hours I Total 72 72 Weightage 30 30 Hours 216 216 Weightage 70 70 Hours 288 288 Weightage 100 100 On Job Training Total Schemes Of Instruction Per Week Module Modules I/II/III Theory 6 Hours On the Job Training 18 Hours Total 24 Hours 89 . 9. Sales Agencies 5. 5. 2. Self Employment 1. Sales Assistant\Salesman Sales Representative Travelling Salesman Door to door salesman Market Research Assistant Market Survey Act Retail Salesman Delivery Salesman Wholesale Salesman 10. Wholesale dealer 2. Wage Employment 1. 3. Commission Agent 4. Export Salesman 11. Retailer 3. 6. 4. 8.

72 hours Unit Unit-VI Salesmanship a) Concept of Salesmanship b) Functions of Salesman c) Importance of Personal Selling Theory hours 24 hours Unit Unit-VI On the Job Training a) Sales Organisations and observing Sales Persons while selling the goods Hours 72 hours 90 . Begum Bazar etc. B] Transport Corporation Ex: Navata. SYLLABUS MODULE – I: Introduction & Channel of Distribution Unit Unit – I Introduction A] Meaning of Marketing B] Nature & Scope of Marketing C] Importance of Marketing Theory hours 18 hours Unit On the Job Training A] Sales Organisations like Super Bazars. TVS etc. FCI etc. Economic Times etc. SRMT. Giant Super Market. Malakpet etc in Hyderabad City Hours 54 hours MODULE – II: Marketing & Salesmanship Unit-V Marketing Information a) Methods of Collecting Marketing Information b) Analysing the information for improving 24 hours Unit-V b) Godowns in the same places c) Referring different Business Magazines and News papers Ex: Business India. Departmental Stores. Ex: Food World. Hours 54 hours Unit –I Unit – II Unit – III Marketing functions A] Buying and Selling B] Transportation and Storage C] Branding D] Standardisation & Grading Selling A] Meaning and Importance B] Consumerism C] Characteristic of Consumer D] Selling Methods E] Packing and Pricing Channels Distribution a) b) c) d) Type of Middlemen Whole Seller Retailer Ware houses & importance 18 hours Unit – II 54 hours 18 hours Unit – III C] Private and Government Godowns Ex: STC. Commerce.6. D] Visiting to Consumer Forums Manufacturing Units 54 hours Unit Unit-IV Theory Hours 18 hours Unit Unit-IV On the Job Training a) Whole Sale Markets Ex: Begum Bazar. Mehaboob Mansion.

Courier Offices and Departmental. REFERENCE BOOKS 1. 7. DAVAR. QUALIFICATION OF TEACHING STAFF 1.C. Super Bazars 72 hours 6.Delhi.K.Satyanarayana and published by VORARCO publisher Pvt. Salesmanship and publicity by Rustoms. 7.N.Pvt.Ltd.Kripatric published by D.. published by Ravi Chandra Publications Belgar.Sinha published by R. 2. published by Progressive Corporation Pvt. 3.K. Bombay Salesmanship Sales Management and advertising by Mr. Post Graduate in Commerce Business Management with Salesmanship Graduates with one year diploma in Computer Application from a reputed Institution A professional expert having a graduation degree and a diploma in marketing and salesmanship with 3 years experience in a relevant field. 4. Marketing and Salesmanship and Management by B. Marketing Salesmanship and advertising by C. 5.B. 2.UnitVII Salesman carrier a) Opportunities of Salesman job b) Types of Salesman c) Duties and responsibilities of salesman d) Quotation of Salesman e) Recruitment Method & Training of Salesman 24 hours Unit-VII b) Call Centres – Consultant offices 72 hours MODULE – III: Marketing .Chand and Co.Sartakki and R.G.Ltd. Salesmanship by C.Acharya and Govekar published by Himalaya Publishing House. 6.Bombay.S. 8.Deshpande. 3.Taraporvala Sons and Co. 91 .Communication UnitVIII Specialised Category of Salesman a) Auction Salesman b) Expert Sales man c) Mail order sales d) Mobile Sales man Computer and Communication Skills of Salesman a) E-Commerce b) R-Mail c) Internet d) Fax e) Creation of Graphs f) Multimedia Computer Applications in specified selling situations a) Travel and tourism b) Courier of Transport c) Departmental Stores d) Super Bazars 24 hours UnitVIII c) Auction Houses Post Offices & Courier Centres 72 hours Unit-IX Unit-IX 24 hours On the Job Training a) Computer Institutes or Computer labs at their colleges Hours 72 hours Unit-X 24 hours Unit-X B) Tourism offices. New Delhi.Ltd.S. Principles of Marketing and Salesmanship J. Marketing and Salesmanship by Sherloker published Himalaya Publishing House Salesmanship and publicity by K.Patel published by Sultan Chand and Sons.

College. Shri D. in Commerce. Badruka College of Commerce. Hyderabad. Satyanarayana. Office of Commissioner of Intermediate Education. Alia. Degree Priyadarshini College. 3. Nampally. Adikesavulu Naidu. Co-Ordinator Lecturer.L. College. Principal. J. Govt. Shri B. State Institute of Vocational Education. 92 . Malakpet. 1. New Govt. Hyderabad. Shri G. J. Shri Someswara Rao. LIST OF PARTICIPANTS 2. Shri H.L. Jr.8. Hyderabad. Habeeb Bash. Prem Raj. Govt. Hyderabad 4. Lecturer in Commerce. Jr. Hyderabad 5. in Commerce.

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