Narberth Civic Association November Board Meeting 11/16/11, 7:00 p.m.

Board members present: President Andy Haakenson, Secretary Lisa Dribin, Jim Speer, Liz Brown, Georgette Du Bois. NCA Call to Order Minutes from October 12, 2011 reviewed and approved. Reports: Treasurer’s Report: Savings Account Balance, as of November 16, 2011: $1000.72 Checking Account Balance, as of November 16, 2011: $1,433,27 Income: Paypal Verifiybank Deposits (2 deposits): $ 0.35 Treasurer’s Report approved. President’s Report: Nothing new to report. Education Committee Report: Nothing to report. Federation of Civic Associations Report: Liz Brown reported: - The Federation of Lower Merion Township Civic Associations would like the local Civics to vote on a resolution regarding the order in which the Township is redoing the libraries. - The Narberth Civic will look into it further before voting on it. Old Business: Ed Ridgeway from the Narberth Business Association came to discuss the Dickens Festival and to ask for our participation again this year. It is December 10, 2011, 12pm-4pm. - At least two people are needed to work the immigration booth. Ideally three or more people would be ideal. Help in advance for set up would be useful. - The Civic can make a sign and put it up to better promote the Civic at the immigration booth. NarbEarth Day is confirmed for April 21, 2012. The Civic discussed a possible planning meeting to discuss Civic events such as the Groundhog Party that ran for the first time in February 2011. The December 14, 2011 Civic meeting can function as the planning meeting. Liz Brown has offered her home for this meeting. The Paypal account is operational again at this time thanks to Deborah Lonsdorf.

New Business: 1

J.T. Binstead from the Narberth Lions Club was in attendance and offered tips on health safety regarding a future fundraiser involving the Civic and the Fire Company that would involve a cookoff. -Mr. Binstead is here on behalf of the Lion’s Club to discuss their annual Night at the Races. They are looking for more people from the borough to attend the event, which is held in Borough Hall. The event is typically around March. It typically runs from 30-100 people, most of whom are from outside the borough. -There is food and beverages, and films of horse races are screened. - The Lion’s Club would like us to help sell tickets and receive a portion of the sales proceeds. Meeting adjourned.


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