Catholic Social Teaching

1891 1931 1961 1963 1965 1967 1971 1971 1979 1981 1988 1991 1995 Rerum Novarum Quadragesimo Anno Mother and Teacher Peace on Earth Church in the Modern World The Development of Peoples A Call to Action Justice in the World Redeemer of Humanity On Human Work On Social Concern The One Hundredth Year The Gospel of Life Leo XIII Pius XI John XXIII John XXIII Vatican II Paul VI Paul VI Synod of Bishops John Paul II John Paul II John Paul II John Paul II John Paul II

Major Themes from Catholic Social Teaching
a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. Dignity of the Human person Community and common good Rights and Responsibilities Option for the Poor Dignity of Work Solidarity Stewardship of Creation The principle of subsidiarity

CBCP’s 5 Areas of Conversion
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. A commitment to the common good above personal and family interest A commitment to honesty and integrity in public service An understanding of the destination of the goods of the earth/ right to property A conversion from the consumerist mentality A profound understanding to the value of human work: Christian humanism of the worker and Christian solidarity

Seatwork  Christians must adopt the attitude of “critical collaboration” with the legitimate authorities in the attainment of justice. . What does this mean?  What are the 5 areas of conversion among Filipinos as proposed by the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines? Cite concrete implications of each area of conversion.

Rerum Novarum “On the Condition of the Working Class” .

.  It took more than a year to complete.Introduction  The terrible exploitation and poverty of European and North American workers at the end of 19th C. 1891. moved Pope Leo XIII to publish the encyclical in May 15.

and “On Human Liberty”. .. “On Socialism”. Leo XIII was elected Pope at the age of 68. He was mainly concerned with political problems for many years (eg. 1888). 1878.  He tirelessly encouraged Catholics to become active and loyal citizens of their countries.Pope Leo XIII  After the death of Pope Pius IX in 1878. “On Christian Constitution of States” 1885.

The Situation of the Poor and Workers B. The Three-Fold Solution . Rejection of the Socialist Solution to Poverty C.Key Themes in Rerum Novarum A.

A. The Situation of the Poor and Workers  Decline of public morality .led to a situation where the very few rich enslaved the masses of workers who did not own the means of production .  Greed of men and the production process as a whole .led to exploitation of workers who were not protected by laws or associations.

Rejection of the Socialist Solution to Poverty  RN strongly condemns the Socialist solution of ending private property  RN defends the rights of workers to possess goods through their hard work .B.

RN insists that the Church has the right to speak out on social issues because social matters affect religion and morality. The Three-Fold Solution  1. (#24) .C. The Role of the Church a.

C. Through the use of Gospel principles. 33. 27. (#25. The Role of the Church b. 41) . the Church can help reconcile and unite classes. The Three-Fold Solution  1.

C. The Church can educate people to act justly. The Three-Fold Solution  1. (# 40. 41) . The Role of the Church c.

work well.C. The Role of Workers and Employers a. The Three-Fold Solution  2. not to damage the property of the employer. and to avoid violence when protecting their own interests (#30) .

32) . RN also urges the rich to give to the poor after their own needs have been met. The Role of Workers and Employers b. The Three-Fold Solution  2. Employers and the rich must not treat workers as slaves. (#31.C.

The Role of Workers and Employers c. The most important duty of the employer and the rich is to give the worker his/her just wages. The Three-Fold Solution  2. (#32) .C.

Each needs the other (#28) . The Three-Fold Solution  2.C. The Role of Workers and Employers d.

C. The Role of Workers and Employers e. The Three-Fold Solution  2. RN also looks at the role of the workers’ unions. (#75) .

C. The Three-Fold Solution  3. The state is bound by laws to serve the common good. The Role of the State a. 71) . (#48.

. The state must also defend and promote the rights of families.C. The Role of the State b. The Three-Fold Solution  3.

The Three-Fold Solution  3.C. Special care must given to the weak and the poor because they do not have the means to protect themselves. (#54) . The Role of the State c.

and to enable all to possess private property. 56) .C. The Three-Fold Solution  3. (#55. The state must also support the right to private property. The Role of the State d.

The Three-Fold Solution  3.C. (# 72. The rights of associations/unions and the religious rights of people must also be upheld by the State. 75) . 73. The Role of the State e.

(#36)  Laws are to be obeyed only in so far as they . (#14)  All people have the right to private property.Guiding Principles  The ability to reason is part of human nature. yet private property must serve the common good.10.9.12)  Workers have the right to the fruits of their work. but should use them to benefit all. (#11. (#2.15)  Men and women should use their possessions to meet the demands of their life.

(#38)  Common good is the end of any society. but God has gifted all with equal dignity. each and everyone has a right to participate in his/her society. (#26)  Since all have been created and redeemed by God: divine grace and the goods of nature belong equally to all. Natural inequalities exist among people. (#71) . Therefore.

. that the rich should tremble at the threatenings of Jesus Christ . those whom fortune favors are warned that riches do not bring freedom from sorrow and are of no avail for eternal happiness.Therefore.threatenings so unwonted in the mouth of our Lord . but rather are obstacles.and that a most strict account must be given to the Supreme Judge for all we possess.

Pope Leo XIII increased the Church’s awareness of the miserable living and working conditions and the unjust wages of workers. .Conclusion  Through RN.

Quadragesimo Anno “Reconstruction of the Social Order” .

Introduction  40 years after the “Rerum Novarum” by Pope Leo XIII. Pope Pius XI wrote and issued “Quadragesimo Anno” in 1931) .

 Elaboration of social and economic issues  A study of changes in modern capitalism and socialism .Outline  Impact of Rerum Novarum on the Church. the State and the employers and employees.

Impact of Rerum Novarum  The Church  The Civil Authority  Employers and Workers “Love and charity reinforce justice. For justice alone remove the cause of social strife. but can never bring about a union of hearts and minds.” .A.

Individual right cannot be destroyed yet at the same time social obligation cannot be forgotten. c. Ownership is individual and social when it concerns the common good. Rights to property (45-51) a. Elaboration of Economics and Social Issues 1.B. b. State defines the duties of ownership .

Labor (workers & wage-earners) b.2. distribution of wealth to serve the common good . Capital and Labor (53-56) a. Capital (employers and owners) c.

despite the improvements in the Western countries.3. there was no improvement (workers) in rural areas b. 2 ways: gain property by permission to share of the profits of production : just wage in order to gain moderate ownership . Improving the condition of the Proletariat (5961) a.

opportunities of work for all . A just wage Conditions: a. must be enough for the support of the worker and his/her family b.4. settling the scale of wages c.

abolish conflicts and promote harmony (vocational) c. . b. economic institutions must be imbued with a spirit of justice. whatever activity done well by small groups should be left alone and not centralized in the state. Reconstruction of the Social Order a.5.

Changes in Socialism  Changes in Capitalism  Changes in Socialism .C.Communism .Socialism .

.  The chief disorder of modern world is the ruin of souls.CONCLUSION  There is no possibility of a compromise between Socialism and Christian faith. economic life must be inspired by Christian spirit and Gospel principles b.transformation a.  Social reconstruction . Love and Charity must reinforce justice.

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