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DTIx1278xPA-Climate Friendly Buildings and Offices[1] Copy

DTIx1278xPA-Climate Friendly Buildings and Offices[1] Copy

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Published by: Patrick Thibault on Dec 14, 2011
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This Chapter focuses on the recommended actions to be taken as a starting point to using this Guide.
The success in implementing this Guide, and therefore reducing energy consumption and GHG emis-
sions, is reliant upon appropriate planning and preparation. This starts with ensuring that there is appro-
priate responsibility and senior management support in place, and then an improvement cycle can be
followed starting with initial prioritisation, baseline and benchmarking, followed by the identification of
GHG reduction opportunities. The identification opportunities can then be implemented and performance
re-assessed against the established baseline and benchmark conditions. The cycle offers the opportunity
for continuous improvement and is summarised in Figure 3.1 below.

Figure 3.1 Improvement Cycle Diagram

3. Getting Started - Baseline and Benchmarking

Baseline and Benchmarking
of Performance

(Sections 3.3, 3.4 and 3.5)

Identifying GHG Reduction

(Chapter 4 and Annex A)

Implementing Findings

(Chapter 5)

Goal Setting

(Section 3.6)

Taking Responsibility

(Section 3.2)

Cycle of


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