1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

To study tissue processing To study cellular adaptation To study reversible cell injury To study about mecrosis To study about gangrene To study about the normal haematological & biochemical values in blood & urine


To study the composition of reagents used in routine laboratory

8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19.

To study about granulation tissue formation To study pulmonary T.B To study about squamous cell carcinoma To study about basal cell carcinoma To study lobar pneumonia of lung (grey hepatization) To study AdenoCarcinoma of lung To study fatty changes in liver To study fibroid uterus(Leiomyoma) To study liver abscess To study the secondary carcinoma of prostate To study Alcohlic cirrhosis of liver To study squamous cell papilloma of skin

22. EXPERIMENT DATE 20. 23. 21. 25.S. SIGN.cholelithiasis To study about Appendicitis To study about “Atheromatous plaques” . 24. To study beningn tumour of breast (fibroadenoma) To study about infiltrating duct carcinoma of breast To study about cirrhosis carcinoma of stomach To study gall bladder stone.No.

6. To study the demonstration of giardia intespinalis To study the life cycle of plasmodium in human & female Anopheles Mosquito 3. To study about Mycology To study about Basic Morphological classification of clinically important fungi . To study the demonstration of entamoeba histolitica 2. 4. SIGN.No. EXPERIMENT DATE 1. 7.INDEX S. To study the demonstration of leishmania donovani To study the demonstration of Toxoplasma gondii 5.

10. To identify the acid fast Bacilli by acid-fast Bacilli staining 7. SIGN. 3. 4. EXPERIMENT DATE 1. .No. To study structure & functions of a compound To study biomedical waste management To study methods of sterilization & disinfection To prepare a smear of a clinical sample by gram staining to observe under Microscope To study various type of culture media 5. To study the procedure of Widal test To study Routine examination of given sample of stool To study the procedure of Routine examination of urine To study the procedure of Routine urine examination using multistick 9.INDEX S. 8. 6. 2.

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