Text: Rob Haaring

Photography: Ted Erkkila


Rob haaring
…is an HR manager at TOPdesk and a TOPdesk application manager

The benefits of collaboration in TOPdesk
More and more organizations are trying to improve process efficiency across several departments. In this edition of TOPdesk Magazine, we close our triptych of case studies examining how HR departments can use TOPdesk to facilitate interdepartmental collaboration. We will take a closer look at creating and sending surveys in TOPdesk.


ervice departments and organizations owe their existence to their customers. It is therefore

Once this is done, it is possible to create a selection of colleagues, such as when you only want to poll part-time employees. TOPdesk then sends out the survey invitations via email. You can reuse both individual questions and entire surveys, eliminating the need to enter the same questions over and over. This makes it easy for several departments to use this module.

an exit survey to employees leaving your organization, which enables you to gather important information about your work environment. You can even use TOPdesk to create polls, allowing you to gauge employees’ reactions to new company policies, for instance.

important for them to know what customers think of the services they provide. Which services are good? Which can be improved? TOPdesk developed the Survey module to answer such questions. The module was originally designed to grant IT departments insight into how their customers perceived the speed and quality of their services.

Insight and reports
Sending out surveys is just the beginning. TOPdesk can display survey results in

HR and surveys
Surveys are especially useful for HR

convenient pie charts, or even export results to Excel for further processing. Like all service departments, at the end of the day you want to use the results to further improve the services you provide for your customers.

Everyone has questions
Today, several types of supporting departments use TOPdesk, each needing to know how their customers experience their services. You can use TOPdesk to define questions and create your survey.

departments. After all, they must frequently measure employee satisfaction. Once you have created such a survey, you can adjust the settings so that TOPdesk sends it out on a fixed date every year. You can also use the Survey module to send