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59510731 the Inlandsea MERP Module

59510731 the Inlandsea MERP Module

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Published by: anttiko100 on Dec 14, 2011
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In the wake of the War of the Last Alliance, the cultural
geography of Rhovanion altered radically. The great armies
of the Alliance returned to their homes in the west, leaving a
vacuum in the plains north of the Ash Mountains. Into this
gap migrated the various nomadic folk left in Rhovanion
after the Battle of Dagorlad. These were Murgath, Szreldor,
Urgath of Southern Rhûn, and countless other kindreds of
Easterling who had been hopelessly separated from the bulk
of their people by the chaos following the defeat of Sauron's
armies. Their military companies were reduced to small
bands of armed warriors whose existence depended on the
speed of their horses. Some still possessed small herds of
livestock that were brought along to support the men as they
served the Dark Lord. Most, however, were desperate; left
without means of sustaining themselves. For these, the turn
to banditry was natural.

Those Eriadorians whom Elendil deployed in the plains to
protect his armies from this raiding now largely abandoned
their guard. At Burh Armenrik a population of Eriadorian
Northmen persisted, but otherwise the plains became a
domain of complete disorder. Small companies of armed men
raided settlements in all corners of Rhûn and Rhovanion for
livestock, food, supplies, and most importantly for women.
Though these bands consisted of men from countless
different tribes and cultures, they were collectively referred
to as Sagath (Ul. "Raiding People"), and were feared and
hated among the settled peoples of the region.

Droza's loss of Ilanin in S.A. 3435 marked the beginning of
troubles for the Logath. Thinking that the remainder of the
Murgath would not return from Mordor, many Logath tribes
had migrated out of their own pastures in the north to less
severe areas along the Fola Salenin, ranges that were once
occupied by the loyal Murgath. Women and children left
behind by the Murgath were welcomed into female-
dominated Logath tribes. Murgath males had learned cruelty
under the tutelage of their Szreldorn overlords, and would not
be overly missed. The Logath believed they had paid a heavy
price in blood for the right to move into this land, and would
not cede it to the returning Sagath tribes. Though conflict
between the Logath and Sagath would rage for the next
several centuries, the Ibar clan and their allies never lost any
land east of the Athorn.

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