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My Career Anchors 12/14/2011 6:04:00 AM

My Career Anchors
The Career Anchors is an informal quiz that will help you
discover what anchors you to a job. There are eight
anchors, things that influence you throughout your life.
If present, these anchors will keep you in a job. If
absent, they will drive you to find other work that will
fulfill your anchor. Learning more about your anchors
can help you select a career that better fits you. This activity will teach you
about your career anchors.

1. Print pages two and three.
2. Place these pages on a desktop, side by side.
3. Read the definition of each anchor on page two.
4. Using the grid on page three, compare each anchor in the left row to the
anchors listed down the sloping right side.
5. Start with the "M" column; compare anagerial Competence to every other
6. For each comparison, write the letter that matches the anchor you prefer
most in the blank cell. For example, compare the first row
%echnical/functional (%) to the first column anagerial Competence ().
Which of these is most important to you in your work? Write the letter that
matches your preference in the % cell on the table.
7. Continue this process for each blank cell: compare each anchor to every
other anchor, pick the one you value most, and write its letter abbreviation
in the correct cell on the table.
8. Count the number of times you chose each anchor in the %otal row. Be
sure to look across and down to count each letter. (In the case of a tie,
review your comparison of tied anchors. You value the one you selected
more than the other one. Give it an extra point.)
9. List your top two anchors where indicated on page three.
10. Answer the questions on the Who Am I? - Career Anchors page in
Career Plan to save your learning.
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Technical/Functional Competence
These people like being good at something and will work to become an expert. They
like to be challenged and then use their skill to meet the challenge, doing the job
better than others.
General Managerial Competence
These folks want to be managers (and not just to get more money, although this
may be one of their measures of success). They like problem-solving and dealing
with other people. They thrive on responsibility. They also need emotional stability.
These people have a primary need to work under their own rules and steam. They
avoid standards and prefer to work alone.
These folks seek stability and continuity as a primary factor of their lives. They
avoid risks and are generally 'lifers' in their job.
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Entrepreneurial Creativity
These folks like to invent things, be creative and, most of all, run their own
businesses. They differ from the Autonomy/Independence folks in that they will
share the workload. They find ownership very important. They easily get bored.
Wealth, for them, is a sign of success.
Service/Dedication to a Cause
These people are driven by how they can help other people more than using their
talents (which may fall in other areas). They may enjoy work in public services, for
a cause, or in personnel.
Pure Challenge
People driven by challenge seek constant stimulation and difficult problems that
they can tackle. Such people will change jobs when the current one gets boring.
Their career can be quite varied.
Lifestyle Integration
Those who focus on lifestyle look at their whole pattern of living. They don't simply
balance work and life; they integrate it. They may take long periods off work in
which to indulge in passions such as sailing, traveling, or child-rearing.

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Career Anchors Grid


List your TOP TWO ANCHORS: __(L) at 7 AND (T) at 6, followed by (D) and
(E) both at 4.
Remember, your top two anchors will help you select occupations and training
programs that will keep you content! Think about occupations that match your
anchors-what occupations come to mind? Check these out in CIS.

Communicate your anchors to potential future employers when seeking a job.

Reflections of Career Anchors

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n review of this exercise in career anchors, my top two achors were Lifestyle
ntegration (L) with a value of seven (7) followed closely by Technical/Functional
Competence with a value of six (6). This matches my current life when sit and
think about it. like to integrate everything in my life together, which sometimes is
easier said than done. have always been a what you see is what you get sort of
person. like my actions and my words to match. Also, strive to be the best can
be at whatever am doing. like to be challenged and like using my skills to meet
these challenges. am always looking at going forward rather than back. Over the
years have strived to do this, sometimes in a tunnel-like pursuit. As the years
have passed have seemed to have mellowed a bit and have strived to balance this
desire to be better that others to integrating this desire with my passion and have
shifted to trying to compete with myself.

After these two anchors noticed they were followed by Service/Dedication to a
Cause (D) and Entrepreneurial Creativity (E), both with a value of four (4). This
isnt too surprising as my doing foster care for the past six years has focused me
more towards helping others and if cannot do it working for others then want to
go into business for myself so that can pursue my passion, be of service to others
and integrate all of this into my lifestyle. For me, see myself heading in this
direction, as do not every truly want to retire, but rather to be of service to others
and myself (always liked learning new things and exploring options.)

For this reason, the types of careers that see myself going after involves
education and helping others, hence my desire to become a teacher. As have to
be realistic, as do have a family to support, see myself going after middle school
teaching until have my PhD finished, at which time am planning on pursuing an
education career in secondary education (a university or college). Then, once
reach mandatory retirement, would like to open up my own shop where can help
others seek out information learning new things. An example would be a book shop
with an internet caf in it where could help others as well as interact with people.
Most likely, will open this up in an area where use to be a teacher so that could
continue to interact with friends, family and colleagues.

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n order to reach these goals, though, do see myself taking on any job that will
provide the needed resources to allow me to reach my goal. For example, will
become a truck driver to earn income while completing my schooling (just my Med)
and then to become a middle school teach while pursue my PhD. After get the
PhD then will go into collegiate teaching.